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  1. Meat- "I must remember to cut across the grain." Monster Meat- "Hmmm, nice marbling..." Winter Koalefant Trunk- "Not the finest cut of meat." Battlecry- "I'm also an accomplished butcher!" Battlecry (Pig)- "No part of you will go to waste, cochon!"
  2. Wilson has multiple Halloween skins: Mad scientist/Pig Man skin Butcher skin - Warly's attack quote for anything is saying he knows how to cut up meat Plus I partly got the idea from Friday the 13th killer puzzle (Butcher Jason skin)
  3. Halloween skin ideas Wormwood: Birchnut Guard skin? Alien skin? Celery/Rhubarb skin? Warly: Butcher skin... Wurt: Black lagoon skin Walter: Firefighter skin? Dog trainer skin? Headless Horseman? Woodie: Bogey man skin? wendigo skin? Wilson: Invisible man skin Wes: Zombie skin
  4. My Webber ideas: Spider tab + Monsters (Webber, Wortox & Wurt) can't trade with pig king Spider Den: 12 silk, 6 glands, 6 papyrus Cave Spider den: 6 gold glands, 12 rocks, 6 papyrus Gold Glands: 1 glands, 1 gold - heals 30 Silk Wrapping: 2 silk, 2 gold glands, 1 rope - works like wrapping paper but it's freshness is 25% instead of 100% (others can craft it but can't craft gold glands) Spider Staff: 1 spider den, 1 spear - 44 uses - throws warrior spider at target (warriors jumps can range kill) Bubblegum Staff: 4 gold glands, 2 glommer goop, 1 spear - 12 uses - acts like the sheep snot, immobilizing anything for 8.8 secs (pigs & flying foes are immune)
  5. characters most effected by (RWYS) Warly: your going to need to learn the science behind creating Giga plants as hamming them give 3 of them plus there seeds; Easier chili flakes, garlic flower and the almighty onion Wicker: her farming book only effects 10 plants, I would have done 15 plants but she needed a nerf/better downside anyways Wurt: she can get lots of rot/wood - garden drill is like a basic farm but you can fit roughly 12-16 seed per tile (48-64 seeds in total); Giga plants greatly improve Wurt stat recovery - 3 vegetables strings give 132 sanity and 3 dragon pies give 300 hunger Wormwood: it can create Giga plants easier, but you can't heal from fruit/veggie & get so much of it doesn't matter if your bad tending plants + weed immunity
  6. 2/3 of Maxwell will be mostly the same, except the shadow Maxwells * doesn't start with Nightmare Fuel or Codex Umbra * passive sanity gain (6.67) & 75 hp + nightmare fuel cost 2 instead of 4 dark petals (Maxwell only) + knows all tier 1 magic + loses shadow chopper but shadow duelist is stronger
  7. Webber's refresh is gonna be like Wigfrid's refresh, it'll mostly be the same - Webber can milk goats and can now bring those armored spiders/spitters nests to the surface I'm placing bets on Webber refreshed on spring maybe his birthday April 30 (down came the rain & wash the spider out)
  8. What are the "rules" of this sea challenge - once the first full moon is over go out to live the high-sea forever? or can you hop on any island on full moons days but have to jump back as soon as Charlie comes back, if it's the latter then here's my guess for The Cookie Boat Challenge tier list:
  9. I know she's not scared of him, I was responding to Mike's contradiction about Lucy being scared of Hippie Woodie but fine with OG Woodie Mike23Ua said "Lucy would certainly find Woodie loving trees, planting them everywhere and protesting to chop them down quite scary"
  10. Well i guess Lucy is in a semi-abusive relationship as she's always scared of Woodie... "loving trees, planting them everywhere" - But Woodie already does this just look at his quotes 'need lots of trees in our city' "protesting to chop them down" - So Hippie Woodie is protesting for NOT being able to chop them down? (is he from the bizarro universe)
  11. minespatch - well hey, pre-refreshed Woodie constantly planted pinecones so it not really out of place emo_noodles 101 - I didn't say anything THAT bad about the costume, just that the hippie costume doesn't fit with the theming of Halloween and simply juts out like a sore thumb from the rest (hippie's are peace-loving, tree-hugging weridos what's so scary aboot that Lucy?) where did your sense of manners go? up your mother's ***?
  12. first impressions (best to worst) Walter Dummy: It's looks like the goosebumps dummy got blended up with beetlejuice, I love it Wormwood Pumpkin: Not much to say other than really good, it's even got a yellow gem & flower (It's face gets chubby) Wolfgang Werewolf: Nose is little weird but overall good, especially since most players call him 'Wolf' instead Wurt Kraken: The purple might blend on the marsh turf & those 'feet' might look strange in gameplay (i don't like playing as Wurt so it lower) Woodie Hippie: Look nice however it doesn't make much sense - Woodie chops down trees, loves meat + from 1900's not 1970's & isn't even Halloween themed; This costume is better suited for the 'New Wave Set' (70's, 80's, 90's) or Walani
  13. anyone heard of Devo or Oingo Boingo?