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How about rework Wilson and Windows-78?

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I believe the robot and Mr. Wilson are in need of rework the most at the moment.

The robot has no command effect, but it requires devouring a large amount of resources. I believe that its advantages should be expressed more clearly. And instead of devouring gears, he should have some kind of crafting items.

Or, in general, you need to give him an analogue of Living Artifact, only without invulnerability.

In general, the robot should be fat, powerfully damage and drink huge cans of healing. (Very similar to mmo rf-online Accretia tank. And its funny.)

I think the Wilson needs to be made a support. Give him the opportunity to craft good first-aid kits and brew potions to strengthen allies, such as running steroids and attack speed. For a scientist, this is just right.

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Webber is more in need of a rework in my opinion. WX-78 is a good character right now, Webber isn't. While it's true that WX has no team-ability, it is still a good character with great upsides. Also in the ruins you get a lot of gears. Like a lot a lot. You will have far more than 15, and after that you only need to eat gears again if you die, which will prove difficult with 400 health, or if you change characters, in both cases dropping a few gears. For Wilson, I am still on the team of not giving him anything big. But definitely not a downside. He is literally designed so newbies can learn the game, and not have to worry about downsides and stuff. I hear a lot of people wanting him to better express his scientist side, but they are forgetting that Wilson is a terrible scientist. He's good at making puns, but not at science. And I'm not the one who said that, Klei did.

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The RX-78 Gundam is quite good on its own though it usually needs some help to achieve max potential. I'm pretty bad at direct combat in this game though so characters that are only good at fighting don't appeal to me as much because I'd just end up wasting a lot of armor and not contribute enough through killing stuff to bring back to base in DST.  That said, WX is a pretty good character if you can maximize him as speed is a ridiculously good stat in this game. I don't mind having an WX or a Wolfgang on the team, but it's not for me. I don't really see how I'd add any team synergy to WX without nerfing him in some other area, though I don't think that characters like WX or Wolfgang really need team synergy in exchange for nerfs. To me they are fine the way they are for the players who want their play style.


Wilson's beard is better than a Winter Hat in terms of insulation, so there's that. I guess if you gear him out right he can be convenient to play during winter season for players who don't like torching two trees and running in and out of the fire to get to 70 degrees before moving on. The only issue with the beard is the grow time so you can't maximize the gains from shaving it before winter hits if you want to have a full beard. If anything for Wilson, I'd just give him his own recipe for a booster shot that's easier or cheaper to make than the current one. Beard = Meat Effigy, so might as well make him the convenient resurrection guy.




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