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  1. If you are talking about "aesthetic" purposed buildings, that will not make sense that much. I mean you will have to get this player in team for a nice base, then he will lose his point. That kind of non-survival and non-neceasery activities should be for allplayers. So the thing i want to say is this, I want to get more building but not for a specific character, for everyone.
  2. Skins have two types in general. Elegant and heirloom elegant. Characters gain sewable elegant skins after rework. This item you got is default sewable elegant. That means you can't sell it. About unraveling, this will give you 450 spools. You can't create items could be sold. You only got them on drops. But with Trade inn option, you can get items that could be sell.
  3. I just want buy a Maxwell & Wickerbottom skin pack but I have to wait so much...
  4. I'm really okay with updates because I know Dont Starve is not only game Klei have to keep update. Klei have got another old games and probably new projects to make too! That's pretty normal to giving update in one month,- -which some games make us wait for years- and as i saw they are giving update us in the time they said. I would be okay even if update frequancy be two months. (If it worth of course) About small QoL updates, I think one month is a bit much for it. But I'm okay with it too. My problem is information. Klei just share silhouette and attract the interest of players, than share nothing about it until updates. If you ask me personally, players lost their interest to update until they share the update. They should keep our interest alive until update and it's really easy to make. For example we got an update and silhouette at the first day of month. At the 15th of month, klei should share little details, spoilers about update. Maybe a mob from update or a screenshot basicly. This would flame our curiosity and make us wait for another 15 day. It's been 28 days and I mostly lost my interest about Fee Fa Foo (or whatever is it) update. I will not be that excited, whatever it be. But those are my opinions and I'm sure they know what they are doing.
  5. As I know wortox is not a krampus. Wortox is an imp. Maxwell have a krampus costume, not an imp.
  6. I'm waiting for it for one month. I hope we get information about it
  7. I always find stupid to making weapons from gold (which pure gold is really soft) and making iron items without iron (Like alchemy engine and icebox). We dont need that much metal you say I think, that would make game terraria. But a metal for gamestart and a metal for endgame would be really cool. And i think gold should be removed from most of recipes and get change by copper/iron or whatever metal will it be. Just my opinion. Gold just make me feel like game is beta. I don't know why but like they didn't find what to use the gold and put it to the random recipes. Probably goldmechanics of hamlet is best thing in hamlet.
  8. Your poor quality foods don't bother us. Pick warly, problem fixed
  9. Guys isn't it strange, they just giving information to modders about naughtiness in an update have nothing about naughtiness? OMG maybe this update have something about naughtiness! That's would be cool bc naughtiness is a poor mechanic! Or i'm start to creating things lmao. I'm start to became crazy lol... Or am I?
  10. Wagstaff is probably best third character of DS and it would be cool to see him in DST. No, why would make this? He is electrician/scientists, that's wouldnt make sense to knowing make log suit or crock pot. If he have to know something maybe he could craft electronic stuffs like icebox, lighting rod, endhotermic fire pit etc. What? He already can't wear anything to his head and you saying take this too? No, please. Wickerbottom is old too but she can carry without problem. Even she is proud with her back I dont think carrying will be problem for him too. Also like a said before, don't make him powerless about hand item. He already cursed by his eye problems. Webber, Walter and Wilson's head is annoying too. Klei can fix that :3 Whoaah, slow down cowboy. Friend robots makes sense. Small robots that discovering or be usable as cargo robots. That's would be funny but cars drones are so much. To ask me I don't want to change him in most of ways. Here is something could be cool in my opinion; -Thumper's hit zone should be a little bigger and could have a something like timer (It could hit in 5 sec. after activated). -His discovering power from hamlet is gone. He could able to see what's in graves, chests etc. without opening it. He could see tentacles from any distance on screen. -And maybe a new goggle.