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Hey, Forumers. You had better find something to eat before night comes...



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  1. 1. What do you think about this new story type thing.

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    • I wish it would die in a muddy ditch, alone, without friends, family, or HOPE!

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An Australian skeleton who has a passion for making hats. He is usually reckless, and like to call people Australian swear words. He once worked for Mann co. and can create any hat he can think of. He respects some people,and is completely loyal to them. Those who he hates/dislikes are most likely going to disrespected by him. He has no special powers, but he is fast and agile. He can also survive most things. Sort of.

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It's pretty much who you identify yourself as here, as a forumer. Battal's reputation is that he's the debul, so that's who he is. If that clears up anything at all.


I...Identify as myself? Androgynous???? Sometimes I draw myself as a pigeon because that's easier then drawing a person??

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Segment 2


Lord Battal stood up, wiping grass out of his hair.  He was pleasantly surprised when the plants burned to ashes in his hands; at least his powers had not been completely removed.  Knowing full well where he was and what he was in for, Battal began with the basics.  He collected twigs and flint, fashioning them into crude tools.  An axe, for wood gathering and, if needed, limb chopping..  A pickaxe, for breaking down rocks and skulls.  With these weak tools, he slowly gathered more materials, and soon he had a sizable log pile and more than a few handfuls of rock.  By the time his work was done, the sun was low in the sky.  Soon, it would be night, and night meant Charlie. 


Not wanting to become a three-course meal for some nightmarish shadow demon, Battal scraped a few chunks of wood together and willed it ablaze.  It took a few tries - more than he was comfortable with - but soon, he had a good-sized blaze going.  And not a moment too soon, for the sun was now barely more than a sliver peering out at him from the horizon.  In a few minutes, it was gone, and the only light available was that of the campfire and of the starlit sky above.


After a long, chilly night, the sun finally rose from the shelter of the horizon, casting light across the world once more.  Lord Battal sat up, his stomach growling.  How long had it been since he had last ate?  2 days?  Three?  Either way, the work had taken its toll, and he was starving.  He foraged for food, and after a few minutes, his search was successful; he returned to the smoldering remains of his campfire with plenty of berries and a pocketful of carrots.  He roasted them and ate some of it; the rest he stored for later.  It wasn't exactly food of the gods, but it would do for the time being. 


Battal then gathered what materials he had so far, and set off - his current location wasn't prime for a base camp, and Maxwell had mentioned others.  If he could find some of the other forumers, his chances of survival would probably rise.  But did he even stand a chance anyways?  As he walked, Battal tried to keep one sanity-draining thought out of his mind, but it kept coming back.  The Debul had played through the whole game, and he knew on thing...


...that there was no escape.

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Segment 3


Lord Battal definitely wasn't a massive fan of nature hikes, and, considering his current predicament, wasn't too interested in seeing the sights.  However, he had to admit, the sprawling wilderness was a nice change to the dim, musty air of Hell.  Not that he didn't enjoy Hell; it was his home, where he belonged.  But even the Debul needed a change in scenery from time to time. Reaching a large rock outcropping, Battal dropped his load of wood and stone and sat down for a few moments.  He slowly chewed on some roasted carrots, taking his time.  After all, there was no rush; as long as he kept safe and didn't do anything stupid, like tangling with a massive fire-gem filled tallbird, he would be fine until he found his friends.


Coincidentally, at that very moment, a massive fire gem-filled tallbird was barreling towards him from behind the boulder.


Being the Debul, and having to fight escaped souls all the time, Battal was very, very skilled in combat.  The moment he heard the furiously deep hooting sound, he dived to one side, and not a moment too soon; a clawed, three-toed foot smashed down onto the boulder, shattering the rock like a twig.  Battal had seen tallbirds before in-game, but none like this, as far as he knew.  The creature was at least the size of a small house, with dark red fur and stubby wings.  His adversary turned towards him, and Battal, not having any weapons, ran for his life.


Unfortunately for him, the tallbird was A) Faster and B) Could cover more ground.  So merely seconds after the chase began, it ended.  The tallbird lifted Battal into the air by the back of his jacket, its beak clasped firmly around the cloth.  It then began walking back to its nest, either to feed Battal to its young or to finish him off.  But Battal wasn't done yet.  Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed on to a chunk of flint and, using all his strength, drove the sharp stone into the Tallbird's eye.  The creature shrieked in pain, dropping Battal to the ground and stomping about in agony.  Battal avoided the creature's flailing legs as much as he could, and fled, not even bothering to get his materials before doing so.


He would end up regretting that.

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