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  1. Is that an R? Is that a B? Is it a Clue? Is it just me? Am I going insane? Are there more letters? It doesn't make any sense but it looks so unnatural and I'm so desperate
  2. Now that Charlie's entering the collapsing archive, it's a good time to bring up (again?) the broken Archive Chandelier. So safe to say that we're going down there, supposedly interacting with the Sealed Portal and maybe Wagstaff aswell. Just makes me wonder why Charlie's down there already, even though she wouldn't know about the lunar energy-source Wagstaff seized (please don't let Wagstaff be evil please don't). Anyways, Charlie entered the Archive with her Nightmare-Troops.. Seems like she won the grotto war ._. I, for one, am pretty stoked.
  3. Does anyone know if and where the Archive Sigil is used? It's found under data/anim/archive_sigil.zip There's an animation included, but I couldn't get it to run.. And while I'm here, could anyone of you help me understand the brightmare_gestalt_invaderbrain.lua file found in scripts/brains? I'm not much of a coder myself, but it looks to me like a Moonbase/Wagstaff-Type event, except with Gestalts I reckon? Did Klei just plan on using Gestalts instead of mutated birds originally and scrapped the idea? What creature has the tag "gestalt_invader_spitter"? Would really appreciate the help of someone who actually knows what's going on here haha Thanks in advance!
  4. Now that we know the "Moon" is fake, does the Sun harbor secrets too? Looking back, we were actually quite well-informed about the nature of the moon.. ("The cave provides sanctuary from the "moon's" prying eyes." - Maxwell, inspecting Moon Dial in Caves) (" "Moon" detritus." - Maxwell, inspecting Moon Glass) We don't have any suspicious remarks about the sun, as far as I'm aware.. If there is an Alter-like shadow force, I always thought it was inside of the earth, below the caves, judging from parallels between celestial fissures and nightmare lights+obelisks.. I thought it's stupid how the Ancients would escape from the moons "prying eyes" and travel underground, just to build a Gateway to the moon/the Eye and sap energy from it. Also i found it weird, how the murals depicted the Eye pitch-black with a thulecite-colored iris, if Alter is obviously white and they definitely had white paint. Unless of course Alter changes color when he's awake, but you get where I'm coming from. Also it seemed weird how the claws of the depicted dark energy (even before the Gateways meltdown) were coming out of the ground, not from above So I assumed the Archive-Ancients were sapping Alter-Energy and Knowledge through the portal, but sealed it and turned away from lunar-worshipping when they realized the consequences of Alter waking up. Following that, I thought they repeated the same mistakes the elders made and sapped energy from another source, this time the weird dark Eye from inside the constants core (?). Afterwards everything came crashing down, the shadow-eye stayed awake (which is why shadows lurk everywhere and there's still an open eye above the king, even after the Gateway was destroyed). The sun doesn't fit in there at all. In no way. Even the Shadow Chesspieces get strong enough to materialize during the New Moon, not during the day. Maxwells quote "The... "moon"... has retreated for now." regarding New-Moon-Moondials explain the shadow figures rise in power. BUT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SUN SO WHY IS THERE A SUN IN THE METHEUS PUZZLE GATEWAY?????
  5. Well judging from the lore we've got, the Throne is supposed to be in the "Hub", accessible through Ancient Gateways ("Once you are dead, we will activate the Gateway." "We'll return to the hub and destroy the Throne." - Battlemaster Pugna) Which makes sense, considering Wagstaffs quote: ("I've found it! The portal that can link worlds! The throne of ultimate power!!" - Wagstaff, when examining the nightmare throne) If we were to interact with the throne, we may have to travel into the dark realm seen in Adventure Mode Chapter 6 and the New Reign Cinematic using the Ancient Gateway or the Sealed Portal
  6. But look at Charlies face! Either she's determined, or she's absolutely furious! What if she hates Alter? If she's actually the bodily host for the Torch-Wielder she might simply blame Alter for the death of her husband and the ruin of their civilisation.. What if she's trying to kill Alter or take revenge on it and out of her rage doesn't fully comprehend the consequences? Idk, but it's the first time I've seen her angry like that.. seems intentional to me.. I suppose she would mischievously grin as always, if she just saw the source of infinite power for her to take in Alter..
  7. Excellent job haha! Keep in mind the dark eye above the Staff-Wielders head in the murals. It was closed during the times of progress and peace, whereas it opened when manure hit the fan. I think it's been said before, but it seems the downfall of the Ancients coincides the awakening of the eye. I just hope Metheus knows what she's doing... Edit: or let's just say Charlie for now, got carried away with hyped speculation
  8. I'm bored so let's try to decipher the symbols on the Ancient Keys idk, I'll need your help and opinions though. Starting with: The Ancient Key Fairly easy I think, especially thanks to the previous Art-Streams. It seems to represent a golden, grinning skull. (The tiny golden skull in the murals could reference this, but I don't think so; it wouldn't make much sense contextually. Maybe a reference to the masks some Ancients wore? Who cares, it's pretty) Still fairly certain: The Gorge Key I might be off, but it looks like a goat to me. Would make sense, obviously. Quite peculiar though, how the keys are stylistically in line with the cultures they're in.. of course it looks prettier in-game this way, but still makes me think. Assuming Klei was nitpicky with the design choices, the keys have either been created for these cultures by a higher force, or the cultures created the keys (and possibly the gateways) themselves. If so, however, how did Mumsy learn about Gatekeepers? Especially how come she recognizes us as such? Previous interactions between Goat-Folk and other Gate-Realms are likely, i assume. It could also be Squidward though.. Gonna need your squinting here: The Forge Key What do you think?? I was thinking maybe it's Battlemaster Pugnas "W", but that's a stretch. You got any ideas? Thank you and have a nice evening! PS: Found a banner's propably depicting the Ancient Key. You think that Pugna painted the Key on his belly and made it his logo? Edit: *Forge Key haha, didn't mean the Ancient Key. Ty, Minespatch
  9. Thats an excellent point you make right there! I've been working on a post about the DST-Multiverse, when I stumbled across the "Queen Beast"-Statue inside the Gorge. And boy if the design choices are intended and I'm not jumping to too many conclusions, I've got quite the news for you. Starting with some interpretation right off the bat: I think the queen was a historic entity, crowned for saving the cute victorian goat-people in times of starvation and famine. First of all, because of the adequately named "Beast of Hunger"-Statues placed next to the Queen Beast statue, most likely representing the metaphorical demons that haunted the Goatfolk in the past, secondly because the Ancient King+Queen did the same for their people, so it fits the narrative. So how'd she do it? Just like the Ancient King+Queen, she used the power of the Ancient Gateway. Obviously, she had control over the Ancient Gateway, judging by her Scepter literally being the Ancient Gorge Key. We don't know wether she was a Gatekeeper herself, or if she met passing Gatekeepers, which gave her power and knowledge over the Ancient Gateway. We do know however, that Mumsy knows the term "Gatekeepers" and even knows how to recharge the Ancient Key, so Gatekeepers most likely played a key role in the Goatfolks history. But here's the kicker!!!!! She holds an orb!!! And that might just be incredibly relevant. Just like the royal scepter, the orb (more precicely the "Globus cruciger"="Cross bearing orb") has been historically known to be an ancient/Christian symbol of authority. I'll just quote the Wikipedia-Entries because I'm lazy, but my point will get across. Wikipedia: "The cross represents Christ's dominion over the orb of the world, literally held in the hand of an earthly ruler. [...] Holding the world in one's hand, or, more ominously, under one's foot, has been a symbol since antiquity. [...] With the growth of Christianity in the 5th century, the orb (in Latin works orbis terrarum, the 'world of the lands', whence "orb" derives) was surmounted with a cross, hence globus cruciger, symbolizing the Christian God's dominion of the world. The Emperor held the world in his hand to show that he ruled it on behalf of God." Assuming that Klei cared about symbolism, the orb in the Queens hand represents her acting on behalf of the worlds ruler. So since the cross was exchanged for what appears to me to be a gaping maw with teeth, I find it fair to assume that she was cooperating/serving the Gnaw, which now ravenously terrorizes the inhabitants of their realm. (IMO it could be a crown too on top of the orb, but its pretty pointy and pretty bland compared to the queens crown so I don't think it is) What do you think??? Too much of a stretch or am I onto something? Edit: I mean, ofc they're worshiping Gnaw, that's the whole point. But assuming that the Queen is/serves a Gatekeeper and Gatekeepers in turn get used by the Throne, a relation between Gnaw itself and the Throne is quite possible. Best wishes! PS: Some fun details: 1. The "Gnaw_Worshipper_1" statue seems to offer a gem (to Gnaw?) 2. Battlemaster Pugna claims the Gatekeepers to be the "Throne's lapdogs". (No! My Forge, felled by the Throne's lapdogs!") He also implies "The Throne" has deserted his people and afterwards destroyed everything. The capital "T" in the last quotes implies "Them" to currently govern the Throne. ("... Do you understand the forces you serve?" "We were severed from the Throne!" "Trapped in a realm of stone and fire, with no scepter to provide." "Why serve a power that deserted my people?" "They destroy all They touch...") Yet, whoever sits in the Throne seems to have power (maybe the power to command Gnaw/immense Gamemode 1 power like Maxwell had sitting on the Shadow Throne?) ("At last, our realm returns to glory!" "Warriors, rekindle the Gateway..." "Today we take the Throne!") But more on that on the 8-Dimensions+1Hub Multiverse-Post if I can be bothered and the evidence is conclusive. 3. Have you ever seen the moon in the Gorge? Neither have I. Of course it's just a gameplay mechanic, since there is no night in Gorge, but it's still funny to note how we don't know wether there is a moon or not. Most notably, no matter how many days you skip using console, the Moondial always indicates a New Moon... Almost as if there was no moon at all...anymore...? 4. Gnaws Favours, which he grants for appeasing him with sacrifices, are strangely reminiscent of Opals/Iridescent gems. Also it's curious how you need three of them to power the Ancient Key, quite like the three Opals to power the Ancient Archive. Though this might just be unrelated, since three is just a great number. So, is the gnaw the hatched moon of their realm? Would be pretty funny lmao good night
  10. Some mechanics I've found, but haven't found jn this thread: 1. Each Nightmare light in the ruins (at least the ones near the repaired APS) spawn at most 2 Shadow Creatures per cycle. So if you kill eight of 'em during the Nightmare Phase, this spot is safe for the next 10 minutes. Since these Shadows have an aggro-range, you can even take them out one by one without problems. So for 10 minutes, you can put on your Bee Queen Crown and revel in the 300-450 sanity/min aura each light provides. Surprisingly it's an excellent spot to take a break, replenish your sanity and duplicate Thulecite without sanity-loss. 2. You can telelocate Nightmare Creatures. If you have too many purple gems lying around and just can't be bothered to fight Nightmare Creatures anymore, just telepoof them away. You'll be safe for around 4 seconds to 2 minutes until the next one comes around. 3. Lava Pools are way hotter than Fire Pits or Scaled Furnaces (duh). Lava Pools have a great heat range and are excellent for effortlessly surviving the first winter. Roaring Fire Pits, Scaled Furnaces and open fires heat up Thermal Stones to 45°C. Lava Pools heat up Thermal Stones to 90°C. Not only do 90°C TS glow significantly brighter, they keep you warm twice as long and surprisingly still don't overheat you. So if you base near the Dragonfly desert, don't even bother using Fire Pits to heat your TS. Also, the 90°C range is huge! Every TS between the inner row and the Lava Pool will reach 90°C. You can even put some stone walls in between if you want to. Basing near them has been great for me. I couldn't even be bothered to use a Miner Helmet most nights anymore, since the light-radius is sufficiently large and each Stone lasts the whole night anyways. That one guy in this thread who suggested packing up Thermal Stones in Bundling Wrap, needs to know this. Just make sure not to pick Lava Pools too close to the Dragonfly lmao. (90°C on the left, pathetic 45°C on the right) 4. If Varg-spawned Hounds unload, it won't spawn more Hounds. Most likely widely known, but good to mention and very useful nonetheless. So if you manage to seperate a Varg from its Hounds (for example using a wall of statues for the Doggos to get stuck upon), the Varg won't spawn any more Hounds, no matter where you take him. As long as the Hounds are alive, his spawn-cap is reached. If they are unloaded however, they can never reach him. THIS MEANS IF YOU TELELOCATE HIS DOGS, HE CAN'T SUMMON MORE DOGS! Let's say you want a pet for your base, just use the Telelocator staff on his Hounds and he's (relatively) harmless. It's the same as building a cage for his Hounds, just for lazy people. Even if you want to get rid of a Varg, but hate fighting him because of his Hounds, just telelocate him or his Dogs and he's easy to crush. When I'm playing any character other than Winona, or I'm too lazy to build a sophisticated Varg-Farm yet and just want some early-game Gems and Monster Meat, I just telelocate all but one Hound, cage in the Varg, and easily take out the spawning Hounds one by one without losing HP 0r armor. Remember that you will find random Hounds scattered around the world, trying to get back to him. If they reach him without unloading, his spawn-cap will increase again. Best wishes ;*
  11. So I've been obsessed again with the murals, hoping to find out more about the gateways nature. Has anyone of you stumbled upon an interpretation of these weird "plants" the ancients seemed to throw into the hungry being inside the ancient gateway? Don't think those are carrots.... I think the ancients offered radishes to the eldritch god. At least until the maw demanded gems in exchange for more power I reckon? What's your take?