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  1. I mean almost head sized spider is big enough to call it huge. Largest spider in real life is about 13 cm and a male head is around 24 cm. Also DST spiders are really fat. I would be happy to see them a little smaller. Also crowded groups with small spiders would look much much buggish. SPIDER TRIGGER WARNING
  2. You should have realize it from my hate of mermfolk.
  3. In webber trailer, even with cover and possibly cage, it's smaller than an elder's head. In wurt trailer, it was smaller than Webber's head. I think it would be really cute if they would be a little smaller.
  4. Don't mind me my dears, I'm just a regular time traveller. Slagger September 2020 Klei June 2021
  5. He looks much much younger than Wendy and Walter so that makes sense to me.
  6. Also as we see, Maxwell is a true his word person but we didn't see webber turned human. Also, we still don't know anything about why or how Webber died in DS world.
  7. No, I don't think so, It was kind of faraday cage to protect humans from the spider. Webber broke it and spider attacked im. I believe it because we saw same similiar "getting creatures from DST world" thing on one of the puzzles. Maxwell somehow teleported a rabbit to the world. So that shows teleporting creatures from that world to our world is kinda easy. Waggstaf got the spider somehow and took it someone know spiders biology better for further research, like Webber's dad. I understand he is probably kind of entomologist on the start of trailer and I became sure when see all that bugs on his wall. If even he is not, he is kind of zoologist but entomologist make more sense to me.
  8. He basicly says "It's a thing"
  9. There was someone keep asking for spiders could walk on the water.