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  1. Can't believe this thread is still alive after my one year absence of this community.
  2. Hey what happened to you Vingw? You still here?
  3. also can someone catch me up on what we got in a more detailed post like the obstacles of the puzzles, was it hard, long, etc. I don't have the time to read through these 86 pages sorry for the inconvienence.
  4. is the op still updating the post, didn't know there's a video in this puzzle but then again i'm only been to this page
  5. Yea I know I just didn't want to say something overused.
  6. Do you take requests? If so can you do a Attack on titan/Shingeki no Kyojin crossover with Don't Starve?
  7. Before reading this, check this first: The question still remains: Why does Charlie hate Wilson? Maybe Wilson has a story in this as well, and maybe Wilson has volunteered for the finale, and, out of Wilson curiosity for science, he took a quick peek at that book of Maxwell and Charlie's and did something that made her transform into what she is now. And since Maxwell had the book to begin with, she also attacks Maxwell for this. As Maxwell struggle to cast a spell to rid of her, Wilson ran away with the audience (well who wouldn't with a monster in the room?) and Maxwell cast a spell he hasn't tested yet, sucking both him and Charlie and perhaps the other people behind the stage (the playable characters) into the new world. Maxwell upon waking up now fused with the book's power and knowledge, created an island for himself. He hadn't realize the full potential power of that book, now fused with it, he slowly grows weaker (due to age) but the book was keeping him alive, he thought his time has come unaware that the book was keeping him alive he assumed he would die to old age, and before he thought he would die he captured Wilson as his "final wish" before his final department *cue Forbidden knowledge video*. As some time passed, all of his failed work was dumped underground (the caves) except for the tallbirds for whatever reason (examine them as Maxwell you'll see what I mean) all of a sudden somethings flew out of his body (you can use your imagination to that however it went out) and it was the spirits that was encased into that book now freed as Maxwell * is frail body wasn't strong enough to sustain it due to his age. The spirits liked the new world Maxwell had created and stayed for it, Maxwell now powerless has no other choice but to use his sword, failed miserably the spirit he was attacking took it as a threat and prison him onto that chair. And the spirits went away and took a physical form (the insanity creatures I suppose). Maxwell noticed that he still had some nightmare fuel left, and decided to used that to create a door for Wilson to his aid. But Wilson isn't an idiot, why would he save Maxwell? Well, tricking Wilson once again he made the door look the the entrance to Maxwell's world (forbidden knowledge video again) so Wilson thought the door was an escape, an exit, as that was the same looking machine that brought him to the world, sadly, tricked once again and starts a new adventure. Maxwell, still has a burning hate for Wilson and made the world hell for him because Maxwell was gonna die anyway once he was freed from that chair so he just thought why not make it more fun before his death not knowing he has a second life *cue playable Maxwell character. Not a good ending but that is the game. I'll made some edits if I get more ideas I suppose.
  8. I still wonder why Maxwell chose Wilson out of everyone else in the world. Who could take someone like this? He just wanted to learn science! Right Wilson?
  9. Love how you still added the scratches on William's face
  10. Draw Wilson being too paranoid and feeling watched.