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  1. Today i saw the new video teaser of Don't Starve and though it might have something "Secret" guess what i found... What you guys think?? A new boss? Thanks for you time And have a nice day
  2. Konrados,seu canal de games é bem massa :D

    obrigado por me mostar esse jogo ;)

  3. Ah...Hello Again I was thinking about one new utility for the torches... they can be used for fuel in the camp fire Example If the torch is at %80--%100 it will make the campfire win %100 If is at %50--%70 it will make the campfire win %70 If is at %25--%40 it will make the campfire win %40 Well...That is my idea Thanks for read
  4. Hello...I was thinking about some ideas for the game(it's a good game ) I was thinking about RAIN it will be good,for plantations and other things,like the FLOREST dont burn in the rain The other thing is snow,makes the character slow when walk on it,make the sun spend less time when is snowing Sorry for the bad english
  5. What you guys thing? the spawn will be in normal areas ,she will drop things in the dead(Cow meat and leather for clothes and equip) She will be Pacific So...what you guys think??? It's a good idea?