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  1. Do you believe in magic?

  2. I love the final result and the shading and everything so much
  3. Wha welcome! It's cool to see u over here! and bun is my fav so far precious bun Oh man cant wait for more stuff. Enjoy your time here! I love that bun Epic shading Everything is perf
  4. more percy yes Oh how I desire a little picture of him with that laugh without the text being that close peeeeeercy
  5. I vote the first vest dark red man Im working on a Wendy cosplay and without even searching for items that will work Ive gotten great cosplay cloths for cheap, shes quite easy.
  6. There isnt a theme for the contest. Why? Is this just a way to get free art to sell?
  7. I like how it looks like wilson and you can tell its wilson, but it looks like animal crossing and you can tell its animal crossing, and its absolutely flawless.
  8. Peeercy aaaaah Can never see enough percy So excited
  9. I really like that spider one and if you offered me these they would go stale for I could not eat them.
  10. BACK FROM LONG ABSENCE Winter has been, eventful for me.Christmas art made me beyond exausted, my beloved cat died, and as of the last 2 days ive FINALLY been able to draw again. (month long art block is the worst I literally couldnt draw anything it just wasnt there) SO all commissions that are in prog will be finished this week (now that I wont butcher them) and art should be posted here soon, as well as wendys blog. Look forward to it!
  11. I really like this and hold up. I use fire alpaca. How did you get the texturing?
  12. Not to mention they made print sheets of the trees and stuff. This is really quite cool. Im sure some time around may we will all see the swarm of photos of ds figurines in a ds setting
  13. ahh I wish I could draw more pictures for money landmarks, but I may or may not be far too busy for a normal human soul this holiday season
  14. oh man so close oh boy oh boy And so today I was ready to post the commissions to get money for a chester plush, but then I realize any advertising (services too) aren't allowed on klei fourms. .......WELP GUESS IT'LL JUST BE TUMBLR (im a tumblr maniac)
  15. Whoa you have flight rising too? soo cool.