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[Suggestion] Dear Klei Entertainment, I have a humble suggestion.

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Hello Klei.(And I mean this to every single one of you, all the programmers, artists, animators, audio engineers, marketing team, i am saying hello to ALL of you, i hope you are having a good day :))


This is the current animation in the game for the fig plant, the character bends down and looks down to harvest the fig, but the fig is up higher than their head, the character is a buffoon, a clown, and a utter insult.



This is an edited version of the game where the character uses the animation used for construction projects currently, for harvesting fig plants.

The character is smart, resourceful, quick-thinking, they are stretching high and looking up at the plant in order to harvest it. This is extremely efficient in a hardcore survival game, the character musn't look away from the plant they are harvesting. I would like this animation to be used instead of the current one.

Thank you for reading and potentially considering.

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2 minutes ago, Scrimbles said:

Another "make dst realistic!!!" post?

For shame hornet, for shame : )

Realistic is the only way to make DST, my dear Scrimbles. You simply lock your mind of true imagination.

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I've taken in what my fellow consumer has said about the aforementioned issue in their wonderful forum post and I have to say; this is all complete and utter garbage.

My fellow compatriot has failed to consider that KLei's time could be better spent fixing numerous other issues that plague this game, the first of which being my mod not working. 

Sincerely, SecretPizzaMan.


Cool idea.


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3 minutes ago, DeadWhereX said:

wouldn't it be better to post this in "Suggestions and feedback" rather than "beta branch"?

Hornet tends to post without regard as to whether their post fits where they are posting it. They have very little respect for the organized, civil nature of the forums.

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