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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Performance] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title a black screen on opening Steps to reproduce Opening the game. Describe your issue when opening the game a black screen comes up I can click on where the bottons are but its stay black with the music and sounds.
  2. RELEASE THE HOUNDS! (The simpsons)
  3. nope... not if you bought it on steam. if you buy it on steam you get 2 steam copies and if you to buy it on chrome you get a chrome and a steam copy.
  4. I knew about the game before steam but didnt bought it because it was to be played on chrome and I dislike the idea of playing something in this size on a browser. when it was out on steam I instently bought it.
  5. try something with the drumsticks that drop from the gobblers.
  6. yes it does do more damage and the combat system is limited as it is, no need to limit it even more.
  7. if you buy it on chrome you get a steam copy. if you buy it on steam you get a free steam copy to giveaway.
  8. if you drop berries he will come and try to eat them. normal traps do not work, Im not sure about the bird traps I got a bird trap and tried to find a gobbler but no luck yet. Edit: they drop mosrel and drumstick which I think is the thing that is needed for the new recpies.
  9. you dont actualy need armor.. get close when you see it start poping up move back after it swing go close hit and go back and so on.. really not that hard but if you get hit it really hurt, just in case get a log suit.
  10. on that note, does the 4th one is unlockable? I see a shadow mustash, and I want me a damn mustash >: when I die the levelmeter dosent seem to go up even after 10 or more days.
  11. I assumed she wanted to be a friend when she came close and kind of smiled at me, after a moment she tried to attack me so I didnt really get if she wanted that I give her something or what, It'll be cool if that thing could be my friend, they should make something like this, ofcourse it should be a long procces and not like the pigs where one uncooked monster meat is enough. I never got hurt by it but I dont plan to thank you~
  12. my very first death was actualy by starving, I was on the first island and dint explore all around him so I thought it was the only place I could be on and then after 10 days and a nice little beard all the bunnies saw that I was a bunny murderer and ran away and I died next to my campfire at night from from starvation. my next death was after 49 days after finding buffalo and researching the bed - I explored too far and got to my very first swamp when a giant tentacle scared the **** outa me and killed me. after that there was a nice tree that didnt like that I was hitting him with an axe and wanted revenge - really freaked me out, a mob of angry bees that didnt like the fact I was bashing there hive with a pickaxe, and ofcourse a graveyard full of level 3 spider nests that I thought I could take on.