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  1. ban blue moth for banning someone for playing hangman
  2. jesus christ looking back at memories here induces a massive gag reflex in me and yet i also dont regret part of it
    its both a good and a bad feeling

    1. Morgan17


      are any of the old gang still here actually. i know auth is

    2. ImDaMisterL


      I think Battal lost his password so he can't rejoin

    3. Auth


      Welcome back! You can change your username on here now, in case you wanted to do that.

      And as for "the old gang", people from that era are typically spread pretty thin on here these days. I just have yet to get a life, so I'm still around.

  3. hey im back again also im trans

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Hey Mack, welcome back! Long time no see

  4. Ban Watermelen for implying I have a job. I don't.
  5. Ban Watermelen for actually following through with a dare to look up vore on DeviantArt. And also for mentioning vore on a SFW forum.
  6. Ban Watermelen because the Senior Member part is irrelevant.
  7. Ban Watermelen for not realizing I haven't been on this forum for... what, 9 months? So of course I haven't seen the fanfiction area. But now you've made me curious.
  8. Can I have a title now?

  9. Ban Watermelen for mentioning porn on a SFW forum. You went too far. JoeW gonna smite you down, boi.
  10. Ban Watermelen for being in the mafia. This isn't a video game.