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  1. I put a lot of thought into my "Demon Victoria" suggestion, and it was tacked on the end of someone else's suggestion, rather than a megathread.
  2. Careful with that. Too much moderation and consolidation can create a lack of visibility. These forums aren't trafficked enough for this level of 'tidiness'. Better to just leave it alone, lest we end up making subforum after subforum.
  3. I agree with you that Wendy and Willow are pretty lame in comparison to the other two, but I think the world should get more difficult rather altering what we already have. I think it WILL get more difficult as the devs add more stuff, and effigy rebalancing is jumping the gun a bit.
  4. The cooldown is the beard growth. You can't speed up beard growth. Why would you add an additional cooldown? Just in case someone finds a chest of beard hair hiding in the ground somewhere? Effigies are Wilson's ability. That's what you get with Wilson. If you don't use Wilson, you can't respawn. If you use Wolfgang, you get to kick the ever living **** out of things. If you use Wendy, you get a nice companion at night. If you use Willow you get a mess. Effigies should not be changed, the world will grow and diversify to make effigies seem balanced, especially if something can steal your beard hair from you, or there's so much danger out there that it's almost impossible to survive the 20 days needed to grow enough beard to make an effigy.
  5. Sounds like a great idea! I would love it if this were in the game. If you like this, check out my idea here:
  6. Something to keep you on your toes while you travel blithely through the biomes. In every biome, there should be the rare possibility of an antlion spawning. In the night time, they wander around and eat things, and generally try to avoid the player. In the day time, the dig a hole in the ground and lie in wait. If a player steps over their trap, the antlion grabs them and eats them. The only way the player can avoid this is to pay attention. The ground where an antlion resides should appear slightly different than the normal ground. Perhaps some tossed sod, or a bump in the ground. The antlion would also eat birds, rabbits, hounds, spiders, or whatever that walk over, and then comically gnaw on the leg of beefalo until the beefalo dies (after screaming in agony for a few seconds of course). Antlions are carnivores, wearing a hat made out of fresh fruit will get them to spit you right back out if you step on their nest. You can also attack holes with a spear to get them to come out and fight you... IF you see it first of course. Antlion should drop an antlion claw, which can be used to make a long scythe like weapon/tool, which you can use to harvest many saplings and grass at once, and also attack several creatures in an arch for less damage, but with some knockback. The attack is done with the right click of the mouse, and does not require a target. Durability drops whether it hits something or not.
  7. Hmm. Perhaps this is a solution. The smell of an effigy (since it's made of meat) attracts more hounds. Weekly hound attacks can almost double in size. The more effigies, the more hounds you'll get.
  8. That's artificial difficulty. It's basically taking everything the player has worked on and then tossing it into the sea without much warning or reason why. It'd certainly piss off new players. What this thread is trying to say: The game naturally makes you want to turtle, considering that the structures needed to survive easier are immobile. This is obviously intentional via the game mechanics. Players are worried that the game is too easy and that they will get bored. There needs to be more of a challenge and risk to staying in one place.
  9. It's not that overpowered. Beards grow slowly, and a lot can happen in that time. It's the special ability of one character. Trust me, this game is going to get more brutal, let's not worry about balancing when we're still in early beta here. You think they're going to stop at just hounds hunting you down? They're going to add a third measure to go along with hunger and health. You'll need your meat effigies then. What this thread is trying to say is: There's not enough challenge in the game to warrant the low cost of meat effigies and amulets
  10. Wait for updates that is. Got in a discussion about Don't Starve with my gaming group, as we are wont to do with our flavor of the week.Here's a snippet of the conversation about a possible endgame, or 'next level' of Don't Starve.[9:41:41 PM] Ethan Carter: The game just needs more endgame.[9:42:05 PM] Ethan Carter: Imagine if the pig king, after you give him enough high quality food, he opens a one way portal to Demon Victoria[9:42:18 PM] Ethan Carter: A victorian city where everyone is a lizardman in dapper outfits.[9:42:38 PM] Ethan Carter: A giant sprawl of filth. Cobble streets, filthy gutters, citizens with shops and jobs.[9:42:50 PM] Ethan Carter: And you. With nothing. You're homeless, and you're hungry.[9:42:59 PM] Ethan Carter: This is the second layer of hell that you must conquer.[9:43:54 PM] Ethan Carter: Dig through the trash to find scraps of food, find haypennies stuck between the cracks of the street, deal with street urchin gangs, and bigger gangs.[9:44:05 PM] Ethan Carter: Every night, everyone goes inside and the hound cops roll through the street in force.[9:44:29 PM] Ethan Carter: A giant herd of hounds in police uniforms, attacking anything on the street, and destroying anything built on the street (can't make a base on the street)[9:45:01 PM] Ethan Carter: So, at night, you have to stick to the alleys. The problem with the alleys, is that they're so narrow, and it's rare that you'll have enough space to make a base.[9:45:14 PM] Talon: and the sewers[9:45:21 PM] Talon: wich are even worse. Rats, disease. More filth.[9:45:22 PM] Ethan Carter: Yes the sewers, filled with nasty creatures as well.[9:45:30 PM] Talon: mini krakens[9:45:37 PM] Ethan Carter: The currency of the town is gold nuggets[9:46:11 PM] Ethan Carter: If you're smart, you can do something like, become the leader of your own gang, or buy a shop[9:47:05 PM] Ethan Carter: Also, you can take whatever you want through the portal, but unless you're wearing a dapper vest and a top hat, people will ignore you, spit on you, and urchins will rob you[9:47:12 PM] Ethan Carter: So, no backpack.[9:47:21 PM] Ethan Carter: I mean, you can try, but it'll be hard to hide[9:57:27 PM] Talon: Repair an old factory to produce your own metalworkings, or baked goods.[9:57:54 PM | Edited 9:58:10 PM] Talon: Even lure the dog-cops into rival gang teratory to make them slaughter your enemies.[9:59:17 PM] Ethan Carter: YupTo expand on this, this would continue the theme of the title 'Don't Starve' but in a different way. While the first area you must rely on your inventiveness, and observational skills, along with a little trial and error, Demon Victoria you must rely on your ability to handle yourself in a bleak world of scarcity, where you must be either INCREDIBLY frugal, or incredibly ruthless to get ahead. Everyone's richer than you, these are all the people that made it through the first world and joined this Victorian society, and they've all had a considerable head start. This city was raised and grown long before you started your journey in the raw landscape you woke up in.You conquered the world of nature, now you must conquer the world full of people who have done that too.Games never do this sort of 'pan out' scope that spore tried. It's risky, but if it's pulled off right, it can feel like an adventure.So yeah, that's my idea. Let me hear your thoughts, but make sure to think of this as simply a brainstorm, rather than a budget meeting where we all think we need to tell the devs what they should spend their time on for efficiency's sake. They're smart, they can handle it.