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  1. and I miss only Wilson and Maxwell...and I'm not happy
  2. Still waiting for trade some of my Dota 2 cards for DS cards, have Tide and Riki cards. Anyone wants them?
  3. I know how it works, thank you, I can read previous messages :)The question is - maybe someone is collecting cards for another game and wishes to trade their DC cards for them :3
  4. By the way - anyone wants to trade other games' cards for Don't Starve Cards? I have two Dota 2 Cards: Riki and Tidehunter - and can trade them for DS cards if anyone wants it.
  5. Okay, the Steam account name is the same, find me, add and lets trade my Wolfgang for your Wendy
  6. As I said - I need Maxwell, Wilson or Wendy cards for my set. Well, Wilson card, perhaps?
  7. I got 2 Wolfgang cards...anyone needs him? :)Need Maxwell, Wilson and Wendy...I suppose they are rarer...
  8. I have more interesting question - the "card drops remaining" counter - will it replenish every time I complete the card set or its just 3 cards at all for me - the others must be bought and traded only?
  9. Just got it gifted from a friend :)It should be noted, that gifted invite is not giving you extra invites, so I can't share them with anyone :(But still - good luck to you all
  10. Can you buy another one for me, good man? :)Sad joke, nevermind. But you're still a good man, helping the others with their badge addiction
  11. Yeah, joined already and also waiting. Actually, planned to gift my invites to someone instead of trading :)Anyway, if anyone wishes to spare an invite - I will apreciate it. If not - well, let's wait together then
  12. If I understood it right - to participate and start collecting the cards I need a special invite from someone already collecting them?Hm, can anyone spare an invite?
  13. Eeermmmm wtf?

    Yeah, happened to me too. I miss Wendy, she's really cute.Well, back to bearded monster Wilson.
  14. eat some meat?catching rabbits and birds is quite easy, and eating cooked meat raising your sanity from 1st day till...your death.and ofc dont forget about sanity raising clothes.