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The Free Icon Thread

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Before the forum change, when you registered there was a selection of default icons you could choose if you didn't have your own. Now that we have the new forum, we don't have that anymore Id just like to provide some DS themed avatars and icons, taken from my own art; that new users can use as they like on this forum!


Anyone else can add their own icons to this thread! Just make them 200x200 px and it has to be your own art, simple stuff.


Icons under the spoiler.















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Umm we'll can you draw a icon for me I would like one of my person but if your not taking recuests that's fine


No I don't sorry, if you'd like to commission me though I can make you a 500x500 px icon for around 5 bucks or less.

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Dude, that beady black -eyed Maxwell creeps me the freak out. I might contribute to this little project as it's a nice idea--I probably won't put up another Wilson though. XD


Anything DS related is welcome, I'd even say stuff from other klei games are welcome since they have forums here too. But this is specifically the [don't starve] Art, music, and lore section.

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