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  1. As far as I know, the numbers are actually 1, 2 and 7 (just for the first, the second and the seventh ancient in row) and were used to decypher the Metheus Puzzle
  2. Adding to this: I might be wrong and they didn't explicitly depict the moon as we know it. Maybe they interpreted the dark side of the moon as it's own entity, as such a thing "consuming" the Full Moon and spitting it out every now and then. "The... "moon"... has retreated for now.", - Maxwell, Moondial (New Moon) Given how the lack of Moonlight/New Moon(/also Aporkalypse) affects Shadow Magic, it would make sense for them to assume that the dark side of the moon is the "source" of Nightmare Fuel and Shadow Magic (although I myself still think there's a great eldritch behemoth beneath the constant). Hence their escape into the caves, where they felt closest to their shadowy idol. As such some (frustrated/hateful?) ancients were depicted as bearing the new moon in themselves. So maybe the Moon isn't depicted in the Gateway as I've previously assumed, maybe just the "consuming" New Moon(/Dark side of the moon) is depicted, symbolically for something else entirely..
  3. "Just like me mum used ta open from th' package." - Woodlegs, exam. Waffles I say Woodlegs is a pirate from the future. Prove me wrong. Also idk if they were actually abducted. Walani and him were both pirates/sailors so I aways thought they just got lost in the Bermuda Triangle (/Electric Isosceles) and like all things lost, ended up in the Constant. I suppose the other sailors and wrecked ships we see in Shipwrecked came from earth too but just didn't make it.. (Hispaniola, Mont-Blanc, African Queen, pretty humanly names for ships if you ask me)
  4. Haha, during the last week I've been working on this thought exactly. I will post the whole of it coherently when I get to it, but in short, here's my speculations about moon nonsense: First of all, some of it is just retcon. The best example is the Moon affecting entities in Caves in DS1, which obviously goes against DST-Lore. However considering how selective Klei is about what to change from DS1 to DST (especially some peculiar quotes), I think Klei might have a bigger idea in mind, which somehow ties Nightmare Fuel together with Lunar Magic. Either that or they didn't wanna change the whole game and just went along with it. Secondly, I think we should reconsider our idea of Nightmare Fuel and Lunar Magic(/regular Ghosts). The concept of "ectoplasm" is a huge connection between those two. Assuming that the mentioned quotes aren't about the biological ectoplasm, both Nightmare Fuel, and Ghosts are described as "ectoplasmic" in nature, I.e. relating to otherworldly souls of transcended(/deceased) individuals. Shadow Magic: "Ectoplasmic residue." - Nightmare Fuel description "There are low, but increasing levels of vapors containing ectoplasmic residue.", - Wickerbottom, exam. Thulecite Medaillon (Warning phase) "This seems to be an interesting, ectoplasmic residue-bearing variety of ziosite." - Wickerbottom, exam. Thulecite Ghosts: "You got ectoplasm on my handle!!", - Lucy, getting haunted "This provides a corporeal anchor for the ectoplasmic configuration.", - Wickerbottom, exam. Telltale heart "It's emitting a strange energy." - Wickerbottom, exam. Abigails Flower (Medium) (could technically be Shadow Magic too) "Strange waves of energy are emanating from it." - Wagstaff, exam. Lucy the Axe "Abigail's ectoplasm..." - Noun variable used in world creation (could technically be Shadow Magic too) Also, both Nightmare Fuel and Lunar Magic are able to possess living and (moreso) non-living entities and provide them with a mind/sentience. (See Birchnut Treeguard, [Regular Treeguards], Evil Flowers, Dark Petals, Totally Normal Tree, Mush Gnome, Saladmander, Carrat, Pig Heads, Merm Heads) The possession of Birchnut Treeguards, Regular Treeguards, Evil Flowers, Dark Petals, Pig Heads and Merm Heads can be achieved too by haunting them as a Player Ghost. Interestingly, Ghosts/Ectoplasmic beings can situationally be "anchored" to this plane: "Poor dear. %s needs a heart to anchor him to this plane." - Wickerbottom, exam. Player Ghost "This provides a corporeal anchor for the ectoplasmic configuration.", - Wickerbottom, exam. Telltale heart (Notice the heart in the resurrection animation) Similarly, the Ancient Fuelweaver, an entitiy consisting entirely of Nightmare Fuel/Ectoplasm can be anchored (or summoned?) to this plane too using a shadow heart. Regarding the nature of Lunar and Shadow-Magic, it always felt weird to me how both sources of energy could apparently stem from the same source (which, judging from the Ancients symbols, still resembles the moon. Possibly a connection?) If it weren't enough, it's still weird how Maxwell is seemingly "confused" about Them, and how the Lunar energy appears similar to the Shadows he served. "This powerful energy... I've seen it before." - Maxwell, exam. Inactive Celestial Tribute "This power, it feels like... but it couldn't be..." - Maxwell, exam. Alterguardian Phase 3 Dead Orb "I don't know what to believe. All this time, I thought that They were..." - Maxwell, exam. Alterguardian Phase 3 Dead "Impossible... I thought I was privy to all of Their secrets." - Maxwell, exam. Distilled Knowledge So all considered, what if Shadow and Lunar Magic stem from the same source? Or what I'm thinking, what if Shadow Magic is corrupted Lunar Magic? Wendy C. brought up a great point in that other Thread about Nightmare Fuel linked to hate and negative emotion. I like that idea. Let's take a look at possessed entities: [Not dropping Nightmare Fuel:] Treeguards - Not fueled by hate, but by motivation to keep the forest alive. Aggressive against treechoppers, passive towards everyone else. Totally Normal Tree - Passive Entity just chillin' Mush Gnome - Passive Creature just living it's life Saladmander - Passive Creature just living it's life Carrat - Passive Creature just living it's life Ancient Guardian - Not fueled by hate, but motivated by loyalty and purpose to defend the Ancient Key. Fuel-Corrupted merely due to proximity. [Dropping Nightmare Fuel:] Birchnut Treeguards - Unlike Pine Treeguards, hateful creatures attacking every nearby creature. Unable to be reasoned with. Shadow Splumonkey - Greedy lil lads. Fuel-Corrupted due to proximity, but absolutely drenched in Fuel (possibly due to their greedy, negative nature) Merm/Pig Head - Pigs and Merms are characterized by their relentless race-hate towards each other. Reanimated Skeleton - I assume the Ancient King is rein"carn"ated in the Reanimated Skeleton. The Ancient King was tempted by Shadow Magic and its prospects and was corrupted by pride (and possibly greed). Evil Flowers/Dark Petals - Idk, apparantly flowers are terrible creatures full of hate and spite. Soo in short I think moon nonsense might make sense. Thoughts? Edit: I mean, Lunar Magic seems closely related to dreams. Would make sense for corrupted/bad dreams to be Nightmares
  5. Well, Spider Warrior/Dangling Depth Dweller: Melee DPS Cave Spider: Melee Tank Spitter: Marksman/Single target DPS Shattered Spider: AOE Mage Nurse Spider: (likely) Healing/Support Spider: Cute lil' pet Sounds pretty solid to me. Especially the damage-type variation between Spitters and Shattered Spiders make for interesting compositional differences depending on who/what you fight. I'm with you on the hat-thing though. It seems like every "class" would just get good armor, nothing specifically helping their perks. Miner Hats work ofc, but I wish there were DPS-boosting options or something. Maybe Bush Hats could camouflage Spiders, making enemies less likely to target them.. Would certainly support Spitters or Shattered Spiders
  6. Oh I like that thought. "It's made of a sort of condensed magic." - Wickerbottom, exam. Gnaw's Favor "The charge has made it incredibly powerful." - Maxwell, exam. Iridescent Staff "The magic of the stone appears to be inexhaustible." - Wickerbottom, exam. Iridescent Staff in Moonbase I mean if it's possible to condense and contain Lunar Magic, why wouldn't it work with Shadow Magic?
  7. Thank you very much for your elaborations! These are very important and I didn't think these aspects through enough! I assumed Shadow Fuel tainting regular Meat as indicated from Rabbit- Bunnymen- and Splumonkey-Transformatios would imply information about Monster Meat itself. Indeed Glommers (more precicely Glomgloms) are described as Monsters and do drop Monster Meat, while they certainly aren't confirmed to hide malevolent intentions. More importantly, the Ancient Guardian is downright confirmed to be have been influenced by Nightmare Fuel, yet his meat is tasty and healthy. I will remove the "Treeguards dropping Monster Meat indicating Shadow Magic" part, much obliged! Oh that would be most interesting! It begs the question whether "Alter" was a name given by the Archival Ancients in reference to Alters transformational characteristic, or whether they grasped his name while receiving and embracing his knowledge (possibly becoming a part of his being). Given that the Archival Ancients locked their knowledge away and buried their past deep within the caves, said knowledge likely holds grave dangers on itself. Alter seemingly affects individuals in accordance to their lunacy/mental constitution. Since the Celestial Champions Crown provides the wearer with knowledge and as such higher Sanity/Lunacy, we should be wary about any Lunar Knowledge we perceive.
  8. [Added 4. Every instance of magic neatly cataloged] Here's to you, Wendy [Added 4.3 White Magic - "I could be persuaded to dabble in white magicks."] [Added 4.4 Forest Magic - "There is Magic in the Trees"] The other ones are yet to come. Might take a while; there's gonna be a lot to cover. I'm really hyped for Crystal Magic, though! So are Mandrakes possessed by Lunar Magic? And if so, could they maybe even originate from Archival Ancient Times? Best wishes!
  9. Well mainly because I'm a fool who still can't get Spriter to work.. Secondly because I wanna spend some time thinking about Gems, Moonlight and light passing through Gems, to theorize a lil bit about how magic is presented in DST and whether there are any parallels to light diffraction. Since I'm done with my exams for now, spending hours looking at sprites and animations seems a perfect way to spend my spare time.
  10. Thank you very much! I have another request, but it's a big big one so it would be great too if you just provided me with one or two animations! Specifically I'd love to have the animations of magic being used/magic light cones shining: - using Telelocator Staff (purple) - prototyping at default Shadow Manipulator (purple) - using Star-Callers Staff (yellow) - using Deconstruction Staff (green) - reviving with Life Giving Amulet (red) - Klaus reviving with Life Giving Amulet (red) - using Moon Callers Staff (blueish/purple) - Crab King using magic (white) - Petrifying Tome/Tome of Beckoning/Living Staff/Infernal Staff (all the same red I think, so one animation would suffice) And also: - the Fire Staff Projectile flying - the Ice Staff Projectile flying - Klaus' deer using fire magic - Klaus' deer using ice magic - the shimmer when socketing Gems in Crab King - the moonbeam transforming the Star-Callers Staff (if possible including the transparent light cone surrounding it) Like I said quite the big request, but I'd be so grateful if one of you would provide me with (a few) of these animations!
  11. Very meta, very neat If Klei actually goes this route, maybe the Prismatic Gateway is actually canon haha
  12. Surprisingly, even more mechanics I've found, but haven't found in this thread: 1. You can put your Grass Gekkos in a constant state of fear and misery using Bunnymen Maximize your Cut Grass output! Grass Gekkos are terribly afraid of Pigs, Bunnymen, Chester and Hounds. Werewolves are a nuisance and Hounds are impractical (unless using sleeping staff-trap-Hounds), so Bunnymen are your perfect choice! They don't destroy walls and inflict nigh-permanent panic in a radius of roughly 5 diagonal Wall-Tiles, which certainly suffices to perma-shock all the inhabitants of your average pen! Pen in your Bunnyman and you only ever need to enter to collect the loot! 2. You can burn Hounds corpses to stop them from reviving Noticed this while fighting Red Hounds earlier! Quite practical, especially when moonstorming your world for a prolonged amount of time. Certainly beats fighting every second black Hound all over again. 3. Telepoofed Rooks just wanna get home Rooks are well-known for their tree-smashing capabilities. Being available year-round, they suffice as a simple alternative to Bearger. If you don't like them charging at you while collecting loot, telepoof them onto the Lunar Islands! They constantly try to jump home, ignoring you entirely. Plant some Marble Beans or Birchnuts (preferably not Pinetrees, unless you wanna get your Rook smashed) and aggro the Rook without dealing damage using your Ice Staff. Telepoofing him on your mainland and blocking him with regular walls works too, but he'll destroy the walls on every charge, which requires extra maintenance. I myself used Bearger on all occasions, but with three of my worlds having Bearger bugged, unable to spawn without console, I've resorted to Rooks entirely. 4. You can step on sticky webs if the Den is frozen. When you wanna collect loot near a Spider Den and you don't have a Spiderhat, just freeze the Den with your trusty Ice Staff. If you aim it standing either perpendicular to the edge or diagonally, you won't alert the Spiders when freezeing the nest. Wander around as much as you like, even when the Den thaws. Surprisingly, if multiple dens are near to each other, the combined web counts as one, so you won't even alert new Spiders when leaving the original Dens web. Watch out though, since wandering close to the edges seems to spawn Spiders nonetheless sometimes. Also, after eating a Chili-Flaked Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, a wet Maxwell can two-hit himself with a boomerang. Love goes out to everyone!
  13. STRINGS.THANKS_POPUP = { ANRARG = "Metheus has taken heed", ARG = "Pulvis et umbra sumus", Those are the strings that pop up when receiving the ancient skins. The ANR in ANRARG surely stands for A New Reign. What could be ARG?
  14. Soooo "You can't beat a good old rubber ball." - Winona exam. CARNIVAL_BALL Seems like Cawnival almost added bouncy balls. Anyone found any clue in the game files on how they would've worked?
  15. I've been stockpiling Seed Clusters during early game. They do not spoil and restore 40 Hunger. Quite decent for mere 12 Prize Tickets.
  16. [Added 3.6 About the Hub and the Thrones] As described in 3.6 I think the Nightmare Throne is located in the Shadow Realm, which in turn would be the Hub. Thoughts? Am I jumping to conclusions?
  17. I found some hints while researching Woodie a few weeks back: "As the power of the moon has grown, so too have the effects of Woodie's curse. Woodie soon found that his form would shift into not only the Werebeaver, but a Weremoose and Weregoose as well. As his changing forms became more unpredictable, Woodie resolved to find a way to have more control over his curse. Using every bit of knowledge he'd gained from his time in the Constant (and some additional tips from Ms. Wickerbottom) he soon discovered that his transformations could in fact be controlled. By fashioning representations of each of the three beasts and consuming them only when he wanted to invoke that form, Woodie now feels more comfortable in his own skin than he has in quite a while." - Tree's a Crowd description (found it in the game files) So in short: Woodie made the idols himself (with Wickerbottom's help). Regarding the threads question: I love the idea! I don't have much too add to the discussion though. Wilson doesn't recognize Wagstaff's tools, but I don't think we can pull any information out of that
  18. "An impure orange gem." - Maxwell, exam. Desert Stone Certainly a great point, although we don't know whether and how "impure" Orange Gems can be purified. Maybe the Ancients could refine Desert Stones to Orange Gems, maybe the Desert Stones weren't "finished" yet and Antlion actually refines indigestible material after some time in his belly.. First into Desert Stones, after some time into Orange Gems. Sure could be, but as always, we lack enough information to come to any solid conclusions. Fair point, absolutely true.
  19. Excellent information, thank you! Have never heard of this Maxwell-Quote and was just going from Woodies quote. This complicates matters haha Still, what's up with Woodie's quote then? Seems like quite the specific, peculiar change.. Yeah yeah yeah, of course it's just speculation and eagerly jumping to conclusions, but it's so fun! I mean, Klei is prone to hide subtle hints about the Constant and its lore throughout quotes and subtle design choices. Woodie's changed quote seems just as good as any lead to start speculating, whether it actually means anything or not. Ah yes, I've read some of your theories and I really enjoyed them! Especially the light fragmentation-idea really resonated with me I wish, but I think it ain't that easy indeed.. after all, Wormwoods sprite clearly shows a different hue of green. Maybe they changed the color for design purposes, since the leafs around his neck are roughly Green Gem, colored and they wanted the Gem to stand out? The Gem is differently colored in the login animation, which is weird too. Wormwood says the Gem "Looks familiar...", which doesn't necessarily mean that it's the same. for him, 'green sparkly' would surely look familiar to 'other green sparkly': Also Maxwell's quote really implies a difference between those Gems. Assuming of course that Maxwell knows what Green Gems do, but since he was the Nightmare King after all, I think that might be a given.. "What a shame. Now I'll never know what that gem does." - Maxwell, exam. Wormwood Ghost "Only the nightmare fuel will unlock its true potential." - Maxwell, exam. Green Gem Idk, maybe Woodie just gets a weird feeling around magic generally.. He doesn't "trust any sort of magic business", so that might be a banal explanation for his earlier mentioned quote.
  20. So I noticed that Woodie's Construction-Amulet quote was changed between the Base Game and DST, and that got me thinking.. "I've always been better at cuttin' anyways." - Woodie, exam. Construction Amulet (Base Game) "I get a bit of a weird feeling around these things." - Woodie, exam. Construction Amulet (DST) Also, while we're at it "An amalgam of vines given sentience by lunar magic, Wormwood searches for friends so he can finally belong." - Wormwood Character description "Err, moon magic isn't really... my thing... Heh." - Woodie, exam Moon Caller's Staff So Green Gems have something to do with lunar magic, right? I mean, it obviously came from the moon, we all saw that in Wormwoods trailer. But is it just Green Gems? "It's green, like a nice leaf." - Woodie, exam. Moon Shards That could imply that Green Gems are "concentrated" Moon Shards, so that's why just the Green Gems are moon-related. Then again, Red and Blue seem to originate from Moonglass too.. Bathbombing a Hot Spring can grant a Red or a Blue gem, as if the thermal energy somehow infused the Moonglass. We always seem to "find" Gems, instead of creating them, and Hot Spring as Gem-Source is kinda weak, so I think the Hot Spring-Gems might be have been added for lore-purposes. Hounds, Ancient Statues/Chests, Dragonfly, Graves and Tumbleweeds give no explanation about the origin of Gems. Stalagmites and Earthquake might imply however that they just can naturally occur inside the caves. Purple Gems are easy, as they're just Red and Blue gems magically combined. Iridescent Gems are obviously Moon related too, no need to think about them. With Orange and Yellow Gems, we face the same problem again, we only find them where somebody left them, giving us no clue about their origin. We do have the Murals depicting how they found the gems underground. But this only works if we assume that there is also a source of Green Gems on earth. Otherwise, the Green Gems fallen on earth from meteorites could've just been transported into the caves over the time through one way or another. Then there's no reason why Orange, Yellow or even Purple gems can't be from the Moon. We also see Ancients breaking up what appears to be a mountaintop/huge rock, finding Blue, Green and Yellow/Orange Gems inside. Also there's the picture of the Nightmare Fissure (?) with some Yellow Gems next to it. Could Yellow Gems originate from the Shadow Entity? We do have a shadow-equivalent to Moon Glass, but I can't imagine how these crystals could be "infused" or how they'd gain a clear hue like Yellow or Green Gems. "Those crystals might be cause for some concern." - Wilson, exam. Nightmare Rampart "These crystalline structures do not appear to be natural." - Wickerbottom, exam. Nightmare Rampart If anything, these crystals look like the black spikes on the Thulecite Crown, the Thulecite Club and the Ancient Cane, almost as if these crystals are concentrated/crystallized Nightmare Fuel/shadow magic.. Which in turn might imply that Moon Shards are crystallized moon magic/moon water?? What's your input? Where could've Gems come from? PS: could this be the Opal that's missing in the Archives?
  21. "I can see the light!" - Wilson, going through Celestial Portal "I SEE THE BLUE SCREEN!" - WX-78, going through Celestial Portal "Say pal, I don't look so good..." - Maxwell, going through Celestial Portal "I'm going to the kitchen in the sky." - Warly, going through Celestial Portal Makes sense and all, but "This feels strangely familiar..." - Woodie, going through Celestial Portal What's up with that?
  22. [Added 3.5 Deep Sleep and spirits trapped between worlds] B-) "'%s's immoral acts are putting holes in my multiverse speculations." - Wickerbottom, exam. Attacker Wickerbottom Please please please please please elaborate, Klei
  23. What kind of objects/entities have the "INLIMBO" tag? Any examples you know of?