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  1. If it were to drop dragon fruit, it should drop a giant dragon fruit as it is a giant dragonfly
  2. Woodie is the only character than can rush the lunar island faster than anyone else and he can spawn more Treeguards than anyone else
  3. I wish that that would be a bigger thing in the game industry
  4. the insta tier 1 science that she has should probably be given to someone like wilson or wagstaff if he ever comes to dst
  5. Bearger because of heavy deforestation and mass spawning of Treeguards
  6. If Klei makes a speed boost food, it'll probably be a early exclusive and require a MacTusk tusk to make
  7. How much healing/armor should I prepare for dfly, I wanna try her at least once in my current world
  8. That is correct, but the problem for me is not that I haven't learned enough of the fight, it is that I had to spend that much time and effort to only barely bring down one of the weaker raid bosses
  9. I'm just gonna say that I spent like an hour roiling back again and again against klaus, even when I came into the fight with 33 pierogis and a hambat and like 14 football helms.
  10. Burn the 12 trees at the oasis if you plan to base there
  11. There is a worse option than both rabbits and splumonkeys, there is Tumbleweed! Beard hair has a 0.02% drop chance from a tumbleweed, equivalent to that of a green, orange or red gem!
  12. Bearger because of just how many logs and tree guards you can get
  13. Dude, look on the bright side, klei has updated something about the caves.
  14. What I do is I put meaningless items in people's wobies like marble and reeds and mushrooms if I have them just to confuse people
  15. I'm surprised that no one chose wolf or wx, I guess people only think of them as boss killers, not fun characters
  16. Their heads are too big, especially Wolfgang's head that is the size of a fridge