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  1. Honestly This forum looks like crap now... Bye never coming back yada yada... Hora hora!

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    2. DwerBomb


      Yeah...something has gone terribly wrong.

      Is it just me that thinks after DST came out people got dumber and dumber?

      Not talking about you old members and stuff.

      Yay, escape before your brain gets damaged.

    3. Spazmatic


      It's not just you Dwer, I feel the same. There seems to be an abundance of cringeworthy and childish people after the release of the DST closed beta that spew out nothing but crap and key begging. It's making people leave aswell (completely understandable, heck I might join them)... :/

    4. Quiet


      Yeah, it's pretty unfortunate...considering how great this place was before.

  2. Upgraded my Mouse to a Roller ball mouse. Precision over 300%

  3. Cool I noticed a huge change in my personality over a year. I'm now a unhelpful prick :p

  4. Spore is fun again...

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    2. Watcha


      All hail the Watcha species, the cutest galaxy destroying bird evaaaaah

    3. Yay


      I made a arthropod race that destroyed 60 planets and killed alot more races :p

    4. Watcha


      But is it a cute bird? I think not!

  5. Nothing but vomit in the off-topic. Well back to lurking!

    1. Sporb


      Well, we could try to post something that isn't vomit. Uuuhhh... okay, I don't really have any ideas.

    2. Yay


      Thats why I lurk I'm boring :p

  6. Dark Souls 2 is so Kawaii with the Ivory king addon being introduce... Time to pike it up!

  7. I didn't see a specific date but know that its soon.
  8. Melons and Honey feels great for the tummy!

  9. Oh god... Richard Cheese is my new favorite...

    1. Malan-Tai


      Is he French ?

    2. Yay


      I don't know but he turns almost Any song so freaken classy. <3 he might replace Voltaire...

      Bit of a warning... He might be too classy.. So expect some profanity from his dapper sounding mouth...

  10. Hmm... Provolone , tuna, tomato and black pepper on semi toasted potato bread.
  11. Wow... It took me a minute to get that joke... _____________________________________ How do you stop a lawyer from drowning? ...
  12. Would it be possible for Don't Starve being on the 3ds?

  13. So many new people :D ... I hate new things :D (jk)

    1. greenglacier


      I hope you don't hate new people.

  14. So apparently a large rock cannot be cuddled with...