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Odd World Generation

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So, I was doing some world gen today and came across this rather crazy world that I've attached some images from. I've only ever seen one world like it before from a reddit post back in 2015.

Due to its rarity here is the seed: 1616755459

I hope people enjoy it if they want to use it. It presents some interesting and unique challenges in my opinion. It was generated with completely default settings and no mods.

What I'm really wondering is how it even managed to happen? It looks like perhaps the rogue part of lunar island couldn't fit in over the other side so got thrown all the way over to where it is and the land bridge connected the two because it detected that they had to be together. I'd love to hear any ideas or explanations!



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Time to walk the long road to the lunar island!image.thumb.png.2cc50b8c2b102f8226e59bb8eb5c5386.png
(Really neat find BTW, I thought this generation was gone thanks to Return of Them, as there's been a few cases of this occurring prior, but it turns out it isn't!)

Seed works with Gemcore just fine too, which is good.

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