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The Gobbler

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if you drop berries he will come and try to eat them.

normal traps do not work, Im not sure about the bird traps I got a bird trap and tried to find a gobbler but no luck yet.

Edit: they drop mosrel and drumstick which I think is the thing that is needed for the new recpies.

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My usual tactics for hunting the gobbler is to come at him from the direction I was him to run away from and then chase him towards the edge of the island. Once he hits the edge (which isn't far from my base camp) he can easily be pinned and killed.

On a side note, was it just the most recent update, or have bunnies always tried (and succeeded) to eat any veggies lying on the ground? I only really noticed last night as I was sorting my chest inventories trying new Gobbler recipes and a bunny snacked on my pumpkins.

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