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  1. I guess this thread could use a bump 0_o Started playing some shipwrecked, mostly getting shiprekt.
  2. Thanks to the folks to told me to wait until Rebirth, awesome game!
  3. Just started a Wolfgang series with some awesome additional content by some great modders!
  4. Heyo! I haven't stopped playing Don't Starve yet, videos daily! Been playing some Don't Starve Together w/ fans live every sunday on Twitch too. Giving out another DST key today, everyone is welcome to join in! Come join me live @
  5. Shadow conspiracy but you didn't hear it from me
  6. Ruins really are the hardmode of Don't Starve
  7. Should I wait for Rebirth to give the game a shot?
  8. Be careful of the damaged rooks too, they will destroy them as well if you don't deal with them.
  9. You can never have too much science! I hope you patch up the game so that the science doesn't leak out