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  1. progress update --->I joined In Dont Starve , This Is The First ...... In So many mines
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [exploit?] Platform steam Do you use mods? Yes ,always on status,gem tools,healthRegeneration,OhPoop,Heavy,DoctorWortey,happyFlowersLite , Isaac and fish farm Version Number 90423 Issue title Stalagmite(large) Drop me 1 Wood Steps to reproduce Gold Pickaxe , mine , mine , mine , mine. Describe your issue I Mine A tall Stalagmite And Drops Me : Rocks , Flint , Gold and , Log?
  3. aweonaos de mierda klei me la come nah mentira xd

  4. me refiero en modo aventura todos los numeros juntos son los años de maxwell sentado
  5. todos juntos son los años de maxwell en la silla