[Creatures] Spirits, Mushmen, cow, Antlion

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My idea is to have diffrent spirit beasts that wander through the woods if you find them they run and run from you until they get to the pure pond ( description below ) they spirit beast will plunge in and grab you a random spirit pet

the spirit pet will grow up and stay with you till its a adult. A spirit pet will give you a warm comfort when its dark and get you crazy items during the day.

Pure pond is a clear pond shining bright it will only appear on a new moon

Spirit pets chart

spirit dog: 5%

Spirit cat: 10%

Spirit bird: 15 %

spirit Bear 60%

spirit monkey: 9.999999 %

Spirit Mandrake: 0.000001 %

the dog gets you 4 meat a day for 10 days

cat gets you 2 feathers a day for 6 days

bird gets you 10 seeds a day for 15 days

bear gets you a fish a day for 5 days

monkey gets you 5 manure a day for 10 days

mandrake gets you a mandrake a day for 5 days

thank you this was thought of very fast not very detailed or anything but thank you

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My idea is to have these big mushrooms that walk around there base and at night hide in logs

they would be creepy monsters friend / foe they will attack if you get close to them unless you come bearing wood of course then your cool and you could all hang out. but instead of hanging out they take the log and throw it at eachother until it breaks they then grab the one that threw it when it broke and make him give you his baby mush the baby mush will hop around you all day and night chanting little songs then at night turns into a huge incredible monster that comes with a chainif you dont pick up the chain he get sad and go back to his people but if you pick it up he will sniff down to beefalo, tall birds, pigmen, bees when it finds them the animal it goes to will take him in and the animal group or animal hes with will give you some of there favorite stuff so if its a beefalo you get 10 grass if its a tallbird you get 1 egg if its a pig man you get meat if its bees you get 2 honey

on full moons mush will leave there homes and go towards swamps when it goes to the swamps they will grab tenticles and eat them behind will be a note that will say a riddle that if you solve what it means you get a mush baby.

Thank you if you dont thinks its very descriptive thats because im tired thank you

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I really like the idea, but may I suggest making spawn rates of dog,cat, bird and monkey all 5% but give you only one item (meat, feathers, seeds, fish, manure) per day until you die? This way all the spirits are rare, and they are always useful by getting you useful items at a non-game-breaking pace. As of the Mandrake keep the stats except after 5 days it becomes a useless spirit that just follows you and becomes purely cosmetic. I think it will eventually add longevity to the game. But love the idea

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Eh - alot of people just want this game to be sciencey , with only a minimum amount of fiction inside - some fiction is acceptable , but having spirit pets will probably not be implemented into the game - if it does , It will probably be neat , though your idea doesn't implement anything useful into the game , having a dispenser pet doesn't really help out as much , sinse meat can get you killed in the latest update.

Also - this is in the wrong forum - a mod will probably move it Soon enough.

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Something to keep you on your toes while you travel blithely through the biomes. In every biome, there should be the rare possibility of an antlion spawning.

In the night time, they wander around and eat things, and generally try to avoid the player.

In the day time, the dig a hole in the ground and lie in wait. If a player steps over their trap, the antlion grabs them and eats them. The only way the player can avoid this is to pay attention. The ground where an antlion resides should appear slightly different than the normal ground. Perhaps some tossed sod, or a bump in the ground.

The antlion would also eat birds, rabbits, hounds, spiders, or whatever that walk over, and then comically gnaw on the leg of beefalo until the beefalo dies (after screaming in agony for a few seconds of course).

Antlions are carnivores, wearing a hat made out of fresh fruit will get them to spit you right back out if you step on their nest.

You can also attack holes with a spear to get them to come out and fight you... IF you see it first of course.

Antlion should drop an antlion claw, which can be used to make a long scythe like weapon/tool, which you can use to harvest many saplings and grass at once, and also attack several creatures in an arch for less damage, but with some knockback. The attack is done with the right click of the mouse, and does not require a target. Durability drops whether it hits something or not.

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Here is a collection of creatures suggested. Grouped for the devs ease of reading and to neaten up the suggestion forum.;)

Careful with that. Too much moderation and consolidation can create a lack of visibility.

These forums aren't trafficked enough for this level of 'tidiness'. Better to just leave it alone, lest we end up making subforum after subforum.

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Subhazard thank you for your input to my moderation.

I assure you merging only occurs in threads of similar topics, suggestions or obervations and there is not a subforum planned.

I put a lot of thought into my "Demon Victoria" suggestion, and it was tacked on the end of someone else's suggestion, rather than a megathread.

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