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  1. Can someone send me that wilson portrait as hd? Is it avaiable on internet?
  2. It's creep me out everytime... How pigs could born in a house with filled pig skins?
  3. Hello forum, here is another stupid question from me! Who do you think is taller in length? Pigmans or avarage human characters like Wilson, Maxwell etc? Human meat was called "long pig" so maybe this is a refferance to that humans are longer than them? Or is this called like that BC of they are not fat as pigs? I mean we call giraffes long (They are 4,2 meters) but we don't say same thing about elephants (They are 6,5 meters) and that's because of the shape of body and weight. In real life, pig lengths change in 1 meters to 2 meters if they would walk like DST pigs, so that makes them longer than us. I don't know much about pig breeds and I couldn't figure what breed could DST pigs be. If we look into the game about lengths; They have almost same length in game. In trailers pigs are much taller even when pigs be on back. In steam menu page humans are much taller even when pigs be on front. So, let's discuss LOL
  4. I have 35 mbps internet connection and only can get "good" connection on the servers at my country and very countries. I can't play on any China or USA server.
  5. What about now? I changed pictures that i picked. Pics with cooked/uncooked food looks same as your's on wiki. Strange
  6. I used copy+paste method, it's looks like this on me.
  7. What is your crockpot recipes suggestions that could fit in the game? Share with us! Here is mine, few Turkish food that could fit game very well. Menemen: A food that made by roasted onions with tomatoes and eggs. It's healthy but not much filler. Great way to using tomatoes. ++ Karnıyarık: A food that made by roasted eggplants with filled meat and garlic. It's could be a non-vegan alternative Stuffed Eggplant for Wigfrid. It's not that healthy but pretty filler. ++ Mücver: A food that made by potato, pepper, onion and sometimes carrot too. It's really filler and usually really liked by vegans. I like to eat it on breakfasts which fill me for all day. Could be a great alternative for Meatball. +++ DST have a big community with people from everywhere, so I'm sure we are gonna get a huge recipe list!
  8. I prefer hamlet contents in adaptation of DST. Not hamlet content for limited time. I want temples but not pig temples. Maybe the temple of ancient civizilations. I want to discover and solve puzzles which I believe don't starve is pretty poor about it. Last cave update added few places which I liked so much but random generated temples wouldn't hurt. I want pig trade system but not complex as hamlet's. It would be ultra cool to trade with seashells or special stone types. Maybe with swapping system? Anyway, I think it should be reworked because pigs don't feels like "smart" creatures, they are just a farm food and I don't like it. I would be happy to see a real living town.
  9. Why genders have to balance? There is nothing wrong with having more gal then pal or opposite of it, otherwise it would be a problem to creating a character just to make everyone happy.
  10. I want to be on this page too! Here is something demonic