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  1. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    Other then dark swords and bramble traps living logs are kinda meh, by the time Wormwood has easy healing items everyone else have multiple tree guard spawns; Lush season isn't that bad just get nettles or a gas mask, helmet and armor grants bramble immunity (note: not for bramble traps) By "Micro-bases" I mean Warly can travel to his other campsites or checkpoints without needing to build crockpots or fridges or chests on each of them; The smallest base I made with warly was about 2 tiles and checkpoints was about 1 tile
  2. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    Wormwood can't heal from food = don't get hit and farm honey poultice Warly can't binge = farm crockpot foods 100 hunger or higher Warly is very effective at mirco-bases, plus it not like he's unable to binge the 3rd repeat is still 10% higher than Wilson
  3. What do you think is the best and worst version of Woodie? (DS, Rog, SW, Ham, DST, DST rework) Single player (SW < Ham < DS < ROG) imo Muiltplayer (Reworked < DST) imo
  4. The Were-Beaver can't swim cuz it drank 20lbs of rootbeer/maple syrup and "borrowed" all the tim Horton's dounts everyday
  5. true 2 pirate characters (Walani and Woodlegs) 2 were-characters (Woodie and Wilba)
  6. maybe JoeW will give hints on the 2 new Were-creatures like sound clips i'm still betting on Were-grizzly as the 'combat' creature
  7. Woodies new downsides? * 50% treeguard spawns; In the early days all you have is spears plus that's another thing to fight alongside insanity monsters, however as soon as you get tier 2 magic/Wormwood it's complete 180 (actually you could use pinecones then you kinda have personal 'guards' for easy insanity, hound/giant wave protection) * Sanity drain from were-forms; pinecone plant helped counter the hefty -90 sanity per/min, but we don't have that ability anymore and the sanity drain is 'lighter' so I'm assuming -45 sanity per/min. Then again sanity is fairly easy to handle and with nightmare fuel in addition of 50% treeguards, this means Woodie could craft powerful magic items earlier than most characters (perhaps even out magic Maxwell) * 3 Were-forms; Woodie randomly transforms if it's full moons or eating monster foods and to pick certain Were-form you use idols, Were-forms could be a time sink with there own downsides such as not able to mine rocks or chop trees.
  8. 1.Were-Beaver 2.Were-Grizzy 3.Were-Wolverine i'm just guessing as all 3 are native to Canada
  9. There's 30 days in September, so unless Klei delays it should be around by Sept 10th for Woodie (at most to still be early September) The best thing to do right now is to be patience as we don't want characters to be rushed refreshes
  10. Winona - March 7th Wortox - March 28th Willow - May 7th Wormwood - June 6th Warly - July 25th (im seeing a pattern) Woodie - Early September (almost finish according to discord) W?? - Early October Wendy - Late November Wicker - Early January
  11. sanity changes?

    Klei needs to give players more reason to stay sane, nightmare fuel gives you some (if not majority) of the strongest items in the whole game
  12. Woodie, Wendy and then by the looks of it klei will go the opposite direction, possibly downgrading Wolfgang, Wx-78, Wicker (P.S. Woodie refreshed is most likely to be release at the end of September which isn't too far from October 14th the day of Canadian thanksgiving)