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  1. I think the meat effigy's should degrade over time, as meat does. The more it degrades the less health you come back with and when it degrades 100% it just gets destroyed.
  2. As we know we already have a way to "attract" pigmen. I think something similar should be added like, instead of making a Pig House you could make a Grass Hut which spawns a single beefalo (similar to pig house). Of course like the pig house it will be quite expensive and require you to have previously encountered beefalo by requiring 'x' amount of wool along with grass and twigs. This is just something i quickly thought up and would like to see added, feel free to suggest changes or explain why this would/would not work.
  3. I really like the idea, but may I suggest making spawn rates of dog,cat, bird and monkey all 5% but give you only one item (meat, feathers, seeds, fish, manure) per day until you die? This way all the spirits are rare, and they are always useful by getting you useful items at a non-game-breaking pace. As of the Mandrake keep the stats except after 5 days it becomes a useless spirit that just follows you and becomes purely cosmetic. I think it will eventually add longevity to the game. But love the idea
  4. I think a good balance to hounds would be that they also attempt to attack the Beefalo before they attack you. I'm not suggesting if you camp by Beefalo the hounds are child's play but in the later days when you have up to 7 hounds on you at a time, a couple of them go to attack the Beefalo, giving you a little more breathing room for killing them. Ex: trying to kite 7 hounds, running by a Beefalo and having 3 of them go to attack him allowing you to deal with the other 4 before the hounds deal with the Beefalo.