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I need the most potent squinters among you.

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I'm bored so let's try to decipher the symbols on the Ancient Keys idk, I'll need your help and opinions though.

Starting with: 
The Ancient Key




Fairly easy I think, especially thanks to the previous Art-Streams. It seems to represent a golden, grinning skull.
(The tiny golden skull in the murals could reference this, but I don't think so; it wouldn't make much sense contextually. Maybe a reference to the masks some Ancients wore? Who cares, it's pretty)


Still fairly certain:
The Gorge Key




I might be off, but it looks like a goat to me. Would make sense, obviously. Quite peculiar though, how the keys are stylistically in line with the cultures they're in.. of course it looks prettier in-game this way, but still makes me think. Assuming Klei was nitpicky with the design choices, the keys have either been created for these cultures by a higher force, or the cultures created the keys (and possibly the gateways) themselves. If so, however, how did Mumsy learn about Gatekeepers? Especially how come she recognizes us as such? Previous interactions between Goat-Folk and other Gate-Realms are likely, i assume.

It could also be Squidward though..


Gonna need your squinting here:
The Forge Key




What do you think?? I was thinking maybe it's Battlemaster Pugnas "W", but that's a stretch.
You got any ideas?


Thank you and have a nice evening!


Found a banner's propably depicting the Ancient Key. You think that Pugna painted the Key on his belly and made it his logo?

Edit: *Forge Key haha, didn't mean the Ancient Key. Ty, Minespatch

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5 minutes ago, -Variant said:

It's still odd to me that the key went unused in the final version of Forge anyways. I wonder why.

In Gorge, you can keep on cooking even after you get the key, if you're trying to go for an achievement or just to discover new recipes, so it makes sense there to be able to have the key as an item. In the Forge, you'd be out of content after the final boss anyways, so adding the key would tack on an unnecessary bit to the end of the otherwise engaging Forge. Also Gorge has item inventory slots, and Forge doesn't.

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