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    Nah, I talk about only "map mod". Not specially a thing.

    >When you realize you are only guy know the map mod exist
  3. The future of singleplayer?

    Poor klei... Creating a game is very hard thing. Believe me, I tried. And If you have tons of people pay money them it's impossible to stuck up in a game. I'm not sure what is going on inside klei company but I think they did this for money. Don't Starve Together have single player mode too and this thing made game more popular than normal don't starve. Because of that, they stoped updating single player version. They just shared hamlet to us for saying "We didn't died". They gain regular money from together (with skins etc.). Now come close traveller OP. I will whisper the trues
  4. More of City-building simulator?

    I shared a idea long time ago. There should be lewers with poor people inside it. We need capitalism!
  5. [Game Update] - 346255

    Can you guys fix my heart too? Because klei broke it with hamlet...
  6. It's would be better but I think it's too late for it.
  7. Ah, I wish that things would be on single player version.
  8. What they want to say in this sentence? Are they talk about Don't Starve single mod? (English is not my native language, I didn't understand what they want to say and google translator have poor translation)
  9. Why I can't play with it? I have hamlet and Together is on beta version.
  10. The mushroom skin is so cool
  11. I wish new DLC would be finished unlike hamlet :C But I think the desert would be so boring because we get everything about "Mazes and Treasures" from hamlet. Maybe primal times would be great. We saw the modern pig times on hamlet, we need primal version of pigs with tooths and furries. We should able to make "Real" black magic like voodo etc. But must important we should see ruins. The ruin with giant butterflies, chestrazor or spideterosaurs (flying spiders.) It's would be fantastic.
  12. Bro are we gonna get any key from hamlet?
  13. Is that a mod? I didn't saw it before
  14. But there is no apple in the game?