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  1. i honestly wish they´d change the ent.. i´d prefer they were another race with a village. guardians should be bosses, with minions etc.. in a cave or some such.
  2. that might be interesting actually... could be risky to use it since ya never know if it will blow up in your face instead of firing properly hehe can just see wilson standing there looking confused with soot all over his face and a trail of smoke coming off his hair and beard lol
  3. yeah i agree, the withered thing was just a way of having the cycle end and the end of winter. i was up most of the night with my boy puking so it was the best idea i could come up with right after opening my eyes lol my wanting the trees to have a longer life cycle fits with my idea that the map should be much larger. larger map means more trees out there which means they can have a longer life cycle, or any life cycle at all (since, like i said before, trees normally live for thousands of years)
  4. Honestly, I think trees should last a year, at the end of winter the trees are in the withered state, in spring they start the growth cycle over again.
  5. I really wish there wasn´t a list you can see of things to be researched and then crafted. I feel it would be better to only see what you´ve unlocked. it would be interesting that while you gather your first resources, say you pick up some grass... you would have an idea of what might be done with the grass, you harvest a sapling and have an idea of what you might be able to do with that but also what might be done with a sapling and grass since you already have ideas for grass... once you´ve got basic tools (which shouldn´t be all that difficult to make) you could make a science machine. then you could start putting each resource into the science machine to get help figuring out what to do with things. so throughout the game, you never actually see a recipe for an item until you´ve already made one, and yeah i´d think that a prototype would cost more resources because you´d need to experiment to get the item right. this idea would keep people searching the world for new stuff. the player would never know if he/she unlocked all the items in the world, it would provide some mystery, some challenge.
  6. yet another...
  7. Well there are already other people, I just want the pigmen and others to have more depth. The game is psychological, that´s why socializing is good to some degree, also it fits with the sanity meter... help others and socialize to improve your sanity. I feel even with that stuff in place, the player is still alone. He´s an outsider and he´s the only one trying to get home and is missing home, not to mention finding graves of others who were stranded there like him. Right now that is the lonely element and it still would be, Wilson wants to get home, but in my opinion could use help along the way. This can still be part of it and should be. His sanity is key to needing to get out of his home base and socialize or help out somehow. The two ideas fit together nicely. Interesting, but they´ve already established that Wilson has been taken by a demon and put on this island. Wilson´s goal is to find a way home. .the devs have stated they don´t want people to hunker down, or camp, or turtle too much. But instead be out in the world exploring etc.. best way to do that is to provide more things in the world to interact with. Anyways, I hear ya, but still love my vision of the game.
  8. This has been mentioned. I also had the idea that gravestone already there are from previous victims of the demon and that maybe there are old campsites or ruins from previous victims which hold items to find.
  9. One more thing, the RTS thing would just be an option for the player, if they want they can get more into the politics of the tribes. It wouldn´t be anything totally integral to the story or necessary to move to the next world. It just provides more depth and options in regards to who you want as an ally to take out the bosses who are holding.... something... needed to make the portal or to find the portal.
  10. Do some searching, you´ll find plenty on water, season, clothes etc..
  11. Yeah, I wasn´t meaning you manage the tribe villages etc.. just are able to possibly influence them, make suggestions and they can choose to take your advise or not based on their needs. IMO, I see it as adding layers to the game. I mean, if you got dropped on an island and found out there were semi-civilized tribes there. I think more would be going on then Munkie men hating pigmen and visa versa. I want to see living, breathing villages, pigmen making axes to chop more wood etc... raids happening because one tribe wants the resources another has etc... make it dynamic, rich, not to mention that if the tribes are surviving just like the player, there´s more competition going on for the resources, making it more difficult for the player. And to think that the player can be involved in the tribes development, which in turn helps him keep his sanity, and in the end the tribes create items on their own which can only gotten that way. I think it´s great... Also, different tribes would have different uses in combat.. what if there´s a boss which takes more magic to take down.. maybe the Owlmen would be better to have by your side. I don´t want all mobs, bosses to be weak enough for just the player to kill. Should take more thought than that. Again, more layers. Anyways. I´ll keep putting up my suggestions I actually would like to see each world become much larger. I mentioned before in another thread that it would be nice if it took longer than maybe a ingame week to explore the map. Maybe a year or two? Prolong the experience and provide space for content, danger but also space for the player.
  12. rotate the screen with Q and E, or I believe the arrow keys.
  13. Thanks for putting it that way! I´ve been trying to find the right words and you nailed it! yay!
  14. lmao Mobios, read my thread on this, think of how it could fit into the story. Not to mention how it would give a bit more of a RTS feel, like the game already has. It would also fit with the two-way portals idea. But by no means should that take away from the survival aspect. That, is number 1. That´s why the diplomacy should be more layered. To allow for it to make more sense. Friends could become enemies because of a resource shortage, one is in need to survive, the other has plenty, they could try trade, but what if they don´t agree? the tribe in need will have to take what they need, if they can... Why not? If there will be several worlds you play through, do you want the same tribes for each world? Or a new set each world which balance each other out, create a new experience etc.. each world should be populated with different predators, prey and tribes, plus different vegetation. They´re different worlds after all. To contain all this, I´d want to see much larger maps. More realistic biomes layout. It would be nice if it took at least a couple in-game years to explore the world you´re in. I see a problem at the moment of the experience ending too quickly and the game repeating itself too often. But I´m a person who wants depth... Anyways, I get the feeling the devs won´t be going in this direction. Not to this degree anyways. Which would be sad.
  15. Big thread on this stuff
  16. I like the idea. Although I would prefer it was something you held in your hand. Drop grass into it, lit it with a fire and it puffs out, like you said, transparent smoke. Should have to use this along with bee keepers hat, since that´s what bee keepers actually do.
  17. Yay I´m not alone. here is my idea i hashed out over a couple days, while being dad in mexico city. I was thinking of contacting Klei once I get back home to Vancouver with my family.