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What are some things you'd put in a megabase?

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Automatic volt goat farm using anenemy traps.

Kitchen with storage for bundled foods and 6 crockpots around a fridge.

Tamed Beefalo pen with enough room for 3 or 4 salt licks.

Penned in spider silk farm using bunnymen for constant silk production.

Automatic grass farm using geckos and a method to scare them (Chester, trapped mob)

Up to 40 farms so you can produce a stack of chillies/dragonfruit/anything you want at a time.

Clothing storage area to keep stuff off the ground (I put mine around a wardrobe for function and to make it more themed)

Arena for fighting the shadow pieces.

Moon altar pig farm with a secure wall (made with end tables, fossil fragments, statues or other objects that can be carried)

Leafy meat farm (easiest to just put them on boats now)

Desert wall to block/catch tumbleweeds.

2x bunnyman hutch by opened cave entrances to kill off bats.

Road networks to get places faster, or line current roads with something so you can see where they are during winter (if not using mods)

Bearger/Reanimated Skeleton marble farm.

Massive bee/honey farm, enough that you only have to harvest it during winter to get honey for the whole year.

Low-maintenance hound defence using statue/structure walls and houndius shootius.

Some sort of less tedious method of collecting logs depending on character (I use reanimated skelly in caves during summer, Bearger on the surface works too)

Fire proof storage for flammable items, dragonfly scale farm/arena for the scales needed.

Mushroom farm in caves to avoid winter rot.

Varg hound/gem farm.


That's about everything I can think of (that doesn't require a specific character) that I would consider useful/necessary. If you want examples of most of these I can post a screenshot to give you a better idea.

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  • You can make a moleworm farm to easily amass all kinds of stones. They tend to bug on walls so it's best to make it on a small peninsula.
  • Consider building a boat bridge connecting lunar island with the main land. It uses a lot of resources but is worth the hassle in longer term.
  • Build some hutches around Gigantic Bee Hive and Dragonfly desert to help you get Royal Jellies and Scales.
  • Set up a little armoury: similar to previously mentioned clothing storage but designed to store different types of weapons and armours, so they're ready for use if the fight is about to happen. It's always better to have a spare helmet or crown and a decent weapon lying around.
  • Track and capture a Koalefant in a fenced area so you can get Manure for free fuel or fertilizer.
  • Place a couple Pig Houses or Rabbit Hutches beside Walrus Camp to make winter hunt easier (Spider Dens work as well and are easier to get, but there's a higher chance you'd have to fight for your meat afterwards).
  • Trap the Bearger with Lureplant Bulbs so he doesn't annoy you every Autumn. You can always free him to chop some wood when in need. Just make sure you trap him on turfs blocking Eyeplants from spawning.
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I'd go for roads and a 'battle zone' which is 100% cobble for the faster move speed where you can fight stuff like Deerclops or Shadow Pieces with the full road speed boost. You can make a road leading up to it and design it like a huge battle arena.

Boat Bridge to Sea Weed in case you feel like shaving some barnacles. 

Set up satellite bases with fire pit, fuel, life giving amulet/meat effigy, chest with lantern, helmet, lightning rod, rain/winter/summer gear.

Set up spice and onion farm to swap to Warly later to make buff food.

See  if you can have enough bee boxes to harvest enough honey to eat once per year.

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The longer a world lasts, the more enjoyable it is to people who either enjoy expanding their base for its own sake, or have specific goals in mind. If you can survive to day 250, you can survive forever, and just trying to make surviving easier starts to be less interesting from that point.

You might prefer to focus more on practicing boss fights (there are so many), deeper exploration (activating the Archives, doing Pearl's quests, clearing the ruins, ...) or "advancing the world's technology" (Enabling perma light area via moon altar, building several Lazy Deserters if you're multiplayer, or a pair of Telelocator Focuses if you're singleplayer, bridges, houndius shootius...)

More to the point of megabasing, both exploring and fighting involve risky activity, so for both you'll like to have areas to optimize the production of healing foods or items, and of Meat Effigies or Lfe Giving Amulets.


  • For healing farm I, for example, have a place near my base with multiple kelp fronds, planted flowers, and crockpots. I kill butterflies, gather the kelp, and make myself a stock of Buttermuffins, which heal 20 a piece, and allow two twigs as filler on the recipe! But you might prefer a bunnyman farm, which give mass ingredients for stocking up on pierogis, which heal 40. Or you'll want honey poultice, requiring a bee farm and collecting reeds.


  • For revival farm, you can farm Beardlords (which are what Bunnyman turn into when you are insane) for the beard hair necessary for a Meat Effigy (Then just remember to always have one effigy placed in the caves and one on the surface). And/or you can look up "gem farm dst" on Youtube, where the user Gabriel Gabriel uploaded a great guide to amass red gems, which are necessary for Life Giving Amulet.



I used to think I sucked at making pretty bases and wasn't interested in trying, but literally the first time I gave an honest effort I had so much fun and it's basically my main focus on the game now, even though I still love fighting bosses and exploring. So give it a go! 

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