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We Got Exactly What We Want

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I made a poll in February 12 about what should next character look like. Here is the poll. The funny thing is we just got what we asked for!


Three ages was higher than others threes and very near to theirself. We got all of them!


Female team was clearly higher than male team and that's what did we got.


We asked for human and we got human.


The winner was clearly magic and travel duo. Guess what we got?



I don't know if it's a coincidence but I wanted to share.

If it's not, thank you Klei for considering what the community wants.

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well she alsol does have something to do about fightin things i mean she gets literaly a power house at old age actualy i wonder is there anything that you get from being young exchept of crafting normal speed and actualy be able to take a hit?

but anyways i realy would not mind if anything else got choosen realy

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