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Here's just a thought. A cookbook for recipe's you discover while cooking.. maybe use the Paper from Papyrus in some way where you can store recipe's on them, and then insert them into a cook book for future reference.

I'm not sure if it has been suggested already as there are alot to look though, but I hope you like the idea.

I feel this game has tons of potential. Make it challenging, and fun, of corse!

Keep up the great work! I'm anxiously waiting for the next patch.

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Making books would be a really good tool for the entire game. For instance, a book titled "Monsters" with 12 pages and when you encounter a new monster a page fills in with details on the monster. This encourages a player to explore until every page is filled, or at least informs them about the constraints of the world.

A cookbook with different sections for, Meat, Vegetables, Wheat, recipes let's the player know the kinds of food they can make.

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I like the monster book also. Wilson is a scientist after all, I´m sure any scientist in this survival situation would want to catalog the nasties he finds. Writing or reading books at night by the fire fits with another idea I have which I´ll post now I think. :D

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