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  1. Wiona catapult repair

    That would be mostly addressed if anybody could repair the catapults, but only with tape. I like that suggestion.
  2. Every time the devs introduce something that not every noob can easily make use of, there is an outcry here on the forums, and the devs make adjustments. I will spare you the examples, and also the consequent prediction of what would happen if your suggestion was implemented.
  3. Are you sure? Do you not want her catapults to also one-shot-kill every boss? And maybe all stats set to 400 for good measure? I am sure I could think of even more "improvements".
  4. I agree that it would be interesting to see statistics, e.g. how many players have participated in a successful FW fight. Your numbers might not be that far off. HOWEVER: I am not sure how high the number would have to be for the content to not be considered wasted. Certainly nowhere near 100%, probably not even anywhere near 30%. In these forums, we get at regular intervals whining by people who think that the game is too easy, and that Klei should be making more content for the proverbial top 1%. While I completely disapprove of said whining, I do think that even in a non-pvp game, there need to be long term goals that are only achievable with a lot of work and dedication, otherwise people will be losing interest quickly. A survival game only hooks you initially if it is actually hard to survive. Eventually you learn to survive, but you will only carry on if there is more, higher mastery, as it were, to strive for. I feel like a structure that, with the investment of extremely abundant resources, almost trivialises the ultimate raid boss of the game is a step in the wrong direction, and I do not see why the OP would think that everybody, after a few hours of DST experience, is entitled to a bone armor, or to a BQ crown, or to easily perpetually resetable ruins. There is plenty of play in this game even if you have no hope of soloing the fuelweaver, in fact precisely if you have no hope of soloing the fuelweaver.
  5. Winona is great

    i can almost gerentee that i will get eye cancer if i luke et ur hurribal angleesh tue lonck.
  6. I agree with almost everything the OP says. The only thing I will say is that On Tentacles, when used to cheese Bee Queen, is, in my opinion, also almost exploiting a glitch. I strongly suspect that the devs overlooked the trick with the knocked down walls, and that the intention was for tentacles to spawn anywhere where the players can walk. They worked so hard to give the BQ interesting mechanics and make her hard, that I cannot imagine that they envisaged her being killable with the player chilling at the campfire nearby. Then came fuelweaver, an almost perfect boss design: requiring a lot of fairly involved preparation, the fight itself hard, but just about doable with enough practice, and rewarding loot. That they have now decided to make it almost trivial withough any exploits completely baffles me, and I hope that this decision will be reversed and the catapults nerfed somehow.
  7. Right. We have the console anyway, so who cares about balance. What exactly is your point? You are saying that the catapults are not OP, because they are weaker than exploiting glitches? You do know that Klei tried to patch the fire farm glitch, for example? The point is that the catapults, when used as intended, are ridiculously powerful, and trivialise previously hard and fun fights. If you have always made those fights trivial by using mechanics that are bugs, rather than features, then that's your decision (although I then do wonder, why you don't just push the "death" command to the boss in question via console), but it has nothing to do with the discussion at hand.
  8. If you satisfy your higher food reqirements with dragon pies, then you are beyond help anyway. I really fail to see the problem that everybody is getting so worked up over. If you play smart, then food is pretty much a non-issue. In a good team, there is always too much food, what with pig and bunnymen farms, spiders, m/geese in spring, etc., and Winona brings something new and unique to the table. Get Maxwell to mine tons of wood for her, get Wolfgang to slaughter some animals and make some meaty stews, and set Winona to work on mass crafting boards for your floor, chests, and so on. Here is my math: 5 hunger saves 1/2 second, so one meaty stew saves 15 seconds. When I play with a good team (or by myself), there is always plenty of meat in the fridge, and sticking it in the pot takes less than 2 seconds, plus a few seconds for Winona to harvest it. So about 10 second gained, or over 30% compared to some other character doing that crafting. When you work on a large base, you will be able to take advantage of this at regular intervals, so I disagree with those who claim that Winona will only be a character that people switch into, and then immediately back out of. What I do agree with is that the catapults are broken, and need a nerf. The fuelweaver used to be a legitimately hard fun fight, which the catapults have made all but trivial. I will not be using them for the same reason that I would not use the bulbs/shootius method: it ruins the fun. They need to be made much more expensive (someone suggested gears instead of rocks, but I would even suggest fuelling the generators only with rare gems or even thulecite would still make them pretty powerful). Having the bosses target them might be overkill, in that they would become pointless, because it would be too hard to keep them alive.
  9. Where does that number come from? Is someone "who does not play the game well enough" going to start mass crafting tons of stuff every day in the first winter? What did I just read?! "Impossible to survive with anyone..." who cannot provide 300 food a day?! Give me a break. You people are just inventing problems where there are none. Winona is still a forgiving beginner character, but also a legitimately useful late game character: want to expand your tooth trap field, or your chest area? Give Winona three meaty stews and some stacks of wood/grass/teeth/what have you, and save a considerable amount of time and tedium. And the new additions just make her much more interesting than a mass crafter, so that some good players will now actually want to play her. This is important, since there are characters in DST that can be useful to the team, but are so lacklustre that no good player actually wants to play them.
  10. I really like what they did with Winona there. She was supposed to be a beginner friendly character, and they have kept everything that made her beginner friendly; but they have also given her skills that will be useful for the rest of the team. I disagree with the criticism of her new items. For example it seems like people are comparing the spotlight with the fire pit and concluding that the power cost is not justified, or complaining that the catapult is not great against spiders and frogs. None of these items were meant to be the ultimate solutions for all your life's problems. The spotlight will be a great addition to larger bases, for example sitting atop a large chest area. It is not a place where many players are spending the night, but if you do need to go there, you pop a nitre into the generator on the way, and you freely move about, sorting through the chests, while the light follows you around. It can actually be convenient, and in any case, it looks super cool. The catapults are not supposed to replace all fights for you. A mate and I did some extensive testing last night, and the catapult is a very good solution for some specific tasks in the game. Of course it will not brew your coffee. So what? I will let the Winonas out there figure out what the good uses of the catapult are (and try to come up with more myself), but I will just say it again: the game wants you to be creative, to find the best, most efficient solution for the job at hand, and there is no reason at all why that most efficient solution should always be the same, why it should not depend on the situation.
  11. Ruins base, very close to Metheus:
  12. Yeah, Klei just don't respect your hard labour. Really, they should not charge anything and just give you new content for completely free. Making you pay money/spools for new content on top of the "sweat of the forehead" (and surely some blood of the knuckles) that you have already sacrificed is really just greedy and outrageous! These days honest work is not rewarded properly any more. On reflection, I realise that the sarcasm of the above paragraph might have been lost on you. Oh well...
  13. No need for stops. The only important thing is that they walk all the way, never teleport. The teleport occurs if you run too far away from them, where too far is not all that far. I think if they are only just off screen, it's usually ok, but if you want to be safe, just always keep them in sight. You can do useful stuff in the meantime: collect stones and minerals, harvest light bulbs, mine, etc.
  14. There are mods accomplishing all of those things, and many of these things can even be accomplished through world generation options. Anyway, this topic has been talked to death by now.
  15. Flowers are renewable: catch butterflies with a net and plant them as flowers. Also catch bees and release them near lots of flowers. Homeless bees can create new flowers once they have visited enough existing ones. Having said that, all this is much more work than the other sanity gaining methods mentioned above, so I concur that flowers are not an acceptable sanity source, especially if you play with other players, who will hate you for removing butterfly sources.