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Which surface biome(s) do you think need the most attention / changes?

Out of the following:  

106 members have voted

  1. 1. Out of the following:

    • Forest
    • Grasslands
    • Swamp
    • Mosaic
    • Rocky
    • Savanna
    • Deciduous
    • Graveyard
    • Oasis Desert
    • Dragonfly Desert
    • No Vote / Results

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1 minute ago, Beeremy the III said:

Obligatory mention of the ocean.

I can totally agree, but I decided to leave out both the ocean and the caves because chances are, they'd be voted for quite a lot.

The oceans also have a much different way to explore them (which I'm sure doesn't help with them feeling so empty.)

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Forest and Savannah imo, more than one deciduous is an instant world reset for me. Doesn't matter if that world has every good set pieces ever made, its a reset. I enjoy looking for the loot stash since I cant do much during winter (much building anyways) so I usually spend that time sailing, looking for the loot stash and killing DF. 

I hardly ever visit the Savannah or forest, unless its to walk to another biome. The Savannah could be a cool spot for a blizzard. The forest could be a good spot for magical anomalies.

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The Caves in its entirety.

the caves are a very very sad place to me, an entire world but it doesnt really feel like one imo, it feels like an undercooked place of the game.

I would like to get the Caves a taste of modern DST design, I really liked the Grotto a lot.


After they finish what they'd like to do with the ocean, of course.

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I think the second deciduous forest can just go.  Without pig king its pretty much a dead-zone until you're hunting deer or klaus sack, and then its just an extra chore.  Sometimes I think they should just leave 3x Walrus biome always on, and remove second deciduous chance.

Besides that I think the biomes are mostly okay - just need to increase the frequency and variety of set pieces.  Nothing perks up a biome like the dev's graveyard, or some pig warriors.  I use a mod to turn up set piece chances and it makes my worlds feel much more alive.

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I really just want random wacky Moon Mobs that can spawn from most actions & in any biome- 

Instead of having particular mobs in a pre-determined biome every single time: I would much rather have something like Hunt Surprise’s that keep me guessing.

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9 hours ago, Owlrus said:

I chose them all after some consideration. In truth, I would love to see all the biomes get some more stuff to make them unique and worth visiting/basing.

This and having the Lunar Moon Mutations bringing things around the constant to life in wacky ways.

Time to shamelessly plug Minespatchs idea in- Crab Apple Trees.. trees that drop literal Apples that are also Crabs. Morsel & Fruit source in one Mob? Sure why not.. it’s Moon Magic.

Which has been the whole Theme of Return of Them updates..

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