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  1. "Pengulls live almost year-round at sea, only returning to the shore during winter to nest." - Pengull Portrait description Well, a glacial sea-area would work with the current explanation
  2. I've randomly learned something about the Ford Model T the other day, which may be relevant! So, most of you know the famous quote by Henry Ford "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.". Turns out, in the first years of production, black model Ts weren't even produced. Apparently, only the colors Red, Green, Gray and Blue were available (Carmine, Brewester Green Medium, Gray, Midnight Blue in todays specification.). The all-black-policy was introduced in ~1915 and ended around 1926, when nitrocellulose lacquer was introduced in the production and allowed for many additional colors, including many shades of green, red, grey brown and exactly one shade of blue, namely "Gunmetal Blue". So, is this rather Midnight Blue (1909-1914) or rather Gunmetal Blue(1926-ca.1927)? (Pictures are for color-reference; a blue model T would've had these colors during these eras) I don't know whether the designers at Klei go into that much detail (or even if my information is correct and precise), but if they did, there's some information to be trawled for. Given the color-scheme of the short, I suppose the car is painted in midnight-blue (giving us a rather large time interval for the short to happen in, precisely anytime after 1908/1909). If it's supposed to be Gunmetal Blue, however, we're much much later in the timeline, which could imply that Wagstaff got out of the constant after the factory-fire, went lowkey and secretly researched the constant for a while (?)
  3. Where can I find the audio of Wes' Idle animation (the one where he breathes in and you can kinda hear his cute high-pitched voice)? Also, is it just me or do the Science Machine and Alchemy Engine feature different animations when opening daily gifts? I might be wrong, but I swear I saw these "lunar"-like white thunderbolts appear
  4. How canon is ReForged and Re-Gorge-Itated? To my knowledge, Zarklord is somehow involved in both mods, probably with coding and providing some original event-code. Also, the new (DLC-)Characters have official quotes for Forge/Gorge content, which already brought interesting implications (i.e. Wurt's mouth-in-the-sky quote.). But is Klei/Zarklord contributing with designs/ideas/concepts/opinions too? Or is it just the Modding team coming up with everything? Are special character-traits (like Wortox Gorge-Ability) included in the official game files, or was it just added in the Mod? Just some examples. Gnaw's boogers don't seem to bear many implications (and are probably non-canon), but Gnaw digesting Souls would be a pretty interesting detail.
  5. So I've been researching and took a look at every Scottish clan there is (and good golly, there are many of them!) to figure out what Tartan Webber is wearing, to possibly find hints about his family. These are the pictures of reference I used: I have found just one clan that resembles the Tartan used in his design, and lo and behold: It is a Tartan of the Armstrong Clan!!! For those not too knowledgeable about Scottish Clans, not only did the great Arctic explorer and Royal Navy officer Sir Alexander Armstrong come from the Armstrong Clan, it is also the Clan of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon! Given the current Lunar theme, even if not intentional, this design choice is incredibly amusing and fitting! Adding to that, the Clan's motto is "INVICTUS MANEO", translating to "I remain unvanquished", which I also find fitting for Webber's character.
  6. Well fml, I must have goofed up the 100 day skip or something, after new testing they certainly spawn. My bad and thank you very much for correcting me!
  7. I'll be glad to be proven wrong haha. But according to my testing, even a hundred days after planting there was yet a single Gekko to spawn from my underground-Tufts (after harvesting exactly 500, beginning after 100 days after being planted). So unless my tests are scuffed, given a 1% chance for Gekkos to spawn, there's a 0.657% chance that I was just lucky and a 99.343% chance that they don't spawn down there at all. Edit: oh look at me feeling all smart for knowing bernoulli distribution. I was absolutely wrong, forget all that, mb. Tried it again, and almost instantly spawned Grass Gekkos. Tests were poorly executed
  8. Schlumm di dumm di more mechanics I've found, but haven't found in this thread: 1. Shell Bells tend nearby crops If placed correctly, their pleasant sound reaches up to 9 plants in a 3x3 square! It's seems even more efficient than friendly fruit flies, just run through your crops and they'll spark joy all around. Looking back I suppose that's their intended purpose, but I had no clue about this whatsoever! Finally a great use for these shells that are piling up. On a different note, I just found out you can place your Boat-Equipment on land now! Means you can get rid of your silly Lightning Rod now and whip out a majestic Mast to project your base. 2. Ponds only spawn up to 3-4 Frogs So if you telelocate them to a safe spot where they don't bother anyone, after poofing away 3 to 4 Frogs per Pond the Pond's completely safe! I've always wanted to base around ponds but couldn't stand the frogs. Now they're decorative, a great source of fish every now and then and way more practical to build your farm next to them. Even after relogging, the ponds stay safe as long as the telepoofed frogs don't get back into the pond. The same principle works for Vargs too as previously noted, but also for Spider Queens. Makes kiting them a lot easier. 3. Stagehands protect you from Antlion-Sinkholes In later worlds, Sinkholes are not much a danger, but a mild annoyance instead. A simple way to ease this annoyance is to dedicate a spot near your base to them and lead a Stagehand in the middle. Each time Antlion rages, go up close to your Stagehand and wait for the Sinkholes to form. They will never reach you, so you're completely safe. They will just form in a radius around the Stagehand. Return each time the Antlion feels like annoying you again. You can telelocate the Stagehand btw. Makes leading the Stagehand to you much less of a nuisance. 4. Grass Gekkos don't spawn underground Don't feel like building a Gekko pen and hate your non-renewable Grass-Tuft supply slowly diminishing due to Grass Gekko spawns? Well, they don't spawn underground, and as far as I can tell, there are no drawbacks for farming Grass underground (like with flowers). So just escape the Moon's gaze and move your farm beneath the earth. Why don't Grass Gekkos spawn beneath the earth??? Are Grass Gekkos indeed Grass Tufts possessed by Lunar Energy/mutated by Moon Magic? They were added right when the Moon's power grew.. and the unimplemented Lunar-Themed Grass Crocodile-Mutation does make you think.. I have been proven wrong. They do in fact spawn underground and as such don't necesseraly relate to the Moon at all. So forget the last one. Anyways have a great week and give love to your fellow men and women
  9. Ah, lemme just double check that just to be sure! So, plucked straight from the current DST-Speech files: " TRINKET_6 = "I do hope WX-78 is feeling alright.", --Frazzled Wires " - Wickerbottom's files (DST) " TRINKET_6 = "I might hide those in the robot's bedroll if I get bored.", --Frazzled Wires " - Maxwell's files (DST) That's very (!) interesting! The quote you gave Frazzled Wires- "I might hide those in WX-78's bedroll if I get bored." is from the game Wiki, so even the one case where Maxwell used to call him WX-78 got cancelled haha, it seems only Wickerbottom remains as far as I know. Buut " TRINKET_6 = "A tangled mess of wires, not much good for anything.", "- Wickerbottom's files (DS) Frazzled Wires- "I do hope the automaton is feeling alright." - was in the removed category of DST-quotes. I am mistaken and glad you corrected that part, thank you! Still, the point remains, they straight up changed the "automaton" to "WX-78" in Wicker's DST-Quotes and did the opposite for Maxwell, which seems even more random (if not suspicious haha) Edit: If anyone else finds a recent DST-quote of someone calling him WX-78, please add!
  10. Adding to this, not too significant, but it seems like he drives a Ford Model T (produced from October 1st 1908 - May 26th 1927.) with a left-sided steering wheel, so I guess even more evidence that he's American?
  11. [Updated in accordance to Wickerbottom's red hair] (thanks again @fierysage1 haha) Btw I'm absolutely with you on them not being the same person, there's clearly not enough evidence supporting that thought yet. If anything, I think we should only assume a possible family-relation between these two Also, could you elaborate on 1919 being the latest possible year for Webbers abduction? Would love to hear about that! Edit: Ah right, the factory burned down then, I get it. That's true indeed (at least under the assumption that Wagstaff didn't get out of there after finding the Nightmare Throne as is still "trapped" in the Constant)
  12. Ah, beautiful! Gonna whip out paint.net this afternoon haha Much obliged! PS: I wonder if she's somehow related to the other redheads.. maybe Wagstaff knew her and she somehow helped him create WX-78? At least that would explain this weird connection that's been there since forever.. maybe WX-Plans were somehow found in the personal belongings of Wickerbottom? Wagstaff doesn't seem British (according to his steering wheel and his factory presumably based in America), so maybe he knew Wickerbottom from somewhere? I myself found it peculiar how Wickerbottom's quote for examining Frazzled Wires was changed in DST "I do hope WX-78 is feeling alright." - Wickerbottom, exam. Frazzled Wires (DST) "I do hope the automaton is feeling alright." - Wickerbottom, exam. Frazzled Wires (DS) [EDIT: Not from DS, it was just the previous DST quote, which they changed for whatever reason] Especially since she still calls him automaton sometimes. "Ah, the automaton. Greetings, dear %s!" - Wickerbottom, exam. WX-78 Generic (DST) To my knowledge, she's the only person who uses WX-78 "full name". Maybe there's some connection in his creation relating to Winonas conspiracy-board? (some characters call him WX though so idk, prolly just nothing important)
  13. Ahhh, something fishy lies therein.. Grass Tufts turning to Gekkos may just be yet another lunar mutation