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If Don't Starve characters had Nintendo skins

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Winona: Builder Mario (Mario Maker)   Wurt: Bowser Jr. (Sunshine)   Wanda: maybe based on E.Gadd (M&L partners in time)

Walter: Young Link (Majoras Mask)   Wendy: Toon Zelda (Spirit Tracks)   Maxwell: Ganondorf (Twilight)

Wilson: Pokemon Trainer   Wortox: Incineroar   Wes: Mr. Mime

Wicker: Robin (Fire Emblem)   Wigfrid: Roy (Fire Emblem)

Wolfgang: Captain Falcon  Webber: Oilmar (Pikmin)   Woodie: Villager   Willow: Splatoon Girl 

Wx-78: Samus (Fusion)   Warly: King Dedede   Wormwood: Eggplant Wizard (Kid Icarus)


I was thinking of just Zelda characters but found it difficult - I wanted there to be no more then 3 reps, Wanda is difficult because I can't think of that many nintendo time travelers and for Wilson I was think of Tingle since he has the W + beard.

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2 hours ago, Dollmaker said:

Pretty sure E. Gadd debuted in Luigi's Mansion. 

I believe they're referring to a separate game that involves both a younger E.Gadd and an older E.Gadd (Mario & Luigi: Partners in time), hence the connection to Wanda.

Loved that game, final boss was hard. Had to use cheats. :friendly_wink:

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54 minutes ago, Dollmaker said:

Yeah i heard the final bosses of that game were just BS.


Lol doesn't help that there are 3 bosses, 1 right after the other, with no save points in-between. So if you died to any of them, you had to start over.

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15 hours ago, maradyne said:

obligatory Wilson Mario and Willow Luigi


If I'm hallucinating dreams into reality, then Walter as Mike from Startropics.
With the appropriate Slingshot ammo skins.
I will throw Super Novas at birds.

I think if there was a Luigi costume it would go to Wendy (Luigi's mansion)

I figured Walter would be Young Link because of his perks (likes the woods, has a horse/dog, slingshot, green hat, every link has the triforce of courage & Walter is nicknamed "The Fearless"), I also thought of a Duck Hunt costume

Come to think of it Pokemon trainer might be better with Willow due to Berine

9 hours ago, Cheggf said:

Wolfgang would not be Captain Falcon, he would be one of those huge dudes that do nothing except go "baaaah" with their mouths and carry lumber all day in Kakariko & Clock Town.

Wolfgang/Wes could also be characters from Punch Out

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