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  1. The Pick/Axe definitely needs a buff. It's a ruins tier item that takes thulecite and the axe part will be defunct if you have a woodie or a bearger treefarm. It's also cheaper and less arduous to just make an ornate axe and pickaxe, or yo just carry the materials for them around if you're that worried about inventory space. And the Codex Umbra definitely needs a change. It's the #1 important thing in DS lore, and it's literally just a crafting station. Let Maxwell equip it and use the attack animation from the forge, and you've got yourself a perfect item. You won't even have to change anything else.
  2. I hate you forever. 527,000 health. God damnit. 15.3 DPH (damage per hit) when he is not wet, and 25.5 DPH when he is. DPS of 30.6 when dry, 51 when wet. 34,444 hits needed when dry, 20,666 hits needed when wet. At 10 hits per bug net, we need 3,445 bug nets to kill him when he's dry, and 2,067 bug nets when he's wet. This calculates out to 6,890 silk, 13,780 twigs, and 10,335 grass required to kill him when he's dry. When he's wet, it's 4,134 silk, 8,268 twigs, and 6,201 grass. For the amount of time to deplete this guy's health pool, you'll need to clear your day, because this god damn crab takes 17,222 seconds, otherwise known as ALMOST FIVE GOD FORSAKEN HOURS spent SOLELY on hitting this crab with bug nets. But good news! When he's wet, this only takes 10,333 seconds, which, in layman's terms, translates to 2.87 hours, just shy of a clean 3. This, of course, does not account for the fact that it is probably actually genuinely IMPOSSIBLE to kill him, due to the healing. Even disregarding this, the time it would take to kill him when factoring in the freeze stunlock would probably bump this up to maybe a month in real time. I hate crab king.
  3. Alright, so given that you can give CK a total of 11 red gems using the Pearl's Pearl, and since every red gem increases Crab King's health by an arbitrary amount, I'm going to resort to the wiki to get the max health of 95,000. Our damage modifier is 2 * 2.5 * 1.2 for Mighty Wolfgang, VGCF, and chili flakes respectively. This leads to an x6 damage multiplier if we are in a spring rainstorm. If we are not, our multiplier is a more humble x3.6. Using the bugnet's damage of 4.25, and multiplying it by our damage multipliers, we get 15.3 damage per hit if we are not in a rainstorm, and 25.5 damage per hit if we are. Dividing out the numbers gives us a whopping 6209 hits needed to kill Crab King when he is not wet, and 3725 hits if he's not. I think you attack twice in every second, but if I'm wrong it would be grand if someone could correct me. Given the attack speed of 2 per second, we get 30.6 damage per second from the bug net when CK is not wet, and 51 DPS if he is. This leads to an egregious 3725 AND A HALF SECONDS to kill this boss when he is not wet, and a slightly less disgusting 1863 seconds given CK being wet the whole time. This, of course, does not account for eating, placing new boats, getting frozen, summoning dwarf stars, or bugnet breakage and reequipping. Regardless of all that, with this setup, CK takes 1 hour and 2 minutes to kill if he is not wet the whole time, and 31 minutes if he is. Since every in game day is 8 minutes, this is 7.75 in game days to kill when not wet, and 3.875 in game days to kill him if he is. That's not even a seasons worth of time. You do have to be there for all of it, though, to eat, attack, light up the area, and keep changing (or repairing) the boat. BUT WAIT! There's ANOTHER aspect of this I don't even want to think about: Crab King can self heal. This is an absolutely horrifying fact and it means that real-time, it could take more than a day to kill him. If it's even possible in the first place! I will leave you with this terrifying thought, and vanish into the night. Special thanks to Klei Fourms for restoring my post every time I went to check my math on a calculator, saved me a lot of time.
  4. Alright, we've all wondered this at some point. Is it possible to kill Max Health Crab King in vanilla* DST by only using one attacker and bugnets, without the usage of console commands? Yes. You may now stop reading. For those of you still determined enough to press onward with me into this, good luck, and here's how YOU can kill crab king (with only nets, one person attacking, and an ungodly amount of players) *Vanilla includes client side mods, including those that can increase player limit. For the purpose of this theorem, I'm going to assume 100 player limit. Character Composition We're going to either need 1 Wolfgang/Wigfrid since their damage multipliers are great. Wolfgang exceeds at pure damage while Wigfrid can use Weaponized Warble to make the most of the bugnets. I'd suggest Wolfgang since you're going to be spoon-feeding him spiced food anyway, which we'll need 3-10 Warlys for optimum cooking. 1-2 Wormwoods, 3 Wickerbottoms and 3 Maxwell will do wonders on farming, getting the required grass and twigs for the unholy amount of nets you will be crafting, along with getting wood. 1-70 Webbers will help with silk, meat, and healing. No, that's not a typo, the more silk beards are growing, the better, and you will need a ton of spider dens. 3 Winonas for the fastest crafting of nets and boat kits, which either 5 Woodies or 3 Maxwells can deal with. 3 Wendys to cover frog legs, honey, and butterfly wings, which will be used as meat and filler (and as an attempt to help feed the gigantic team you have solely for the purpose of killing this one goddamn boss) 3 constantly overcharged WX78s to ferry items back and forth between a boat bridge to crab king and the main area where all the things are being made. 2 Wurts to optimize getting reeds from the reed trap that you will have to have for wickerbottoms books and if you don't have this you might as well start over and the rest of the wurts in the swamp, as well as to help chop the ungodly amount of trees required for this. Any bit helps. This totals out to 100 after my quick maths. If you have 100 people, this is the team comp to go with probably ive never killed crab king like this, yes, i know im a loser. World Generation Settings Winters feast for discount bundling wrap, Large world (dude just trust me you're going to want a large world), multiple regenerations for Crab King close to land for optimum effenciency as well as a reed trap in the same world and a NASA supercomputer to run all of this. Yes, this is all well and good, but how do I, a humble Wolfgang player, kill crab king with only one attacker and using only bugnets? Hold CTRL+F. Keep placing boat kits before your current one breaks. Keep eating spiced VGCF along with any sanity foods you might need. Keep using a dwarf caller staff (it's not a weapon) to negate freezing. Begin praying. Yeah, but I have a life. How do I, someone with a life and without 100 friends, kill the guy? Get one sea strider as webber, pack a bunch of food and logs, and wait for your spider to whittle down CKs health as you boat kit around while holding a bug net. You're doing it "with" a bug net, and there is only one attacker, so that seems like a W to me. Math in the replies.
  5. Let it be known that Beeseph the III has commented on this locked thread. I have been immortalized, and now will speak the words of power and fear. Why (in my humble opinion) Maxwell is dumb and stink- (is killed by an angry mob)
  6. Unfortunately, this is a creepypasta (a horror story) designed to creep you out. It is not real unless they were using mods which were not developed by Klei, as people have searched through the files and confirmed this is false.
  7. This is probably because they spend the majority of their time coding the video game and play testing with console commands rather than going through the actual survival experience which, for season only things or play testing, god fobid, celestial champion, can take upwards of six hours, due to each day being 8 minutes and 10 days being over an hour in playtime (over 2 if you want to actually get to winter). Klei devs don't play for 10 hours or so like the community does, they most likely have a life unlike 99% of us, and they do have to work on the game, fixing bugs and preparing reworks. If console commands and cheats and world settings did not exist, it would take MUCH longer to play test, say, celestial champion, since you have to 1. Make a base 2. Make a boat 3. Find Pearl's Island 4. Do the quests on Pearl's Island to get Pearl's Pearl 5. Go to ruins 6. Make a starcaller staff 7. Wait 20 or so days for full moon (or 10 or so if they did the ruins rush first) 8. Do the moon event 9. Deconstruct the mooncallers staff using a deconstruction staff 10. Go to archives 11. Get the archive knowledge 12. Find and carry the celestial thing to the boat 13. Sail to crab king and defeat him 14. Get all the lunar altars to the lunar island 15. Put them in the correct fissure locations 16. Go help Wagstaff and get his stuff 17. Kill beequeen for bumbling wrap 18. Make the thing and fight the boss 19. Lose all your progress due to a bug with the saving and the game crashing. You must now repeat the entire process after that has been patched out. This would make the Klei devs really good at the game, right? Still wrong, because this is all handled by a separate team specifically for play testing. Their job is playing the game and finding all the bugs, which the devs will patch out. During the development process, I'm not even sure the game devs even create a world. They probably play the game only for streams and on their own time, which I doubt they'd play it much on their own time, since if I were working on a game as my job and I got time off, I would play something else.
  8. Maxwell was dragged into the Constant due to his toying with powers that were not his own. I doubt that he went to the shadow creatures, said "hey guys let's do stage performance" and They said "ohh dude let's get it going we've been waiting for eons for this" It is true that everyone thought the shadow magic was not real, I will begrudgingly give you that. But just imagine applying to Klei, it's your first day at the office, plot twist, everyone is a shadow creature and you're the only human, and now you have to be on every single stream that has a facecam because in none of the shorts have we seen the shadow monsters disguising as humans, which you'd think they'd do in the Wanda short.
  9. Yeah, sorry man. Nothing is original, we just made everything in existence around, oh, 20 years ago and we've been stealing from that ever since.
  10. Overwatch, Terraria, Mario, Team Fortress 2, Cuphead, Sonic, so on and so forth. If you're implying that the game developers themselves (coders and such) are making and drawing art assets and creating music, that's false. Klei has art and music teams that handle these things, they don't take royalty free music from the internet and slap it over their game, nor do they do this with art assets. This isn't unique to Klei, almost all other companies have done this. As for backstories, there are more games then are thinkable with backstories and lore that are on the same level or are better than DST's lore. Overwatch has backstories for every character like DST, Doom has a lot of lore according to one YouTube video I watched, Half Life and Portal's lore are connected, FNaF lore is unholy and I won't even think about how it works, and Legend of Zelda lore has time travel and 3 different timelines and such. Cuphead is a game with music made by the music team, art (drawn BY HAND) by the art team, and gameplay from the development team. Or something. I'm not a game developer. This is all in game lore and has nothing to do with real life. If it was connected to real life and Klei really did want to hide this, why would they make the game? They could have just never made the Don't Starve franchise to begin with, and we would never know about these "secrets". Sure, they made money off of it, but I would rather keep the secret that there is another dimension with shadow creatures that can break through to our constant and kill us all rather than make money off of a game I have to spend money developing. And if Klei are the shadow creatures, my point still stands. Klei doesn't seem suspicious for hiding business concepts that A. The community likely doesn't care about and B. They could have signed a contract that does not allow them to talk about their business decisions. And besides, it's not the community's business what decisions Klei makes. The fact they told us about Tencent was incredibly upfront of them, since they didn't actually have to tell us. We would have been none the wiser until we saw Newhome being made by Tencent. The people that dissapeared in the 1900s aren't real, because they're fictional game characters. There is literally no reason for the shadow creatures to spend time and resources creating a game and then sprinkling lore into that game showing them escaping to the real world. There is no driving factor for them. What are they going to do with the money, buy a soda? But hey, I'm just the stinky guy, christened so by the community. I don't know anything about why Klei does what they do, because I don't care to look it up. I could be entirely wrong, though I doubt I am, and the shadow monsters could just really want to buy a soda. Who knows.
  11. Generic stinky joke. Please begin the laughter.
  12. You know, Klei DID say this was something they'd never done before. They've done a crossover with TF2 before. Granted, TF2 got the items and not DST, and we have the Spectre Paintbrush skin for the sweeper, so there is viable evidence that there will be a crossover. But something they've never done before is re-add a deleted character to the game. Warbucks enjoyers, today we rise.
  13. I can 100% confirm the poll title is 100% false. Do not believe the lies of the propaganda.
  14. Why WX78 and Wolfgang need to bathe in the waters of the rework fountain. Part 1: Teamplay WX78 and Wolfgang aren't team players. This is a fact. Every other character in the game can do something for the team. Wilson gives beard hair, an item that's hard to grind because of the drop rates of those stupid beardlings i hate them i hate them i hate them give me beard hair not nightmare fuel AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Moving on. Willow gives Bernie and lighters, Wendy gives sanity with the sisturn, so on, so forth. You may notice I skipped Wolfgang. Now, before I absolutely own big head over there with my words of power, I have to preface that Wolfgang IS getting a rework. These problems will probably be fixed, so you can take everything about Wolfgang as entertainment, since it's probably going to be fixed. WX78, however, is also getting a rework because everyone else is. But that's not confirmed by Klei devs to be coming in the next month or so, so I'm gonna flap my mouth until the goblin in my head is satisfied. Alright, so Wolfgang kills raid bosses faster. That's his team contribution. WX78's team contribution is being really good at rushing ruins, which everyone else can do, and giving light if he gets charged via lightning. Also he eats your gears. Every other character (except for Woodie, but he's at least better than Wolf and WX) has something unique to give to the team that no other character can do for the same cost. Wurt gets merms for the price of food, Maxwell gets workers for the price of nfuel, so on and so forth. Wolf and WX just... They just... Part 2: kill everything alright fellow wolfgang and wx78 mains, today we're going to play wolfgang/wx78. ok so we're gonna eat food/gears and then kill this spider alright guys that was swag. now we're gonna reflect on why life is meaningless and pain is eternal. alright guys that's the end of my wolfgang/wx guide. the most important part is to eat food/gears and hold f. see you next time Part 3: How would I, someone who clearly is the best person to ask about game design, fix it? Give Wolfgang the ability to throw people, as another fourmgoer who I forgot the name of, sorry to you if you are reading this, suggested. Let him perform circus acts to boost other people's sanity, or let them use it to like, I dunno, train or something? For WX78 I saw this really neat suggestion by, again, someone I forgot the name of. Sincerest apologies to you! Basically it let WX78 upgrade with gems and gears, with the gems providing beneficial effects to his team and him. Another suggestion by, woah, you'll never see this coming, someone I forgot the name of (I AM SO SORRY) says to let WX78 get stronger using AI, and craft gears for the team to use, at the cost of his AI. Alright, that's it. Have a good one.