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I can't find any Fallounder fish.

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For hours I've been trying to fish the autumn exclusive Fallounder in the swell ocean. I haven't found one ever. It's mostly dumb Corn Cods.


Any tips? I also almost suspect that it was accidentally removed in a update but I doubt that is the reason.

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Fishing in the ocean for specific fish is a pain. I've found that moving around and staying in one place are equally viable tactics- the fish that spawn near you will just swim away. Then, new fish will spawn sometime after. 

You can crank up fish to tons in world settings (I think), but other than that, it's just waiting... If other fish keep hanging around, try to leave the area so they can despawn. 

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On 2/13/2022 at 5:18 PM, IanKSB91 said:

I hope that maybe in the future pearl could sell fish food that attracts specifically medium fishes with a chance of attracting seasonal fishes, maybe then people would visit her more often!

She already does. It's just expensive as all get out. (3 bottles each)

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