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  1. eat some meat?catching rabbits and birds is quite easy, and eating cooked meat raising your sanity from 1st day till...your death.and ofc dont forget about sanity raising clothes.
  2. All characters are so different. Its quite obvious that all of them were trapped there by Maxwell, but why? Well okay, Wilson got his forbidden Knowledge, but the others...what they received from him?I have only a suggestions...for example Wendy wanted to play again with her dead sister Abigail and now she has her ghost visits during the nights or Wolfgang wanted to become stronger - and eventually became thx to Maxwell but the price was the same - being trapped and forced to survive in grotesque world of DS.
  3. Can be useful during Winter, when nothing grows and obtaining food is a little harder than usually.
  4. Don't you think the game may need an Underworld instead?Cave mosters, plants, bosses and a bunch of absolutely new biomes, with rare resources and dangerous environment.
  5. U can give one of your friend this "2-pack", he will then unpack it and receive 1)his copy, and 2)a copy for another friend. The second one then he can gift to another your friend.
  6. I'm not agree with his appearance. Pig King is fat, really fat, he can't even stand. He can't look like normal werepiggies at all. It will be much more horrible (and funny) if he receives BIG muscular arms and will move using only arms. Trust me, BIG fat howling werepig with BIG arms, crawling after player...its something...
  7. How about making possible Pig King's transformation to Werepig? To giant, fat and mad Werepig surrounded by his little Werepig minions? How about some challenge?
  8. any success with experiments? I just can't find it myself now cuz too far from any pc =\
  9. I'm just curious, if I give Miner Hat to my Pig amigo - will it work on Pig forever or not?
  10. Well, I'm using two Torches (for light) and Bug Net, then simply walk through the forest at night. When I'm spot the fireflies, I just changing Torch for Bug Net (right-click), quickly click at fireflies to catch them, then swithing back to Torch avoiding Boogieman darkness damage.
  11. How about this. Some time ago I played Terraria a lot. And there is some special events in the game, Goblin Invasion is one of them. It's a specific period of time, when A LOT of agressive creatures invade the game world and attacks the player. And this game an idea. Some players are bored surviving for 200+ days with no reason or specific gameplay changes, and it's really more interesting at start, building new camp and exploring a world. I think about adding similar event. For example - every, dunno, 30 days - comes a Long Night. Darkness rises and three or five days in a row become one really long night. The player is forced to stock food and fuel for keeping fire burning. In addition - agressive mosters start attacking player in waves, forcing him to defend his life, building a system of Campfires to move around without being eaten by Boogieman. You can add some additional defensive structures such a walls or something like this. Well, if Pets will be realized in this game, you can also add some pets who will defend a camp and a player. Imagine massive fight for survival, player, tallbirds, beefalo - all participating in this fight. Ahem...something like that, yes. Thoughts?
  12. Same question by the way, wanted to ask this too
  13. Trading for Dota2 is stupid for one simple reason. Dota 2 devs are giving free keys to everyone just to increase number of players, I already have 2 free keys and noone of my friends need them cuz they have 2 Dota2 keys themselves. Trading Don't Starve for free game is quite...stupid? I agree, there is no sense in giving your copy to a stranger, who can simply lie to you, take your copy of the game and trade it for something else. But I also know, that there are real guys who want to play this nice game but simply don't have money for it, and if we love this game - shouldn't we share it with others, especially if we don't need our second keys?