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  1. honestly, the only issue I have with Wormwood is "green thumb" tab: * poison balm/compost wrap - anti-venom/healing slave it's nothing special, I know some plants have medical uses but it's an unoriginal and isn't even that useful (10 ash=20hp). Which is main reason I suggested the reed roots/lureplant/lightbulb roots but if I had to get rid one of them it would be lightbulb roots * fertilizer - your only easy way of healing is 2 hp per fertilizer; I get that is his main downside but there's little reason to 'eat' poop as ash does the same and is easier to get stacks of it. They should make ash +2 hp, poop +4 hp, guano +6 (on a side note should he be able to fertilize crops with ash) * If these 2 changes happen here's a tip - get more honey poultice to offset Wormwoods downside and get unlimited living logs then craft bramble traps (hound/crocadogs waves are solved)
  2. Wormwood stats (150 hunger, 200 sanity, 150 health) + has the "green thumb tab" (living logs, poison balm, bramble husk, bramble trap, compost wrap) + can plant seeds in the ground (basic farm speed), can heal from fertilizer for 2 hp (ash, poop, guano) + blooms during spring, monsoon, lush "it" has a passive Wolfgang transformation without the 2x dmg + lure-plants, living vines, snap-traps (without food) are neutral + immune to hay fever +/- gain sanity from planting, lose sanity from plants being destroyed (choppers, fires, diggers and picking flowers) +/- attracts bees when blooming - can't recover or lose health from any ingredients or meals - can catch on fire easily and freeze from ice flingos rebalance Wormwood stats (150 hunger, 125 sanity, 200 health) + has the "green thumb tab" (living logs, bramble husk, bramble trap, Reed roots, Light-blub roots, Lure-plant blub) Reed roots (1 living log + 4 reeds) Light-blub roots (1 living log + 4 light-blubs) Lure-plants (3 living logs + 2 eggplants + 4 light-blubs) + immune to poison when blooming (spring, monsoon, lush), immune to hay fever + can plant seeds in the ground (improved farm speed), can heal from fertilizer for 3 hp (ash, poop, guano) + lure-plants, living vines, snap-traps are neutral +/- Mix sides are the same - Downsides are the same
  3. QOL update report

    I like the dark green background on the main menu
  4. Wilbur stats: 175 hunger, 150 sanity, 125 health [1x walking hunger 1.33x running hunger] + Poops every 2-3 days and can throw Poop (good for fertilizing and early tier 1 magic) + can run 2x faster after 3 secs (can run though living vines without dmg) * 10 sanity per banana - can't talk - walks 50% slower, when kitting it translate to -1 swipe (slower collecting at the start and pig guard are harder to kill) > spider-monkeys aren't friends Woodlegs stats: 150 hunger, 120 sanity, 150 health + lucky hat gives random treasures ranging from op magic/ruin items to useless dubloons * starts with 4 boards and a spyglass (spyglass can explore most of the 1st island on day 1) * 1 nightmare fuel for 6 oincs and easy bone bits for water clothing and poop buckets - sanity drop 4.8 per/min on land, roughly -60 points of sanity PER DAY > no sealegs and can't craft lucky hat in hamlet
  5. Willow's fire immunity can burn pig/guard/shopkeepers without drawing aggro, meaning she can rob large amount of oincs from banks/museums very early on (however there is a chance the pigs won't respawn)
  6. Pig disguise i assume it has durability for a couple days and its only for living in town which other characters can do, which doesn't really leave Webber useful; I think what would be cooler is if Webber is neutral/friendly to some bugs (like Antmen,Gnats and Scorpions)
  7. Klei whats your inspirations on the new halloween costumes? My guesses are... Wilson & WX-78 = Frankenstein - 1931 film (Dr. Victor Frankenstein) and Metropolis - 1927 film (Hel the "resurrected" robot) Willow & Wendy = Addam's Family - 1991 film (Wednesday) and The Ring - 2002 film (Samara Morgan) Wes = Pagliacci - 1874 italian opera (Canio) Webber = Madmax??? idk it seems more fitting in a Music genre theme or a 70's/80's theme, it still looks good though.
  8. this is small things but i can't hammer coral rocks even though it gives me choice to do so, also when ever i befriend ballphins they sometimes help me mine coral
  9. i was playing as Warly, when i put my items in the teleporter but it wouldn't let me leave. Thankfully it did work after re-entering the world though i had to do that for every world my biggest gripe is when i got to the end with Willow and Warly wasn't sitting on the nightmare throne so i tryed "releasing" him but the game frozed. i'd tryed multiple times with Willow and it won't let me properly finish with any other character ethier. (i guess chefs turn into ghost when sitting)
  10. i think the next origin story should be someone who has a vague backstory like Woodie or Wicker or Wigfrid