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seriously tho, this krampus sack.

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11 hours ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:


The thanks reward seems to be clipping above the viewable space and unable to be given on my phone so I'll just give you sad to symbolize my feelings when unable to give the blessed purple chalice.

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I've gotten the sack 3 times. First time was from klaus bundle loot. 2nd time was also from klaus bundle loot (in a friends world).

The third was a few days ago. First year winter klaus fight. One of the 2 krampii he spawned dropped the sack :devilish:

RNG can be a total a** though, coz ive got 2 x 700+ days worlds where i fought klaus for over 10 times and the sack never dropped.

Best suggestion is to turn on winters feast and stab klaus every 20 days. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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I have a collection (or used to after I gave it to a friend cause they won a lottery I hosted) of about 11 krampus sacks in the endless world I play on. I've also helped farm dozens in other servers and occasionally provided the papyrus for it. My best estimate is 30-40 papyrus (120-160 reeds - equivalent to collecting all reeds in the surface swamp 3-4) per sack. The equivalent in books is about 15-20 total, keeping in mind that you want to use a ratio of 3 sleepy time stories:5 birds of the world so you're not in excess or have a limiting factor. Start with a minimum of 3 sleepy time stories with 5 birds of the world at first, then use more as necessary. Using a reed farm (if you have good swamp gen) can help expedite the process. Kramp sacks are a nice challenge if you're an experienced player in a survival world, and a must in endless worlds late game.

Notably though, if you're Wolfgang the movespeed penalty from the piggyback no longer applies when you're mighty, making it a very suitable alternative. The new skin for it is also :wilson_love:

One more thing, you can kill Glommer every night with the moonstorm event on. Whenever my friend does it, the process usually takes around 2 hours per sack. In both methods you might as well be charcoal farming to an extent.

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On 1/14/2022 at 7:54 AM, Duck986 said:

You use console to get krampus sack.

I use rollbacks to get krampus sack without cheating.

We are not the same.

If ever I wanted to use the confused react again, now would be it :P

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