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Are you okay... Wormwood?

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Wormwood's Victorian legs are GLITCHY.

When you wear the victorian legs then got into blooming stage his... I don't how i can explain but this happens:

NOTE: It happens on every skin.

UPDATE: I realized his victorian skin body part gets longer, longer and longer during bloom stage. And in his fist stage the body part covers the butt area so game doesn't need the butt area BUT when you take off the body part it looks very very weird... Because of that please don't remove characters butt area Klei please.

Ekran Görüntüsü (83).png

Ekran Görüntüsü (82).png

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5 hours ago, gaymime said:

i am reminded of a very old and very bad pickup line i learned when i was a lad;

hey girl/boy, do those legs go all the way up?

And in this case, the answer would legit be "No!"  XD

Wormwood isn't going to take this sitting down!

Moon-boy can no longer moon people.  So sad.

Well, you can't accuse Wormwood of just sitting around on his arse.

Or that he has half-arsed ideas, since, ya know, he doesn't even HAVE half of one.

And no-one can say his head is straight up his butt!

(I could do this all day.  : P)


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