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  1. Hi there everyone . Does using Micronutrient Fertilizer from the farm station helps reduce our dirt cost from farming sleet wheat ?
  2. Currently, the farm is bland and only requires the planting of a seed to be grown, we can plant one, in a small square farm, in short I find the farm zero. I had the idea to be able to create fields, fertile lands that can be cultivated, or we can plow the field manually with the same tool as in The Gorge, or we can also attach to the Beefalo a tool that can plow the fields, it will be much faster and Beefalo may have a function other than travel and combat. The fruits and vegetables would grow according to the seasons, so that the field remains fertile, it will have to be refueled with fertilizer, the fields could be "made" with a special soil, whose name would be "Champs" of course, no not in the tab "Manufacturing" but "Food". This mechanism for the farm looks more like agriculture than a square of soil and fertilizer where one can plant a seed, with this idea, several seeds can be planted at the same time, the places where the earth will have been plowed, much like The Gorge. Thank you for giving negative opinions if you do not like (or if you think it should be improved) and positive reviews if possible !
  3. i can set up a 3x4 wood fence with gate next to a few trees that spawn pikos to farm and they spawn so fast and are so good for farming meat. i can have 120 small meat per day with this method. which equates to 600 oincs per 3 days (1day farm meat, 1 day exchange with pig king, 1 day turn into oinks with mayor.) i feel like its kinda cheesy how easy it is. in ship wrecked if you want to do a monkey farm it takes a little more setup/you need to build the structures to do it efficently. and even then they run away from you so you have to set up your farm differently. pikos dont care if any of their friends are being attackd or killed when they are in the chasing an item mode. Just feels like it needs tuned a bit. maybe make them like monkeys where when you attack they run away
  4. Some of you just enjoy beating the crap out of mobs, but I enjoy to use permanent structures to allow mass resource farm (plus, my game lags & can't perform proper kiting). Here are some I often use. 1. Feather farm Turn catcoon into automated bird killing machine Used materials : 5 seeds, feather hat, 6 rocks (for 4 walls), 1 cutgrass(to lure catcoon) Pro : Cheap, not hard to make, best way to gather feathers without Wickerbottom's books & weapons Cons : Catcoon falls asleep at least once a day, and can be slightly frustrating 2. Pig & Bunny Farm An "oven" that can cook multiple pigs & bunnies within few seconds Used materials : 2 fossils, 12 rocks (for 12 walls), 6 grass, 1 rot/carrot (bait), waterballon or ice flingomatic Pros : Possibly cheapest & fastest mass slaughter farm. Cons : Fire hazzard, Ice flingomatic can be costly (but don't we already have like one ice machine besides pig/bunny village?) 3. Mole Farm Mole farm using cave duplication instead of expensive bundling wrap dupe Used materials : Hammer, couple of rocks Pros : Easy way to multiply moles for those who can't kill bee queen Cons : takes 2 days for multiplying, much slower than bundling wrap method 4. Monkey Farm Using monkey's curious george trait to kill them Used materials : rocks (depends on how big the trap is), 1 bait (can be anything), 2 fossils, weapon/cane Pros : Can safely dispatch multiple monkeys without much difficulty Cons : Unable to build farm near the monkey pod as putting down bait is near impossible 5. Varg Farm Turning Varg farm into hound factory Used materials (in video) : 18 rocks (for 13 walls), 8 pinecones, 14 fossils, 1 lureplant bulb, panflute Pros : If you know bit of kiting, you can get endless supply of teeth, gem & monster meat Cons : It is not THAT cheap (though can be used indefinitely), and the danger exists, since you do have to kill hounds yourself
  5. Hello! Recently on my server I wanted to try to build a farm of red and blue gems exploiting a Varg: the farm is almost totally automatic, it only requires me to recharge an ice flingomatic during the autumn and summer to extinguish the fires of the red hounds. The farm uses pigs to kill dogs, so about every two days (the amount of time it takes all pigs to die) the farm stops for about four days (time it takes the pigs to return from their homes). Every "production cycle" the farm produces about 50 dog's teeth, a variable amount of meat and skin (depending on how much I can save) and about 10 gems. Although it is an interesting loot, considering that it is completely free and that the farm is totally safe (the hounds never go away from the Varg and just one pig alive because they ignore me completely while collecting the booty) I wondered if there were ways to make it more productive, without having those 4 days of "pause" between one cycle and another. Unfortunately, lobsters can no longer bring them to the surface, and to build turrets seems to me too disjointed in terms of time and materials. I can not even use the dear Abigail, the heart of my spider and pigs farm, because it would also kill the Varg :'D (Ps: In the picture Abigail does not attack the Varg because I use a mod that allows you to tell she to attack or remain peaceful.The point is that I can not tell she to attack only one target: either slaughter all enemies or completely ignore them)
  6. I am sure someone can come up with a better way of doing this but I had some fun playing around with the design and thought I would share my attempt. Same idea could also be used to sort hatches into ranches with available space. Keep in mind this only works with one critter at a time so you could not have several outhouses - could change it a bit and add another chamber to make it work with several mobs, hatches etc.. You can't have doors below outhouses anymore so only one morb will spawn until you reload the game. I guess you could also just have a chamber to the side of the outhouse instead of dropping them but I wasted enough time on this so enjoy!
  7. Mush Garden [DST]

    Version 1.0.0


    Steam Adress : A Fungi Garden Trip! With this mod, you can create your own mushroom farm! And even more, you can build a bigger farm with bigger mushroom trees! Configure your options and you're ready to go! ***The Crafting Tab will be under you Farm Tab!*** Note : Do not try to catch the mushroom tree spores. Let them light the night! This mod is included within The Korrigan mod! This mod was made by Mahdwolfe.
  8. Leafy Meat Farm

    Nothing new but didn't see a video on this. Frogs can essentially steal from Moleworms, Pig Men, Rabbit Men, Krampus, Lureplants, Chester/Packim, Monkeys etc. Frogs attack the lureplants, which constantly generate leafy meat, and drop it over and over until the lureplant dies. You can get roughly 15-20 leafy meat pure bulb. It's essentially easy food, slurtle slime, gold, gunpowder, fertilizer, etc. Cheers,
  9. How are you guys picking up spider eggs? I can either attack or examine. I tried using the shovel and the pitchfork, but not luck??? Thanks!
  10. I mean, every seed is a little secret right? So, yeah, what do you usually give to your bird to get more more AND MOREE... ?I really like dragonfruit just because i love this fruit IRL, but dragon pies are good too, they usualy get rotten quickly so i have lots and lots of dragonfruit seeds in the ice box
  11. Today I made a new world with one simple goal: Build a super berry base. I was fortunate enough to find a spot near rabbits with a short walk to the local Beefalo herd. Within 10 days I had 40 berry bushes and 3-7 berries sprouting each day. I built my berry patch along a cliff, and this seems to stymie the gobblers. Synopsis: Wilson would live very comfortably for the rest of his days so long as he didn't get tired of berries. Then it hit me: What if one day, Wilson turned to me and said, "Bro, I am so tired of berries. My poop smells like fruit." The Problem: The ability to mass-produce a single food resource without any diminishing returns rewards passive play. The Solution: Dietary Attrition. With my solution, characters would eventually tire of eating the exact same things over and over again. If in at least X days, Y of a given resource are consumed, Z days of attrition for that food are earned. Foods with attrition restore less hunger and health. Higher tier foods (those with the more complex recipes) are more resistant to attrition, while lower-tier foods (i.e., uncooked carrots & berries) are more susceptible to attrition. Adding More Depth: The effects of attrition are increased depending on how many days of attrition are left for a given food. Basic foods contribute slightly to the attrition of more complex recipes that use them. At the maximum threshold of attrition, a given food loses all of its dietary value. Eating that food causes Wilson to exclaim, "I think I'm going to puke!" and then vomit, undoing the effects of foods eaten within the last M hours. Foods also grant bonuses to health and hunger for the first N items consumed after waiting an especially long period between consumptions of that food, and when first discovered. Attrition Resistance: To balance complexity with availability, lower-tier foods penalize high-frequency consumption, while higher-tier foods penalize bulk consumption. Effects on Current Gameplay: Players will be penalized for relying solely on the food resources provided by a single biome or small area. In order to progress in the game, players will need to spend more time exploring the world in order to incorporate new food sources into their diet. This game is called "Don't Starve", after all, and not "Fight Lots of Hell Hounds". Effects on Future Gameplay: If Winter is being added, we'll almost certainly see other seasons, if not non-traditional seasons. For instance, Beefalo Mating Season may be the first K days after winter. Seasons will force players to adapt their production lines. When a new season is near, players will have to stockpile food in such a way as to minimize the attrition from food they've already eaten. Players will need to adapt to new production lines available only during the next season, and adapt to their established production lines going 'out of season'. Example: During Beefalo Mating Season, players can't rely on manure in their supply chains, as it will be much more dangerous to acquire. Instead, meat sources will be more important. With the promise of new Beefalo in the herd, players should consider adding Beefalo to their diet. That's all I got for the moment. Let me know what you think. I'd very much appreciate any feedback that can be offered.
  12. Here is my suggestion on the easy "steam-roll" to success farming problem fix! Here are some possibilities to consider: 1:Crop spoilage 2:Terrain/Biome Factor 3:Trample factor (and possibly fences for that) 4:Cageable beefalo that if put corresponding to a farm(s) will fertalize with no need to interact(after building and placing of course) 5:Hostiles/Enemy's could eat crops(Depending on what they are) 6:Wither with out pretty much irrigation 7:Constant need to be tended to because in real life lots of plants will not grow straight up 7:"birth" defects. Ever gotten a weird/ugly looking fruit/veggie? Exactly 8:Pigs will vacate if many of them go missing I know I won't have much impact but any reader/comment I very much appreciate! Thamks.
  13. So I had this idea, you plant a spider nest and surround it with a circle of fire pits, it would grow into a queen and although the spiders and the player could go through the gaps in the pits, the queen would be to large to fit. I tested the size of the queen with a wall of fire pits and this would seem to work, however the amount of resources this farm would take is enormous. Does anyone else have any ideas on a more resource conservative farm?Please try to keep posts family friendly, thank you
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Chrome Version Number - Issue title Last update deleted my game and research etc... Steps to reproduce I logged in and saw everything was deleted Describe your issue Last update deleted my saved game, research points, settings and items researched, basically made me start over from scratch. A little annoying because I was past 440 days and had 6000 of research when I closed the game before Christmas and when I opened it yesterday everything was deleted.
  15. Not too long ago, I planted 5 spider nests a bit away from my home. After I planted all of them, I heard this strange windy noise. Like when wind blows through a cave. It doesn't seem to occur with one or two nests together though. Anyone else notice this and/or can confirm it? I was in a savanna biome when it happened and don't have more nests to test it out.
  16. Hi everyone, I am low on health, and I'm pretty sure that eating food gives you health, but what if I am full with hunger, 100 percent, and if I eat more, wont I faint or explode or something? How can I heal myself? Also, I built the second farm, the one that takes 4 poop, how do I use it? Lastly, I recently encountered a treeguard and it is sleeping now, if it somehow wakes up, will it kill me or will it wander around and help me kill bad monsters? Please help, thanks!
  17. Title say it all any mac users out there i have a chrome key too make me a steam mac game offer for it, although i did see jade empire on sale today that wouldn't go a miss sorry for a new thread but i saw some games on sale today
  18. Hey guys, First off I love this game! Second, I didn't know about the feeding birds (but do now) and was trying forever to see what use the cage had, which is what brought me here. I built it thinking that it would let me farm feathers. So that's my idea. I think that having a pet bird would be a great way to farm feathers. It could be done similar to honey in that you need to use paper on the cage once ever few days to clean the cage. Doing this would result in a chance to get feathers that fell out of your bird. the cage could look visually dirty to indicate it's cleaning time. The other option was what I actually tired. Hit the cage with a hammer to scare/shake a feather out of your pet. This could be considered naughty and if done more then once a day kill the bird? Cheers- Saber
  19. I'd like to buy the game, but before I do I'm just wondering how well it works on linux with Wine?
  20. iv found that only one of the farm plots is needed to be fertalised and was thinking 'surely it makes more sense for them all to have to be fertalised.' i understand maybe speedy and turbo should require longer before they have to be fertalised but iv used the turbo and speedy plots alot and have not had to fertalise them once...