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  1. Beard hair formula = Men, Women, Monsters and even Kids can grow there own Magnificent Beards too (Homeless beard in 6 days, 1 uses)
  2. maybe make Wilson like 90% the same, but have a extra uses for beard hair (also Meat-effigy exclusive to Wilson isn't that big of a deal since you can drop life giving amulets and are cheaper in comparison)
  3. well it's nice that Walter (last new character) is done and we can finish the rest of the cast most to least interested Maxwell Wigfrid Webber Wx-78 Wickerbottom Wilson Wolfgang
  4. who's to say Lucy the Ax "sits" on the red fluffy chair
  5. I think Walters problem is that he's got like 10 perks; Slingshot, Woby, Fearlessness can be adjusted but not cut out of Walters abilities due to the animated short, Walter also can't really get rid of Portable tent or Pinetree hats since it's tied to him being a scout Telling stories/sanity from trees should be cut imo even if they fit the scout, Walters got 5 more perks that are much more substantial plus takes away from his custom items + downsides (and we already got some characters that help with sanity Willow, Wendy, Wormwood) Allergies should be expanded upon like bees do 1.5x damage or 15 dmg, -15% movement speed for quarter day, Walter's face will puff up red, but can BE countered by a beekeeper hat (every other armor will be pierced) p.s. Does anyone agree Walter's stats are weird they bug me, hunger should go 110 to 100 and health goes 130 to 125
  6. I kinda wish his portable tent, scout hat and slingshot - were all in Walters tab Walters major perks (others aren't important) + Slingshot & ammo + Woby (chester x beefalo) + immunity to insanity auras - lose sanity from being hit and from having less than 110 hp - NOT THE BEEZ (2x piercing damage from bees)
  7. I've tried lights out challenge in SW and HAM, but the only character I can play as was Willow (cuz there isn't a campfire/chest when you spawn) I dare anyone to try both
  8. anyone heard of Devo or Oingo Boingo?
  9. the -50% passive sanity which indirectly makes sleeping less effective which isn't something wanted, so I gave her +70% to counter that; Bottom line Walani gets +20% sanity gain and +70% health gain over Wilson, making sleeping more beneficial as her (In hindsight I could've just made the -50% sanity effect all passive sources except sleeping, and sleeping gets +20%) edit: I scrapped the idea of included Music boxes with addition passive effects like -20% speed for mobs thus better kiting for the team, but I change my mind since it might of been similar to Winonas machines
  10. + Surfboards, 20% dryness (only Walani can surf) White Hand towels ~ wash 15 points of wetness, passively dry 2 random inventory boxes every 30 secs, 10 uses Spring Teal towel turf ~ 6 sanity per/min, 30% water resistance (towel turf only works when standing on it) Summer Peach towel turf ~ slows the spread of fires, -90 cooling affect (all towels are waterproof) +/- passive sanity effects are -50% then others (can hold dark sword 2x longer, but needs tam hat 2x longer) - hunger drain is 20% * sleeping positive effects are 70% (which is 20% for sanity and 70% for health) * Immunity to grogginess
  11. I agree her inclusion but, I disagree your perks - what's a Hammock going to do better ZZZ...meh, portable icebox sound too similar to Warly's chef pouch, the towels are a good idea but kinda useless after you achieve 100% resistance - maybe other towels can act like turf with special effects like cooling; Another idea I had for Walani was to make her a polar opposite to Willow's fire base perks - Walani could bring the Ice maker 3000 for early access to sanity + health recipes, cooling down the team and easy flingos