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  1. My new Avatar, bigger. not sure if I should colour this
  2. I really should not punch bees

  3. What I thought what would happen before playing DST.....(other picture is WIP)
  4. I'm always the bush

  5. Ah, finally some time to upload things here. YAY. Edit: opps seems I already posted the Chester my bad, just me not paying attention.
  6. I cry cause I saw a shiny Unknown in my Crystal game(recently), and it ran away Though I do have a shiny: Magikrap(chain fishing) Relicanth(chain fishing) Dragalge(traded away)(chain fishing) Pumpkaboo(breeding) I'm working on getting a shiny onix next through breeding, hope It's not gonna take 3 months again.
  7. #1: What is your favorite Pokemon? Onix #2: Pokemon X or Y? Y #3: What was your starter in Pokemon X/Y? (If you didn't play X/Y you can chose a different gen.) Froakie #4: What's your favorite Eeveelution? Vaporeon #5: What was your first shiny? A Drowzee, back when I had gold version for the gameboy colour. #6: Which was your first Pokemon game? Red version.
  8. Its ok, I thought you were making stuff to show people. Like a portfolio of sorts.
  9. Eh I was just helping with any screen shots ya wanna to show. But it's fine.
  10. ehh, AO is just baking in shadows in the materials, nothing really to do with lighting. I have heard of prop hunt though, I saw the video ya posted on the LOZ map.
  11. I've never really used an engine before (I gotta learn unity). So I would not be able to help on that aspect....I wonder if you can insert real time lighting....and take a screen cap with FPS program.
  12. Does blender have a lighting system? You may wanna set up a 3 point lighting, then render using their render system. You may have better results. Though if your making a game I would build it in the game engine you are using, then add the elements you are making.