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  1. Webber rework - Better version + can craft Cave/Moon Spider Dens - Armor spiders could be scary in large numbers, Spitters are like mini Walters + can give Monster Meat to dens - rent spiders even during the day + can craft Poison/Sticky Turf - layers on top of the turf even cobblestone (Poison Turf - 6 damage per sec) + Spider-hat Upgrade - It now last 3 mins instead of 2 mins and provides Sticky Turf immunity to others (minus Poison turf) Pigs hate Wortox/Webber - aren't pigs and spiders always fighting even back in beta days Wortox is OP and Refreshed Webber most likely going to have a lot of upsides
  2. free chester/beefalo + immunity to passive sanity + PK base for infinity gold, gold rounds, feathers, morsels and Krampus bee allergies - low health 130 - damage hurts sanity by 2x Sure he gets trumped by others and yes I think slingshot is meh compared to melee but Walter is like Webber < Wilson the next 3 reworked characters I'm betting Webber (Spring), Wicker (Summer), Maxwell (Fall)
  3. - can't trade with PK (he is a 'monster') + silk could have new uses like sticky turf and sticky bombs + glands imo need something new like homemade poison glands, which could lead to upgraded poison spiders that are perma-loyal and have 2nd jump if the first misses + poison sticky turf (slows down and damages over time non-spiders)
  4. I know she's not scared of him, I was responding to Mike's contradiction about Lucy being scared of Hippie Woodie but fine with OG Woodie Mike23Ua said "Lucy would certainly find Woodie loving trees, planting them everywhere and protesting to chop them down quite scary"
  5. Well i guess Lucy is in a semi-abusive relationship as she's always scared of Woodie... "loving trees, planting them everywhere" - But Woodie already does this just look at his quotes 'need lots of trees in our city' "protesting to chop them down" - So Hippie Woodie is protesting for NOT being able to chop them down? (is he from the bizarro universe)
  6. minespatch - well hey, pre-refreshed Woodie constantly planted pinecones so it not really out of place emo_noodles 101 - I didn't say anything THAT bad about the costume, just that the hippie costume doesn't fit with the theming of Halloween and simply juts out like a sore thumb from the rest (hippie's are peace-loving, tree-hugging weridos what's so scary aboot that Lucy?) where did your sense of manners go? up your mother's ***?
  7. first impressions (best to worst) Walter Dummy: It's looks like the goosebumps dummy got blended up with beetlejuice, I love it Wormwood Pumpkin: Not much to say other than really good, it's even got a yellow gem & flower (It's face gets chubby) Wolfgang Werewolf: Nose is little weird but overall good, especially since most players call him 'Wolf' instead Wurt Kraken: The purple might blend on the marsh turf & those 'feet' might look strange in gameplay (i don't like playing as Wurt so it lower) Woodie Hippie: Look nice however it doesn't make much sense - Woodie chops down trees, loves meat + from 1900's not 1970's & isn't even Halloween themed; This costume is better suited for the 'New Wave Set' (70's, 80's, 90's) or Walani
  8. anyone heard of Devo or Oingo Boingo?
  9. "She sells Seashells" there is only 6 uses in solo, 1 being character exclusive... https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Seashell
  10. WALANI'S SEA-YARD STORE 'no shoes, no refunds, no pirates' (4x boards, 4x pig skin, 4x bone shards) This shop is more Sw focus but some of the items have uses in Rog/Hamlet...cough...sleek hat...cough...spyglass... (P.s. no floral shirt because it's the beefalo hat of summer - the summer frest is the winter hat of summer) .
  11. I found out (according to the internet) scorpions are related to spiders, depending on what kind of scorpions/spider both can be neutral and that spiders eat gnats (In which case wouldn't gnat be afraid of Webber)
  12. this is small things but i can't hammer coral rocks even though it gives me choice to do so, also when ever i befriend ballphins they sometimes help me mine coral
  13. i was playing as Warly, when i put my items in the teleporter but it wouldn't let me leave. Thankfully it did work after re-entering the world though i had to do that for every world my biggest gripe is when i got to the end with Willow and Warly wasn't sitting on the nightmare throne so i tryed "releasing" him but the game frozed. i'd tryed multiple times with Willow and it won't let me properly finish with any other character ethier. (i guess chefs turn into ghost when sitting)