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New video from Klei

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1 hour ago, sylvia wander o said:

low tier fire crackling ambience sadly image.png.055c0b4daceb880c0320ff15b4cec43b.png its got those harsh POP sounds, stops it from being relaxing

I think it was supposed to be that sound that wood makes when on fire in real life, but not gonna lie, it sounds strange in the vid

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4 hours ago, ADM said:

Found it, next crossover confirmed


Not going to lie- that would be AWESOME! I have no idea why so many people are completely against such a crossover, I would absolutely LOVE running around in Fortnite as Wilson with a Hambat lol that alone would be worth the Crossover to Me.

As far as what DST would gain from it? Recognition? Popularity?? I don’t know.. does it absolutely HAVE to gain anything from Fortnite? I guess some of Fortnites Movie/Comic/Anime skins would be pretty cool but since those are Crossovers into Fortnite itself, it’s unlikely we’ll get Fortnite content based on a crossover with a non-Fortnite property.

I guess if we absolutely MUST obtain something from Fortnite.. to green light a crossover, then stupid and highly pointless base decorations you can obtain from the Midsummers Cawnival would be good enough. (Wooden Carved Lama head or whatever..)

But bottom line: if Harley Quinn, Kakarot & Naruto can exist in Fortnite- So can Wilson & Willow.

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