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  1. Realize using wortox's orc skins while riding a varg. Just cool... And middle earth skin sets would be great. Why don't they make it?
  2. I'm here for years but I still don't know how to delete posts
  3. Really good drawing but she look robotic instead ghost. If you color red things to more dark white its would like ghost armor.
  4. Woodie - Killer confirmed?

    all work and no wood makes woodie a dull boy
  5. Why I always get that ugly t-shirts?
  6. Woodie - Killer confirmed?

    Not sure but maybe it's about The Shining something
  7. Hey! I had same problems before. There is to much way but none of them will make your gameplay perfect, sorry. >Be sure you are at offline! >Disable mods, caves etc. >Disable your antivirus, backup apps etc. >Use some mods which help you about lags and performance issues. If you still get problem, there is few hard things more... >You can use some mods remove items on ground automaticly >You can limit mobs. >Also I think processor is so important for this game but not sure If you are still have problems go back to DS :c sorry (And also don't wait for answer, they will send you a page called "Understanding ping")
  8. starve149 site?

    This site is banned in turkey lol
  9. Don't starve my art

    She can hold diamond She have diamond pickaxe She can stand on diamond
  10. Electric, automation and metals would be great.
  11. Thanks! We all waiting for you guys. And please be nice to offline players...
  12. Maxwell is slightly faster, yeah but his health penalty is big problem. But when we look for Woodie, he can dodge and clear spiders, he can travel island in seconds and he can collect stones and woods without any items. Also when collecting items, you don't need to be worried about darkness and coldness. Just take a meatball and turn wereform, than finish your job and eat meatball thats all.
  13. I think Tartar should drain less health and sanity as lasagna. 10 would be enought for 60 hunger.
  14. Right! I think with last woodie update maxwell just became a piece of trash. Woodie is better collector and maxwell's only possitive skill became sanity. Sanity is not big problem if you are not Wickerbottom with bad skills. Wicker can live with green mushroom first day and candy next days.