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  1. I have the strange urge to take those last 2 panels and use them around the internet if and when the opportunity presents itself
  2. Really, do you have to be so rude! I wish I could help, I honestly really do, but... Well, I don't own the game and I don't know how to break in code in any capacity. Just thought I'd make the thread to bring light to the issues, and maybe flag down some more experienced wikia editors
  3. I don't know if this is gonna work or if the wiki editors come around here, but if they do, there are some issues. Namely, as of now, Wanda overlaps Walter in all the quotes for individual items. Also figs & their recipes aren't in the character quote sections yet, not to mention other characters' comments on Wanda herself
  4. Wendy didn't make a car sound. You need to get your ears checked
  5. Siivagunner rip! This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!
  6. Webber is NOT su- W HA T ??!?!??!? OHGM MY GOD
  7. I know I already put it in the Maxwell Memes, but it revolves around a character quote and I just think this thread could use a kick in the conditioner
  8. just casually popping back in after 3 months, what's new in the world of Donut Starf
  9. I have never played Don't Starve Together
  10. TemporarySolutn really is posting the cringe today
  11. Hey, that's that one show that I heard the Nostalgia Critic talk about on a top 11 list once, and then I never heard of again! Ok let's be besties
  12. I mean, I wasn't about to talk about vore on this thread 2 times in a row Edit: Wait... Damn it
  13. Actually, there are a lot of Maxwell quotes that I think we should focus on