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    Eyes scanned the scene in front of him, the canine making millions of calculations in his head as he did. In the many observations he made in such a short time, the Hound noticed that there was a wide variety of creatures ready... ...including several Hound packs. There may be a way to do what this group was planning to do. And dimension-trapping? He had a few theories he's been wanting to test out for a few lifespans now...he just never had the opportunity. "This Beacon, where does it need to go, how is it set up and what should I be watching for?" Entendre looked back toward the rest of the group with a clever look to his gaze. "Unlike the rest of you, I might be able to get in undetected."
  2. (I saw it, I'm just in the middle of scheming...which is gonna take a second, considering the BF's hogging the computer to download Archeage.)
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    "Heh, you assume that's the only way to learn, mortal." There was a faint smirk on his muzzle at this statement as he cast a glance toward Jakob. "I must ask, what was that back at the mansion? I heard one of your group utter the name before."
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    Closing his eyes in thought at the mention of Shadow Seals, the canine wracked his brain in attempt to recall anything in reference to Shadow Seals. While there were plenty in his recall that could flag itself as a form of seal, he wasn't sure he recalled anything that may match what this group was referring to. "Hopefully, once we get to where you all are headed toward, I'll be able to learn more about this mysterious being." Looking up toward the sky, toward the radiant sun above, Entendre's silver eyes held in them a sliver of worry. "I hope you understand what's going on better than I, Creator..."
  5. Tesability


    "You all mention a being called Shadowfall. In all my incarnations, I have never heard of such a name. It's...disconcerting." The talk of Shadowfall and this 'beacon' unnerved Entendre, the purple Hound placing one paw before the other as he walked along with this rag-tag group. There was actually something he didn't know? Was that the reason he was sent here, to find out about this strange being? "Also, what is this Beacon you speak of?"
  6. (You're gonna be first to see what the Ditto became, though you wouldn't be close enough to see the transformation that took place, Pecival.)
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    (What you hear in your ears is barking/growling/snarling. What you hear in your head is a translation of what his sounds actually mean. You're technically hearing both at the same time. Anything in italics is something anyone can understand.) The torch, combined with the light of the ever-rising sun, was enough to momentarily blind the Hound, causing him to cover his silver eyes with one of his forepaws. "Do you always blind who you meet, prisoner," he basically growled before finally removing the paw, blinking away the blindness as he did. "And as for who I am, my given name is Entendre. The fact that you even know now that I exist is a lot more than most prisoners know about me."
  8. Tesability


    "What are they muttering about," the purple Hound couldn't help but mumble to himself, confused about his observings. What was their plan, what are they aiming for? "Creator, I am confused," he mumbled, unintentionally announcing his presence when he did. (I'm out of ideas. So...let's make some folks jump.)
  9. (Pfft, you're now the second person I know that's gone there for that kind of reason. Try to enjoy your trip your trip while you can! Though I'm gonna guess that means Blue's to be skipped this go-round. @23rd, your go.)
  10. (That's why I'm gonna pull you into the plot in a way that I can. Even a Mud Guardian has some level of curiosity.)
  11. (I just combined past and present versions of the sheet to create one that you just might like. I also moved the Night's Touch from being a power to being an on-hand item, since that can be removed from your person.)
  12. (Research papers... *shudder* You have my pity. Also, when writing this whole thing up, I was listening to this song on repeat. Ivan Torrent - TH3 AWAK3N1NG Also, BLAME SCIENCE. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have had something to build into a plot for this tale. >:3 ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It rolled out of the hole it had hid itself in slowly, the pain filling the tiny being entirely as it clouded its thought processes. Even with the light that managed to shine through the leaves of the forest above it, its golden film had darkened to an incredible shade that was almost black. The dark-green irises the creature had shrunk down to an almost-invisible size, though shark eyes could see that they were still there despite the color of the eyes beginning to pale to shades close to white. The blob began to reshape itself unbidden, growing taller and thinner into a vaguely-sticklike figure with elongated legs and arms that ended in claw-shaped hands. Anything that could signify a gender was absent, no private parts of either kind or anything upon the flat chest of the being. Rising into the air in the beginnings of levitation, pointed ears emerged from the new-found head to either side and pale-blue hair that was almost white grew around to roughly shoulder-length. The three black diagonal slashes that had been on it for so long still remained, but almost invisible save for the vague outline of grey that separated them from the rest of the almost-black creature. Out of thin air did dark-purple fabric begin to surround the creature's deceptively-frail form, beginning the creation of a free-flowing hooded robe that held no buttons and edges lined with a lighter shade of purple. A dark-blue aura glowed around it as it slowly floated through the space it was in, weaving cautiously around the trees and brush as it did. Whatever happened, this was no Meatwork that formed from the former Ditto... (Percival, you're the closest to this, so you would see the finished creation first. Yes, I'm gonna yoink you into this, like it or not.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A wave of negativity flooded the Islands for a brief moment, causing Isaac to wind up not catching what his companions had said near him. Not liking the feeling, he turned back toward his companions, keeping one foot pointed toward the direction his impromptu compass had pointed toward. Placing the pointer and middle finger of his left hand together before placing them on his left temple, Isaac closed his eyes and began to think, think of something that was both simple in design yet would be strong enough to carry two, possibly three beings. A smirk appeared on his face as a far-simplified version of the first car in existence, the Ford Model-T, began to form out of the mist-like substance that formed all Hallucinations, though this one seemed slightly enlarged to accommodate for more than the normal number. Once it was done forming, Isaac dared to open his eyes, the signs of taxation showing in his eyes in the form of slowly-increasing insanity. "Load up everyone, I'm driving." (Oh, don't worry, this one will bite Isaac in the ass soon enough...just not off the bat.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "...I'll agree to that, so long as the compass will work as I believe it should, and the request you make later isn't detrimental to me." Okay, that was fair enough. A man with almost as much forethought as himself makes for fun competition and entertaining shows in most cases, though it was almost sad that this was not one such case. "I'm a reasonable man. If the request itself is reasonable or, better yet, mutual, there will be no issue whatsoever. Deal?" This is one of those moments when he was glad he could think of a lot in less than a split-second and that's what the icy Maxwell was doing as David spoke his 'conditions' to the deal. Before the second was over, the wave of negativity passed over the pair, causing Maxwell to glance toward the far-distant source for a moment before extending out the hand that held the enchanted scroll. There would be other ways to fulfill the request he had in mind for later, but for now... "I can agree to that. In fact, the request that brought me to you in the first place involves a fair bit of stealth, which you seem to employ to great number as of late. Your precious Night's Touch has a property that became known to me after you had stabbed Trevor with it. I wish to see what would happen if you had inflicted the same kinds of wounds to the others that have invaded this island, excluding Rivetter, though. He, or should I say it, already carries the taint of that blade, courtesy of my dear friend Charlie. If this plays out the way I hope, I could get the Pieces I need and you could potentially not only have the Island to yourself, you would have full control over it as well." Lifting a pointed finger toward the strange compass in David's hand, Maxwell's blackened eyes swapped between it and the scroll still in hand. "The compass and scroll would be able to work in tandem with each other. The compass needs the holder to either focus on the image or to say the name of their inquiry before it can point you in the correct direction. If what you wish isn't specific enough, the compass will instead point toward the closest thing to what you wish. It is that simple." (Your character sheet has been updated to include the scroll and the compass, Shadow.)
  13. (At least you give forewarning. I can only assure the fact that you'll be walking back into a big problem when you get back. >:3 Though...why are you in Washington D.C.? o.O)