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  1. That's what I'm most curious about! The portal seems to be powered over the spikes surrounding the "sucking"-portal. It seems to be lunar energy, although I might be wrong (considering Wagstaff hasn't canonically acquired the Alter-Power when the world is created and the portal's already there). It might be a "powered version" of the original portal (i.e. we could power it?) indeed. However, the original portal has sparks of energy coming out already, which is why I still think the unused portal is merely the black portal from the other side. So what if the bolts of energy around the "sucking" portal imply that Wagstaff built a machine in the monkey-dimension powering the portal from four sides? Maybe Wagstaff, after many failed attempts, realized that his pragmatic "huge door"-design wasn't fit for interdimensional travel and concluded that gateways need more "stabilizing nodes" as seen in pretty much every other gateway. I don't know how much merit that theory contains, especially since the portal-frame or whatever it was apparantly blew up anyways so idk. Nonetheless, "This world's fabric is frayed and torn." - Fuelweaver, Battlecry "Your realm is a bit frazzled around the edges, hm?" - Shadow Trader, idle "It cannot end like this." - Fuelweaver, Turning off the Ancient Gateway I'm pretty sure curiosity is gonna kill the cat... I think (and hope) the next arc focuses on the dimensional+temporal rifts and how the greedy (?) meddling of the Ancient King, Wagstaff and Us lead to huge consequences for the Constant and the whole multiverse. And speaking of eldritch consequences, my favorite part about the monkey-update: This update paves the way for more player transformations!!!!! I have been suspecting that some kind of player transformation was bound to be introduced after Alter awakening (although I really didn't expect.. monkey-magic lmao). History repeats itself and the past has shown that using too much magic (each kind of magic usually sourced from an eldritch entity in the sky), the magic source will awake and transform the inhabitants of the realm (turning them to shadows, to merms and maybe even to monkeys using the weird pink monkey-magic surrounding the new portal). The Monkey-Queen is somehow able to lift the monkey-curse. If the curse was indeed inflicted by another Magic God from another dimension, that could pave the way for temporary Lunar (and maybe even Shadow) transformations! Imagine a showdown during the endgame with Alter awakening and cursing people! (It's always gone beautiful for plant-based organisms, but most living organisms didn't react too well to mutating..). Whether it would be comparable to Were-Curses, horrendous mutations or even somehow akin to Gestalts! I love that we can't feel too save about Alter anymore! And just imagine getting turned to some form of nightmare-creature at the "hands" of the dark shadow-eye with all the perks and drawbacks associated with it! (Hide in the caves during full-moons after Alter awakes, or else....) I don't think Alter awakening will only impact the color of the Moon in the HUD. And wildly transforming people seems to come naturally to these gods. Consequently, I'm hyped for more rifts and maybe even more transformations
  2. According my testing, Lureplants underneath the canopy of a Knobbly Tree still take smoldering priority, even if they can't burn due to the shade. In other words, if I'm not erring, you can expand the canopy safe-zone using Lureplants just as you can do with the Ice Flingomatic safe-zone!
  3. Yes it does! Sometimes after relogging, another mosquitoe appears, but after telepoofing that one, the pond should be clear (until you kill one of the bound-mosquitoes or one gets home). After telepoofing around 8 of her spiders, she won't spawn any new ones. If you telepoof every but the last one (for me it was always 8 spiders max) she will spawn only one spider at a time. This will continue even after reloading the game (until the spider queen turns into a den).
  4. Do you think the ticking at the start of the 2021 Gameplay trailer was implemented with Wanda in mind? It always came off so weird to me.. Also, more interestingly, what are Wanda's interactions with Telltale-hearts? Does she lose maximum age?
  5. [EDIT: Got fixed B-) ] In their current state, Knobbly Tree Nuts are totally bonkers. As far as I can tell, they're the only "farmable", entity-blocking, indestructible heavy object as of now. And by indestructible, I mean indestructible! They won't even burn, let alone be obliterated by the Alter Guardian. I suppose this will (and should) change in a future update, but for now they're quite handy for domesticating space robots
  6. Where can I find the audio of Wes' Idle animation (the one where he breathes in and you can kinda hear his cute high-pitched voice)? Also, is it just me or do the Science Machine and Alchemy Engine feature different animations when opening daily gifts? I might be wrong, but I swear I saw these "lunar"-like white thunderbolts appear
  7. How canon is ReForged and Re-Gorge-Itated? To my knowledge, Zarklord is somehow involved in both mods, probably with coding and providing some original event-code. Also, the new (DLC-)Characters have official quotes for Forge/Gorge content, which already brought interesting implications (i.e. Wurt's mouth-in-the-sky quote.). But is Klei/Zarklord contributing with designs/ideas/concepts/opinions too? Or is it just the Modding team coming up with everything? Are special character-traits (like Wortox Gorge-Ability) included in the official game files, or was it just added in the Mod? Just some examples. Gnaw's boogers don't seem to bear many implications (and are probably non-canon), but Gnaw digesting Souls would be a pretty interesting detail.
  8. Well fml, I must have goofed up the 100 day skip or something, after new testing they certainly spawn. My bad and thank you very much for correcting me!
  9. I'll be glad to be proven wrong haha. But according to my testing, even a hundred days after planting there was yet a single Gekko to spawn from my underground-Tufts (after harvesting exactly 500, beginning after 100 days after being planted). So unless my tests are scuffed, given a 1% chance for Gekkos to spawn, there's a 0.657% chance that I was just lucky and a 99.343% chance that they don't spawn down there at all. Edit: oh look at me feeling all smart for knowing bernoulli distribution. I was absolutely wrong, forget all that, mb. Tried it again, and almost instantly spawned Grass Gekkos. Tests were poorly executed
  10. Schlumm di dumm di more mechanics I've found, but haven't found in this thread: 1. Shell Bells tend nearby crops If placed correctly, their pleasant sound reaches up to 9 plants in a 3x3 square! It's seems even more efficient than friendly fruit flies, just run through your crops and they'll spark joy all around. Looking back I suppose that's their intended purpose, but I had no clue about this whatsoever! Finally a great use for these shells that are piling up. On a different note, I just found out you can place your Boat-Equipment on land now! Means you can get rid of your silly Lightning Rod now and whip out a majestic Mast to project your base. 2. Ponds only spawn up to 3-4 Frogs So if you telelocate them to a safe spot where they don't bother anyone, after poofing away 3 to 4 Frogs per Pond the Pond's completely safe! I've always wanted to base around ponds but couldn't stand the frogs. Now they're decorative, a great source of fish every now and then and way more practical to build your farm next to them. Even after relogging, the ponds stay safe as long as the telepoofed frogs don't get back into the pond. The same principle works for Vargs too as previously noted, but also for Spider Queens. Makes kiting them a lot easier. 3. Stagehands protect you from Antlion-Sinkholes In later worlds, Sinkholes are not much a danger, but a mild annoyance instead. A simple way to ease this annoyance is to dedicate a spot near your base to them and lead a Stagehand in the middle. Each time Antlion rages, go up close to your Stagehand and wait for the Sinkholes to form. They will never reach you, so you're completely safe. They will just form in a radius around the Stagehand. Return each time the Antlion feels like annoying you again. You can telelocate the Stagehand btw. Makes leading the Stagehand to you much less of a nuisance. 4. Grass Gekkos don't spawn underground Don't feel like building a Gekko pen and hate your non-renewable Grass-Tuft supply slowly diminishing due to Grass Gekko spawns? Well, they don't spawn underground, and as far as I can tell, there are no drawbacks for farming Grass underground (like with flowers). So just escape the Moon's gaze and move your farm beneath the earth. Why don't Grass Gekkos spawn beneath the earth??? Are Grass Gekkos indeed Grass Tufts possessed by Lunar Energy/mutated by Moon Magic? They were added right when the Moon's power grew.. and the unimplemented Lunar-Themed Grass Crocodile-Mutation does make you think.. I have been proven wrong. They do in fact spawn underground and as such don't necesseraly relate to the Moon at all. So forget the last one. Anyways have a great week and give love to your fellow men and women
  11. Well mainly because I'm a fool who still can't get Spriter to work.. Secondly because I wanna spend some time thinking about Gems, Moonlight and light passing through Gems, to theorize a lil bit about how magic is presented in DST and whether there are any parallels to light diffraction. Since I'm done with my exams for now, spending hours looking at sprites and animations seems a perfect way to spend my spare time.
  12. Thank you very much! I have another request, but it's a big big one so it would be great too if you just provided me with one or two animations! Specifically I'd love to have the animations of magic being used/magic light cones shining: - using Telelocator Staff (purple) - prototyping at default Shadow Manipulator (purple) - using Star-Callers Staff (yellow) - using Deconstruction Staff (green) - reviving with Life Giving Amulet (red) - Klaus reviving with Life Giving Amulet (red) - using Moon Callers Staff (blueish/purple) - Crab King using magic (white) - Petrifying Tome/Tome of Beckoning/Living Staff/Infernal Staff (all the same red I think, so one animation would suffice) And also: - the Fire Staff Projectile flying - the Ice Staff Projectile flying - Klaus' deer using fire magic - Klaus' deer using ice magic - the shimmer when socketing Gems in Crab King - the moonbeam transforming the Star-Callers Staff (if possible including the transparent light cone surrounding it) Like I said quite the big request, but I'd be so grateful if one of you would provide me with (a few) of these animations!
  13. Surprisingly, even more mechanics I've found, but haven't found in this thread: 1. You can put your Grass Gekkos in a constant state of fear and misery using Bunnymen Maximize your Cut Grass output! Grass Gekkos are terribly afraid of Pigs, Bunnymen, Chester and Hounds. Werewolves are a nuisance and Hounds are impractical (unless using sleeping staff-trap-Hounds), so Bunnymen are your perfect choice! They don't destroy walls and inflict nigh-permanent panic in a radius of roughly 5 diagonal Wall-Tiles, which certainly suffices to perma-shock all the inhabitants of your average pen! Pen in your Bunnyman and you only ever need to enter to collect the loot! 2. You can burn Hounds corpses to stop them from reviving Noticed this while fighting Red Hounds earlier! Quite practical, especially when moonstorming your world for a prolonged amount of time. Certainly beats fighting every second black Hound all over again. 3. Telepoofed Rooks just wanna get home Rooks are well-known for their tree-smashing capabilities. Being available year-round, they suffice as a simple alternative to Bearger. If you don't like them charging at you while collecting loot, telepoof them onto the Lunar Islands! They constantly try to jump home, ignoring you entirely. Plant some Marble Beans or Birchnuts (preferably not Pinetrees, unless you wanna get your Rook smashed) and aggro the Rook without dealing damage using your Ice Staff. Telepoofing him on your mainland and blocking him with regular walls works too, but he'll destroy the walls on every charge, which requires extra maintenance. I myself used Bearger on all occasions, but with three of my worlds having Bearger bugged, unable to spawn without console, I've resorted to Rooks entirely. 4. You can step on sticky webs if the Den is frozen. When you wanna collect loot near a Spider Den and you don't have a Spiderhat, just freeze the Den with your trusty Ice Staff. If you aim it standing either perpendicular to the edge or diagonally, you won't alert the Spiders when freezeing the nest. Wander around as much as you like, even when the Den thaws. Surprisingly, if multiple dens are near to each other, the combined web counts as one, so you won't even alert new Spiders when leaving the original Dens web. Watch out though, since wandering close to the edges seems to spawn Spiders nonetheless sometimes. Also, after eating a Chili-Flaked Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, a wet Maxwell can two-hit himself with a boomerang. Love goes out to everyone!
  14. STRINGS.THANKS_POPUP = { ANRARG = "Metheus has taken heed", ARG = "Pulvis et umbra sumus", Those are the strings that pop up when receiving the ancient skins. The ANR in ANRARG surely stands for A New Reign. What could be ARG?
  15. Soooo "You can't beat a good old rubber ball." - Winona exam. CARNIVAL_BALL Seems like Cawnival almost added bouncy balls. Anyone found any clue in the game files on how they would've worked?