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You know you're obsessed with Don't Starve when...

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44 minutes ago, Orangex said:

You dress up as your favourite character for Halloween but none of your friends know who you've come as.

I do that every year actually. I wear a Winter Hat (from the Klei Store), groom my beard extra special, black pants, and put on a Puffy Vest (Blue). So I am essentially Wilson in full Winter Gear. Been doing it every year since 2015 when I got the Winter Hat.

Now if I could become a living plant and be Wormwood...

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You start hearing the work music in your head for the specific seasons while you do outdoor work…

You make mental notes of good resource areas on nature walks…

You make offhanded quotes from the character lines…

You hear the sanity loss sound when you do something you don’t like…

Not that. I do any of these. Ha ha. That’d be. So weird. Ha ha. I definitely don’t do this. Ever. Ha.

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On 10/18/2023 at 8:42 PM, Squidyfoo said:

On December 30th you leave your house and go out to the middle of nowhere because Deerclops will destroy your house if you don't leave.

I...legit had a dream once where something similar was about to happen. Well, I was in like a big building in a city, and suddenly the ground started shaking (and no, this wasn't an Earthquake-prone area) and suddenly me-in-the-dream realised it was: Winter! And...NIGHT! And I literally started to convince everybody to get out of the building, before it got destroyed with us in it. I think the dream was a mix of an impending Deerclops attack, and a '70s disaster movie.

On 10/18/2023 at 10:30 PM, DownloadADuck said:

you refuse to pay healthcare and eat 90 peirogis instead

Have you SEEN American healthcare prices?! I'd be willing to try it at this point!

On 10/18/2023 at 11:11 PM, ShadowDuelist said:

You see flowers, grass and sticks in a park and wonder what can you craft with them.

No, this is just called, "being a crafter IRL". :P I can't look at yarn without going "Ooh, what can I make with that..." even if it's a ball of yarn on TV, nowhere near me. :P

On 10/19/2023 at 3:43 AM, Orangex said:

You dress up as your favourite character for Halloween but none of your friends know who you've come as.

I would LOVE to be able to do this. Unfortunately I _look_ nothing like any of the characters. Well, if I put my hair in a bun and with my already-wearing-glasses, I guess I could pull off a (somewhat) younger Wickerbottom...

But really I want to die my hair black and put it into gravity-defying pigtails, then go around playing my high-school-band-era flute at everyone instead of talking. :P
(No, I would NOT set anything on fire. Really. Probably.)

On 10/19/2023 at 10:34 AM, Auth said:

You start hearing the work music in your head for the specific seasons while you do outdoor work…

I literally started singing the Spring music in my head to myself when I was watching something COMPLETELY ELSE where winter became over and it turned into spring. That became the "WAKE UP, EVERYONE! NATURE'S BACK IN BUSINESS!" music in my head to signify Springness, and I didn't even notice that'd happened. :P

And finally, here's my own:

You know you've played too much Don't Starve when _you literally figure out how to play it IN OTHER GAMES_.



Sims 3 Version Wilson invents something in a rickety wooden house full of gadgets


Sims 3 Willow (I got her blank eyes better in Sims 4, but almost everything else looks better in this version)


Willow's "house", aka her Base. She is not allowed normal shelter. The tent is her only sleeping-place, shelter and privacy. She has an Improved Farm behind a fence there, fishes in a bond at the back of the property, keeps bees, and even has a teddy bear. (You can see him kinda at the back there. He's a Teddy Borg and she won him in a claw-machine game at the Summer Caw--er, Carnival.) And you can name them in Sims 3, so YES, he's named Bernie! :)
She's also dealing with winter by wearing a Puffy Vest, here. Heh.


Her other only way of dealing with cold temperatures. (Isn't this firepit PERFECT?! It looks just right--just logs and stones! No modern frippery!)

As you can see from the portal thingie over there, she decided to build her base right by the entrance. Noob.


Sims 3 Wigfrid, one of my favourite creations. :)


Sims 3 Wendy and Abigail. You can make a character _already AS a ghost_ in Sims 3, if you have the right pack. This was made before we knew Abigail's actual fashion sense.




Maxwell and Charlie in Sims 4 form.


Sims 4 Walani, whom I of course moved straight into Sulani, the Hawaii-esque island area.


And finally, Sims 4 Wendy stops by to Trick-or-Treat on Hallowed Nights. (You can do custom holidays in Sims 4.)

Actually, I don't know if this is more me being obsessed with Don't Starve, or the fact that being as sandboxy and customisable as they are, the Sims games make an especially good canvas with with to try this kind of thing.

I'm'a say the true answer is.....yes? :)


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