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  1. G.R.E.A.T It's make me happier than original update! Thank you.
  2. Finally a reason to buy a new phone Also a big trivia for Klei. There is a HUGE hungry Turkish mobil community. You guys can be sure the game will gain extra 1 million player if Turkish translation added. Turkey's English stats is horrible and most of user disagreeing play with English. It's not a big problem for me but for our people, it is. I know so much player don't play dst bc it's English.
  3. Woodie update was awful. They take him from being a woodcutter and turn him to a wizard. I have few plans about his curse. Forms: -Any wereform must not able to access map. -Goose must be a little bit slower on water. (So going to lunar islands should be harder) -Werebeaver must be a bit faster. Triggering Curse -Idols must be removed permanently. -Cutting so so much wood must trigger curse. (Turning so fast is very annoying) -Eating two raw/cooked monstermeat, one monster tartare or one monster lasagna must trigger curse. -Fullmoon must trigger (like it's happen normally) Wereforms Choosing -I think a wheel would be cool. While turning into wereform screen color should turn brown and normal for 5 seconds and wheel should popup. The player should choose on of form. Player should not able to choose same form in a raw. If player don't choose any of two form, wheel would choose randomly one from this two choices. Here the wheel pic. I drawed on phone but I think you get what I mean.
  4. It's would be cool if they add hamlet LIKE stuff. I don't they copy paste hamlet things to DST. They can add dungeons but dungeons should not be forest typed like in hamlet. It can look ruins. It's would be extremely funny to having random created puzzles like "last move of xox" or "lost puzzle pieces". Also pigs would be great but I don't want ultra lux pigs with fancy clothes. They would be cool have some primitive clothes and have a basic economy like using shells or swap barting. I'm planning making a mod like that in future. I even draw a few ideas. But klei should limit shopping. It's would not make sense to buying dark sword with selling golds. They can sell stones, logs and a awful soap ect. relevant their job. Housing system like hamlet is awful idea. It's killing all survival feel. Mobs are not suitable for DST world I thing. They are tropical animals. Maybe a few color and sketches would fix it. It's would be cool to see a wandering black scorpion on desert. And bosses are welcome every time. But their style don't fit dst.
  5. Please klei, we beg... Let soloplayers/offline use skins and characters at offline too. This would be greatest qol update...
  6. Maybe its a iconic celebrity of removing all disease mechanic?
  7. Yes saw it few second after I share this post. It's don't look barnacles. I don't get it. If you keep giving us hopes like that everybody will call you god soon
  8. So with Warly update we also get this information. What so you guys think about the next update? It's look like an flower but I think it's look like a dionaea typed meat-eater plant. Also the head of this flower look like the starfishs that living on lunar islands. The ground looks like crystallized/glassic. So it's another reason to think it's about that flowers will be on lunars. So what do you think/know about next update. I hope they don't leave us with just a flower that giving few things. Because it's don't make sense. Also maybe it's not flower, they want to we think it is.
  9. I opened a thread about that months ago, it's so good to seeing this happens!
  10. I think night armors' sanity drain is not about being scared. It's kind of antimatter drain mental healths. It's sucking your sanity like a blackhole. Maybe it's the reason why this weapon is so powerful.