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  1. Simple, Special tactics,sh!t myself and proceed to roll over and expose my soft underbelly.
  2. Chestette

    Font size makes it look intimidating to read as it just looks so long.anyways,having a girl Chester and a baby would just mean more space initially It's better to just have asked for something that can't be at risk and killed.I know you stated that your friend said the thirst was a bad idea but anyways,have you seen the HUD ?there's already 3 things to manage it can get quite pissy pants sissy tantrum frustratingly not awesome if thirst was added
  3. Vinny's Crappy Gallery!

    I still like my jackalope-rabbit thingy, thank you very much~
  4. Vinny's Crappy Gallery!

    Draw a bunny :3
  5. Beavers Dams Aside from woodie and his curse, Actual beavers will spawn and start building a dam across a river.If you destroy the dam, no bridge across the other side.If you leave them be,they'll destroy your forest and if you want to use the bridge you have to kill the guardians that protect it but hey,awesome beaver dam bridge
  6. Tree cutting

    My patience is thin so 8 seconds feel like 20 seconds
  7. It takes 8 seconds to chop a tree by holding it down.I'm not a very patient person and so i would click rapidly to try and make it go faster.By rapidly clicking,I can cut a tree in 6 seconds.If you had a choice,you would choose the one that took less time or at least some would.I'm just asking to make a full grown tree to take one less chop or speed up the animation so that it takes only 6 seconds.Nothing big and is probably just me being inpatient and wanting to min/max everything.
  8. The game has come very far and many things are now renewable such as flint and rocks which were non-renewable for quite some time.I know the worlds aren't supposed to last into the 1000+ or something days but the feeling of having something lost forever is quite saddening. As of now,i know tentacles and Mandrakes aren't renewable without changing worlds and i like to know if there's any others.Remember that it has to be sustainable to one world.
  9. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    Was this update for steam and browser? I can't seem to find the sewing kit at the alchemy machine so i guess it didnt update for me.Plus all my clothing such as the beefalo hat don't have a durability.
  10. This game is disgusting - Killing trees?

    Wow,they have troll templates now? Slap in a few nouns and instant troll thread.
  11. This game is disgusting - Killing animals?

    *Hands bacon to troll*
  12. Well that's good to hear.I don't know why i'm so stubborn not to try sandbox as if i have a feeling it would be too easy but maybe i'll try it later.
  13. I've played Don't starve for a while and have had no problems until winter and monster mechanic buffs and damage
  14. I was also freezing to death because i had no luck tracking own one of the koalephants.
  15. Yeah but morsels aren't all that filling and remember,twigs and grass don't grow until summer again and i had like 8 grass and 32 twigs.