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  1. To give some background, before the winter update i posted this thread going over what i thought some of the flaws in adventure mode were. opinion on adventure mode as it currently stands has done a bit of a 180.I have gone from being able to coast through the 5 worlds previously, to not being able to pass the first one.It's a challenge and I like that, hell its what I asked for. However, there are some things that are beginning to wear on me, to a point where I no longer want to play the game for extended durations.From my experience world 1 adventure mode follows a few core rules.1. The world is generated with no berry bushes, but spawns far more carrots.2. Winter arrives on day 12.So all I need to do is, create both science machines and a fridge, stock up the fridge with a large surplus of food, get some winter clothing, and build some form of defence for the impending hound and deerclops attacks.This is where the problems start to show....If you fail to cram all this in before winter arrives in 12 days, theres a good chance you aren't going to survive it.I'll start with the worst offender. Which is winter clothes. If you fail to find beefalos, (which seem to be super rare now) or fail to hunt and kill the koalafant for a summer vest, you get to spend 16 or so winter days, stuck around your camp fire.Venturing away from your fireplace without winter clothing results in becoming frozen in about 20 seconds. To counter this, you can plant fires every few steps, but 16 days of that turns into a large drain on wood, grass and sapling supplys. Should hounds or the deerclops decide to attack during this little escapade, you get the fun micromanagement hell, of trying to keep your fires lit, trying to keep warm, and fighting for your life all at the same time. All the while your sanity is going down....No winter clothes also means, you are limited when it comes to food.Unless you prepared boomerangs to kill birds that land near you, or camped right beside a large amount of rabbit holes (with traps on them), chances are your going to starve before you see your next summer.I'd like to stop here and say that being stuck around your camp fire for 16 short days and 16 long nights, is rather boring.It got to a point where I was just planting trees all around my base for something to do at night. On to the next point...After a few deaths I really started to notice how much of a grind getting ready for winter was becoming.Especially when it comes to grass, saplings and silk.Heres my shopping list.Backpack : 4 grass. 4 saplings.10 rabbit traps. : 60 grass. 20 saplings.10 traps for spiders. : 60 grass. 20 saplings.rope for spear. : 3 grass.rope for log armor. : 6 grass.rope for football helmet. : 3 grass.136 grass. 44 saplings This doesn't include grass for torches or camp fires so lets say. 150 grass. 60 saplings - includes tools.(Also Doesn't include grass, sapling stockpiles that are needed to survive winter.)Silk.Winter Hat : 4 silk.Breezy Vest : 16 Silk.Puffy Vest : 16 Silk.5 Boomerangs 5 silk.Top Hat : 10 SilkBug Net : 2 Silk each.53 Silk.With summer having a shorter dusk and night duration, combat against spiders taking longer, and the lack of berrys for easy healing, farming this much silk takes an age.When you try squeeze this all into 12 days, along side the gathering of wood, rock and gold for base setup, its a bit much.Its quite the time drain, and repeating it over and over again when you die a few times, does become a chore.Now I currently have alot of time to waste, but alot of people don't. All this prep can take hours, and be over in an instant.I'm not advocating huge nerfs, I like the game challenging. The problem I have is that the game is funneling you in a set direction and either not giving you the tools required to survive in an enjoyable manner (beefalo) or enough time to achieve what you need to.I'd like to suggest some tweaks to the silk and grass values, and perhaps some alternative way of making clothing that is suitable for winter. Perhaps torches could provide some degree of warmth?Anyway, thats my 2 cents.
  2. I also noticed the lack of berry bushes in adventure mode, but considered it a feature rather than a bug.I am also struggling with adventure mode, however its simply a matter of changing the way i used to play.To help with your food concerns, i would suggest two things to help you out.1. Setting up a camp around a location with a large amount of rabbit holes. Spending 1-2 days collecting rabbits, can provide you with a large food supply for winter. It just takes a large amount of gathering grass and saplings.2. Create a few boomerangs. You can survive winter with a few boomerangs. Just target the birds when they come down, and you should have enough morcels to keep yourself alive through winter.Hope this helps.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 23779 Issue title Game Crash - Possible spider creep issue? Steps to reproduce Unsure. I had a beebox and spiders nest on screen, I was just chopping wood at the time. These things could be related or completely unrelated, so i'm unsure. Crash seems to mention creep, so perhaps bees flew on to spider creep? Describe your issue For some reason i can't post attachments on this forum so i will write out what the crash says. WARNING. ...on/dont_starve/data/scripts/components/locomotor.lua91: calling 'OnCreep' on bad self (number expected, got no value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C] in function 'OnCreep' C:/Games/Steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/components/locomotor.lua(91.1) in function 'fn' C:/Games/Steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/scheduler.lua(156,1) in function 'OnTick' C:/Games/Steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/scheduler.lua(360,1) in function 'RunScheduler' C:/Games/Steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/update.lua(76,1)
  4. Theres also the winter hat and beefalo hat for warmth, however... i've yet to have any beefalos in any of my adventure mode worlds.Bad luck with generation perhaps? I notice theres no berry bushes also every time, i'm guessing thats intended.Because i had no warm clothing i got to spend 15 or so winter days boring myself to death by a campfire unable to move a screen on two without getting frozen.The only thing i could do was throw boomerangs at birds to keep myself alive.Then after all that, i reached summer and died by spiders.
  5. The manure solution if there aren't any beefalo is to pick flowers and feed them to pigs who then create manure.Try adapting your strats instead of calling for the nerf bat.
  6. Wow, alot of good ideas here.Also thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it.I think the suggestion to craft or fix certain parts for the portal is a good one and could lengthen the stay in each world.I also like the idea that the adventure mode needs a bit of a narrative injection. It would be nice to feel like each world has some sort of history, or that by traversing it you are completing some kind of story arc / puzzle.I feel like sandbox mode is about crafting your own stories, where as adventure mode needs some sort of narrative pull to keep you focused on progression.Finding old papyrus scrolls with clues from maxwell, or old diaries from others that have perished in that world, could spice things up a bit.
  7. This post is gonna be long. You were warned. :)First of all, I'd like to state that I'm a huge fan of this game and have been hugely impressed with the quick updates, the interaction the developers provide with the fans, and the beta overall.I have had this game for months, monitor these forums daily, yet choose to keep my posts to a minimum.I'm fully aware this game is in beta, its a work in progress and what i'm currently playing isn't the full dev vision realised.However i would like to share my thoughts on the current state of adventure mode and try if i may, to provide constructive ideas / suggestions for its improvement.I would like to touch on what i percieve to be flaws in its current design, and would like to hear if others agree with me, and what their own thoughts on adventure mode may be.So without further ado...Problem 1 : There is no incentive to spend any significant length of time in each world, beyond the first.As it stands adventure mode can be completed in these easy steps.1. Build a tophat. This requires the destruction of 4 to 5 lvl 1 spider nests, for 10 silk. Insanity is now a non issue, even at night. 2. Gather enough grass and saplings for 2 torches, for each night cycle. Easy number is 40 of each.3. Gather wood, for cooking fires and if needed materials for science machine and wooden armour.4. Explore the length of the map, collecting seeds, berries, and carrots as you go. Hunger is now a non issue.(I tend to trace the islands outlines at night when visibility is low, and fill in the middle portions during the day.)5. Locate wooden thing, or components of wooden thing. Finding one indicates the proximity of the other as they all spawn close together. 6. Gather components, activate the gate.6. Repeat steps 3 - 6.As you can see, in its current state its far to easy to progress and there is little incentive to linger in each world.-Suggestions to counter act this style of play-1. Scatter the wooden things parts around the world, instead of spawning them all close together. 2. Have the parts linked to difficult monsters, events or locations.Perhaps a certain part got lodged in a spider queens webbing, so not only do you have to deal with the fact that you have that confrontation looming, but the part is now also mobile and moving around the island.Another part could be hidden in a little glade guarded by tree guards, a hostile tribe of pig men, a swamp over flowing with tentacles, the options are endless.3. As the worlds progress, make food far more scarse. Forcing some form of cultivation / gathering.This game is called don't starve, and yet it constantly throws food at me.Nature seems to be on my side, not against me. Birds constantly drop seeds for me, berry bushes and carrots are around every corner. I would go as far to say its harder to starve than it is to not starve.I'd like to see worlds where there are no berry bushes and planted carrots.4. Make wormholes the only way to reach certain landmasses instead of using them as shortcuts.At the moment the benefit they provide is so miniscule that they aren't worth using.Using wormholes as the only means of transport to an unknown island section, while sanity also takes a hit, is far more thought provoking and concerning than a "don't actually need to use you" shortcut.5. Extend the players duration in each world. Perhaps the portal has a charge up peroid, perhaps one needs to be powered with nightmare fuel, these are just some ways of extending the length of time players stay in each world. Problem 2.The worlds all feel the same and play the same.Once you have seen one world and seen its enviroment at play. You will understand all worlds. You know the rules and you know how to beat them.The pigs in world 1, are always the same as pigs in world 2. They follow the same rules.Sure currently theres some slight variations to biomes, premade traps, pig forts, burnt trees, killer bees, but they all mechanically work the same as other worlds.All follow the same rules and are no cause for alarm.Traps, don't hurt the player and are able to be picked up, so you are basically handing players the tools to easily deal with hound attacks.Pig forts also help the player, by allowing for less time to get setup.Burnt trees often drop pinecones to allow for new growth. No issue.Killer bees can be easily out run. ( Hint : If you made armour reduce movement speed, that would make combat interesting and kiting something to gamble on, without the protection of armour.)They all follow the same rules of the previous worlds.If the rules don't change, then everything is predictable and easily understood and dealt with.All i can really suggest here is to change things up. Perhaps the pigs of one world are always aggressive, perhaps they have become more refined, wear tophats and can only be hired for the finest crockpot meals.What if a world had aggressive bunnies, spider dens that spawn warrior spiders at night? By changing the rules and making each world feel a little foreign to a player, you can always keep them slighty on edge.In the efforts of not making this post a full length novel, i'll leave it there.But i'd like to hear what others thoughts are on adventure mode and how they would like to see it progress.
  8. Yeah, i had no idea this game existed, till it appeared on steam. Since i love survival games and loved the art style, I bought it right away. Now i stalk the forums as an information junkie. Waiting for info on whats coming.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Couldn't find information about it on the FAQ.
  10. I often come across situations where enemies may die near trees/objects. (Gobblers) The loot tends to get lost behind/in these objects. No amount of camera turning puts them in a location from which they can be retrieved I like to suggest a button / toggle that either brings dropped items to the frontal graphics layer, or highlights the objects in such a way that it allows them to be picked up. Kinda like the loot/container highlight option in the old baldurs gate 2 game. If you catch my meaning.
  11. If you dig up a healthy/fresh bush it turns into the plantable berry bush. The undocumented (from what i could read) change that i can see is this. If you dig up a dried up berry bush, (A bush that needs dung) it turns into 2 twigs. Instead of a plantable bush. Happened to me also.
  12. Loving the new additions and the communication from the devs. I'm just curious, with the addition of flame hounds, i'm assuming they set the surroundings on fire? Are you going to allow other possible means of regrowth for grass tufts, berry bushes and saplings? So they aren't always finite resources? I'm assuming flame hounds are to deter against the "base camp" playstyle. While I'm a huge fan of roguelikes and punishing difficulty spikes, i'm not solely limited to that hardcore perspective, and i can imagine some people might be a tad upset, if their entire worlds berry bush/grass, etc collection goes up in flames. Without some option of recourse that is.... no matter how slow and painful it could be. I'm happy either way, but i thought i'd throw it out there for consideration.
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Issue title AI MOB Pathfinding. Steps to reproduce Example. Get about 20 pinecones. Find a pig village Build a line of trees in such a way that it cuts a pig off from its home, but there is a way to walk around the trees. The pig will constantly path into the trees and never make it home. Describe your issue The AI always seems to want to take the shortest route back to its base/home. However, if there is an obstruction they won't path around the obstruction they will continously path into it and be unable to return home. I used pigs as an example, however all AI mobs do this. Easy to reproduce with tree men, spiders and gobblers. Pigs/ were pigs. get stuck on bridges between islands etc. Or will constantly path into the invisible walls that seperate the land from the sea, unable to make it home to another island. It's not so much a bug, as it is a request for better pathfinding.
  14. Was wondering why certain posts have to be approved by a moderator before they can be viewed? Is this the normal process for everyone? Does it have a duration, due to me signing up a few days ago? This is the first forum i've run across this rule, so i'm curious. Edit. I should add, that it seems to only be relevant to the announcement forum. My guess is, its to stop rude/ troll like remarks finding its way into the most important/ high traffic area threads. So i guess my new question is, when do my training wheels get removed? (so to speak).