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  1. my don't starve dlc ideas (best one being Medieval imo) Western theme - it has similar things to Hamlet but, brings Wanted/Reward posters, larger focus of range combat, cooling off and finding water is a bigger deal (iceboxes are harder to get), minecarts for fast travel, Spelunking is a major part of the game to get gold, horse/chicken/goat pets Fairy-tale/Medieval theme - very similar to the Western theme with Quest, Shops, Dungeons; Brings forge challenge mode, diseases, dragons, forbidden forest (where low sanity is actually terrible), gobble-lings (they steal stuff/food from boxes), bigger focus of magic spells and witches...! (pretty much Legend of Zelda X Don't starve) Jurassic theme - it goes back to the basics and should feel like a unforgiving sequel to Rog (imagine Wes in this DLC)
  2. other then beach equipment or being a pirate, Walani could have perks base around her culture like Woodie with Canada; Idk all I mostly got from Hawaiian stereotypes (aside from surfing) was tropical fruit/fish, hula, ukulele, flowers, spam and volcanos although those pig touches kinda look like tikis so maybe Walani can craft her own pig touches other Walani perks could be being able to be a half the fishing time, high benefits from sleeping, can catch butterflys without nets
  3. but I thought the Don't starve guides told me insanity was a good thing
  4. edit: Mike23Ua pick up something I forgot to mention about the SW/HAM characters not being included into the 4 new character slots
  5. Walani Tiger-shark skin could be for WWE skin then we can have both
  6. - Beach towel - Dry off 15 wetness, 10 uses, comes in multiple colours with 2 Hawaiian flowers on it (1 papyrus, 2 flowers) - Beach Umbrella - works like a Palm leaf hut protecting from wetness and overheating, its stationary it can be dismantled and stored in players inventory (1 umbrella, 6 kelp, 2 rope) - Walani skin ideas - Volcano skin, Wipeout skin, Pirate skin (base on her quotes), Tree-hugger skin, Time-traveler skin, Tiger-shark skin (for WWE), Slurper skin (for halloween) Wind waker skin? - RoT content - Klei could split the main island into 2 or even 3 to make sea travel more of a thing, this will make PvP more interesting by either stay on the 1st island with more foes or travel to new islands for more resources
  7. 1. If Walani is coming to DST - she's going to be refreshed just look at Warly almost completely different 2. Isn't that a bit hypocritical to your first point, you said Walani is 1/3 of Woodie then immediately say Wilba/Wagstaff are better even if there more closer to the wood-chopping type character then Walani is 3. The only decent augment against Walani, but as I mentioned before on page 3 she could have new team-based land perks (beach towels and beach umbrellas) 4. When SW came out nobody liked Walani or Warly (perk-wise), plus it's more exciting and easier to refresh a bland terrible character then to nerf a OP pirate without fans complaining (he still cool, just doesn't need a refresh as badly)
  8. Is Watricia coming to DST...
  9. Just look at Warly his perk are almost completely different from DS, there's room for Walani to change into something better in DST
  10. Most people just talk about her Surfboard, my question is what else? And since there isn't much on the high seas (as of now), what 'land perks' or 'team perks' could she have? more range than the sprinkler but less then the ice fling-o, effects can stack, require rabbit earmuffs to not be effected - Breeze boxes - slows the speed of players/mobs by 25% - Bustle boxes - speeds the speed of players/mobs by 25% - Blast boxes - stuns players/mobs and deals 10 dmg every 5 secs (Walani players are immune to the negative effects) - Octo-chest - octopus collects materials like the lazy forger, it has a inventory of 6 (tip - place it near a spider-wars) - Colored Auras - Walani can see how much health mobs have (Blue = highest Yellow = medium Red = low) - Beach towels - helps wipe 15 wetness it's portable with 10 uses - Beach umbrella - works like palm leaf hut, prevents overheating and wetness
  11. your missing the point, if there was a 2nd SW character "refreshed" it would be Walani since most people didn't enjoyed her single-player perks I'm not saying Wagstaff won't join DST, just his abilities (as of now) take away from others - OP thumpers squish other wood-choppers, no particular objects or gold farm, tele-pad would be cool but you'll need a lot of tele-brellas and very short term downsides (power-wise = Wagstaff is basically male Wickerbottom) as for 2 new characters I'm betting Waverly im assuming she will be release around early May, why? cuz Wizard of Oz book was release in May 17 Wilton is for late October, why? cuz Halloween and the closest I can play as Jack skeleton
  12. The reason why people want Walani is because she has the greatest potential (out of the SW crew) to be "refreshed" into something better plus she would be a seafaring type character which we don't have Wheeler is speedy-range-combat character which is fairly unique to DST her refresh could give her different types of guns to share with other (fireball-gun and water-gun) Zelda reference aside I don't like Wilba, she mostly tree chopping character which we have (Woodie, Maxwell, Wurt & Bearger) Wagstaff is important, but I don't see him bringing OP thumpers/particular objects plus his inclusion means mountains of lore (Klei has shown to prefer smaller "tidbits" of lore) pretty much all Warbucks had was +40 sanity
  13. Wheeler in DST

    2nd SW character - most likely during late spring/early summer I bet Walani, due to needing a 'refresh' the most compared to Wilbur/Woodlegs plus it would solve the weaker Wilson clone debate (May - June) 2nd Ham character - similar spot to Warly I bet Wheeler, due to her not being another tree chopper like Wagstaff/Wilba plus in DST there's no range combat characters which is fairly unique (July) Waverly or Wilton - around October cuz Halloween, Waverly design, potential is strong plus wizard of Oz/ Wilton would be interesting, he? or she? kind of reminds me of the pumpkin king (high 5's who get that reference) edit: I almost forgot Wallace might be a Scottish vampire which might be cool except he on fire during the day (Bram stockers Vlad Dracula) after Wendy, I think they'll refresh top tier characters (Wicker, Wx-78, Wolfgang)
  14. maybe Walani can craft music boxes that give different effects (has range effects like flingo) Chilled box - slows mobs by 25% Octo-box - collects basic materials 11-box - hurts mobs ears dealing 34 dmg every 3 secs
  15. Wheeler in DST

    (10 inventory slots for Wheeler is a nope for me, go back to 15 inventory slots) The different modes for the Navi-gadget sounds confusing, keep her the same as in Hamlet and if you had to give her something 'new' give her different types of guns that she can share like: Pew-matic horn - shoots whatever Flame-matic horn - shoots fireballs Soak-matic horn - shoots water balloons Doze-matic horn - shoots sleep darts Zap-matic horn - shoots bolts of lighting