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  1. No offense, but this is the opposite of a "Pro Tip".
  2. I just went into this fight as Wolfgang, not aware of the change. Admittedly, I had prepared well, had changed into Warly beforehand and cooked myself a Volt Goat Chaud-Froid and chilli-spiced food, but the upshot was: instead of teleporting out of the cage: one can tank him while in the cage. The only worry for me would be the BQ crown. With Wolfgang, it was still at 23% at the end. With other characters I would always temporarily take it off while being hit.
  3. This bug is definitely newish, it's not that people were less vocal about it. I now regularly get this with Wolfgang (so not just Wurt) against Moose and DF. As described in the original report, it occurs if the giant moves towards you before you land your first hit. In that case all the hits until the next kite do not register.
  4. But you still have to cool the steam engine, right? I essentially use Brothgar's design, but in addition I ship the metal out and drop it next to the steam engine; and then the same cooling loop that is keeping the engine cool also cools down the metal to useable temperatures. His design is my favourite combination of practical and safe: it is not completely fail safe, but it is so easy to build and to maintain in an actual game, that it's good enough for me.
  5. You need to take a chill pill, dude. He is acting like "everybody knows who this Brothgar is and can find his methodology online", because pretty much everybody here knows who "this Brothgar" is, and can find his methodology online.
  6. There is nothing wrong with attempting such improvements, I just wish they did some testing before rolling out new mechanics.
  7. As per title, the Home Sweet Home imperative is bugged. After completing the monument, I see a nice animation with all the dupes happy, then a few shots of my base, then the shot of the monument, and then a black screen (although I hear sounds that suggest that there should be another animation). After that the game hangs and I have to kill it. When I reopen, I can only load the last save, before the monument was completed. In case this is relevant, the world was started on the main branch before the launch upgrade. Save file just before monument was complete is attached. Underground Factory.sav
  8. I am still having that issue. I have not yet figured out when it happens, but the symptoms are as Mday described: after some shattering, all sound is lost, then eventually comes back again.
  9. I can confirm this. I have caged one pangolden, and another one is roaming freely. Neither poops gold after eating 3 gold dust. The caged one is constantly trying to go somewhere, so I guess his home was not relocated, but also the free one ate 9 gold dust, and 2 days later still no gold.
  10. The bug is not that minor: if you then dig up the stump, the piko disappears, together with whatever precious resource it had in its mouth. The bug has been reported at least 5 times now, the first time back in October. A bit strange that the devs have still not even acknowledged that the bug is there.
  11. I picked up the Ro Bin egg just as it was about to hatch, a Ro Bin still appeared where the egg had been lying, but also another one appeared seemingly out of the egg I was holding. Each has appeared with a Gizzard Stone, but they are both following me if I just carry one of the stones. It's not just a graphical glitch, they really do have each their own 9 slots. It now gets pretty crowded in shops when I enter
  12. Are you sure? Do you not want her catapults to also one-shot-kill every boss? And maybe all stats set to 400 for good measure? I am sure I could think of even more "improvements".
  13. There are mods accomplishing all of those things, and many of these things can even be accomplished through world generation options. Anyway, this topic has been talked to death by now.
  14. Tasteless is not a surprise, it was never supposed to restore much sanity. But hopefully it restored a lot of health for you!
  15. I can confirm the bug. I did not die, and we even won, but still did not complete the quest.
  16. I have now managed to connect, too. No idea what the problem was, sorry about the false alarm.
  17. After the updated I couldn't join a dedicated server, where my character had been in caves. Could be an issue that is limited to endless mode (where you revive at postern after death) agsin, as once before? Caves worked on my own server (normal survival mode).
  18. And sure enough, something is broken again, probably the caves ('cause why not; isn't that what an update is supposed to do?)
  19. Well, that's fine. But have these people not heard of testing before rolling out code? This is becoming a bit embarrassing.