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  1. I still like my jackalope-rabbit thingy, thank you very much~
  2. Well that's good to hear.I don't know why i'm so stubborn not to try sandbox as if i have a feeling it would be too easy but maybe i'll try it later.
  3. I've played Don't starve for a while and have had no problems until winter and monster mechanic buffs and damage
  4. I was also freezing to death because i had no luck tracking own one of the koalephants.
  5. Yeah but morsels aren't all that filling and remember,twigs and grass don't grow until summer again and i had like 8 grass and 32 twigs.
  6. Iv'e played the game for a while now and it really does seem to come too quick.The food values may need some tweaking so that you can last a little longer during winter.
  7. They've fixed it and there should always be a pig king.Worm holes can sometimes have one near by.
  8. Just my feed back but it's day 13 and winter is here.I have absolutely no preparation and i think my life ends here.No food,little resources/fuel and i'm going for an all in exploration for ponds or something that has food because spiders make me go insane,pigs are not worth it in my opinion I have an icebox,2 crock pots a fire pit and both science machines plus a chest. and i really don't have much else to say but,"goodbye cruel world!"It's also on adventure.
  9. It would be too much as if you had to put a timer on a single unit and then they're stacked together,well first you had to find a way to get past the whole stack and the sheer amount of items you can have is absurd and so it would slow down the game a LOT. Imagine 400 tickers ticking down at the same time.
  10. Well it's an interesting idea and since there is going to be increasing amounts of mobs over time then turrets and wall can be very useful.
  11. Never met his full so i'm going with half.
  12. The fudge.Stop hoarding all the pig kings Tele.My map needs some too T_T