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Spider Queen?

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Well, if in the next update spider queens will be called "free hat" then you sir have called it ;)


On a more serious note, Spider Queens are rather easy to kill imo, provided there's not that much offspring or other kin nearby. They are just punishing if you do screw up dodging their hit, especially with that one character that has low hp and you're not wearing any armor!

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Depends. If you just want to not be terrorized by her, it's easy; just lure her away from a nest, let her turn into one, then go back with traps and destroy the nests and sleeping spiders. 


If you want the drops, you can lure her into a pig village. If you can stunlock some of the minion spiders to help out, she's pretty easy.


If you're trying to go solo, the normal spiders are going to be quite a challenge. You could probably freeze her and then kill the spiders, then repeat, or you could go full tank-mode and charge in spears blazing.

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