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maxwell finger

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Can someone who speaks spanish tell his guy that he's an idiot for posting the third pic in this forum?

eres un idiota por la publicacion de la tercera foto en este hilo = your a idiot for posting the 3rd picture on this thread


Courtesy of Google Translate :D

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That user is SomnbraRaul on DeviantArt and that strange third picture looks very familiar... I suspect it's traced because I saw a very similar pose pop up on Tumblr a while ago >_> <_< Anyway, this thread is hilarious lol

My guess is that the pose is a base because that sort of thing seems to be pretty common on DeviantART. Or at least it was the last time I checked but my activity there has been dwindling for the past few years. :p

The rest of their gallery looks nothing like it though. 

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Excuse me everyone, but Maxwell's model seems to have a large brown finger that's absent from Adventure Mode. I find that very strange, and I'm wondering what the explanation for it is.


Also here's some pornography.

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