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  1. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    It's my opinion and I think the hamlet was a money trap. I'm sad about few mony I paid them but the thing they did was so bad. I never expected this thing from this company
  2. Low effort memes
  3. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    Bruh, I think they should add alone mod to dst for all ds owner as an apologize...
  4. Stop adding ds characters to the dst. Thanks...
  5. Secret Character

    I prefer nekos... thanks
  6. Secret Character

    Custom characters hmm... Perhabs it's true!
  7. Secret Character

    Yeah. This guy said what I would say. If there is not a drawing problem, I'm sure she is not wendy.
  8. I just looking for mods and I saw this detail on mod page. There is wilson and some characters walking in the forest. I looked carefully and I saw a thing. There is characters list from left to right in image. WX>WIGFRID>WICKERBOTTOM>WILLOW>WEBBER>WILSON>WOODIE>WOLFGANG>"SECRET PERSON">WES Maxwell and wendy wasn't at the picture. First I thinked this secret person would be Wendy bc. this person have long hairs. (Warly, woodie, winona and woodworm added game later and they are not main characters.). But this person is not wendy. You can see her shadow in this image. Her hair attached at back and there is huge flower on her head's lefts. Also we can see the ears too. If we look other characters too we can see Wheeler's hair look likes "a bit" to this person's hair. But the haircut of Wheeler look like "V" word but this person's hair look like "∩" so it's not same haircut. Also the shoulder of this person is higher than Wheeler's arms is bigger... Wheeler wearing pant but this person look like wearing robe or skirt. And the other characters shadows here. None of them look like this person. I hope someone solve this mystery... Characters and their shadow: and also sorry for my english
  9. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    I'm not a sick man which say "YOU SHOULD UPDATE" but I just want a thing from Klei. They should add a game mode which turn "don't starve together" to "don't starve alone"... I'm using a mod to health halver for monster and lag fixer but the ping, lag and fighting mechanics is still big problem. I have lag even offline and it's make everything hard. If klei share a mod that let us playing alone without lag, I can pay double more from original game...
  10. "Don't Starve is dead. Klei did it." -Wilnietzsche -Characters are bad and there is no reason to play DS anymore. -Hamlet was an empty "house buying" simulator update. -Players starts to give up hopes from the Don't starve and with the last updates mod community has died. -The great mods like "Hero In The Dark", "Emerald", "Creeps In The Deeps", "Up and Away", "Tiny Alchemy Powers" just corrupted bc of last updates. The new codes are not mod friendly and there is no any update to give a reason modmaker for making mods. I just wonder, will Klei watch the dying of their game? Please say "Yes" or "No" so I can remove or keep the game. Here modmakers. They give up from game because this game have not a future. I remember the modpage was so active when Shipwrecked and hamlet updates shows up...
  11. I found 5 cooked koalefant nose on ground. Also I found 4-5 cooked seed and 4-5 grass cut in my Offline world. They wasn't randomly on ground. They wasn't near any skeleton. They just was in one stack in the forest. Is it a bug or a gift?
  12. Died when picking cactus... yeah
  13. They just attacks me.
  14. He should starts with one buttoned remote control. When he use it the modules should get activated. Example if you using module you should get negative things. With the button he should able to turn normal wx. Using spotlight module make your hunger drain extremely fast because you need energy to burning things. Using light armor module make around glitchy and hard to see well because chains close your eyes. Using tank module makes you slow because your heavy armor close even your knees. Using battery makes you power saving mode and this make you too weak to killing even a rabbit because it's power saving mode Using temperature module make him able to flame trees or farms because he is hot! Using electric module make your max health to 50 and the rain is deadly because it's dangerous to using high voltage Using biofuel module drains your sanity because they are disgusting Using clockwork modules make you enemy for all passive entities. (Buffalos, pigs, rabbits) because they hates clockworks