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  1. Admittedly being less annoying than hounds is a low bar to clear. My favourite is the Ancient Fuelweaver. I love that fight, I love its mechanics, and I love the final animation. When that thing gets grabbed by vines coming from the ground, that's the most satisfying moment in all of DS for me. I used to like it more when you could avoid the cage by hugging the edge, I feel like there was more skill involved, but I still like it now.
  2. Yes, that's what I do: I collect ingredients, switch to Warly, cook up a storm, mostly spiced volt-goat jelly, then switch to an easier character. I love playing Warly as a challenge character, but on a solo mega base world survival is not an issue anyway, so one might as well play as the most efficient character for the tasks at hand.
  3. Disease is a non-issue for me because the only plants I transplant are a few dozen grass to make a gecko farm. Once that farm is done, I dig up the remaining grass and have no transplanted plants left in my world. For me, the main purpose of farms is to get peppers, in order to speed up some boss fights. After that it's just for decoration.
  4. This is correct. The resources are really not so bad. The grass is easily gathered from geckos, and the poop and rocks all came from stone fruits. To be explicit: after you hammer the stone fruits open, gather the avocados, convert a pig into a were pig, and feed it all the avocados. I don't like digging up stone fruit trees, because I never want to have to think about the disease mechanic (hence geckos and twiggy trees). But if your first trip to the moon island was reasonably successful and you end up with 3 or 4 stone fruit saplings from the stone fruits you bring back, then you will have these farms up and running very very quickly.
  5. I am sorry, but none of these argument hold any water. Regarding Wolfgang vs other characters: you can do the maths yourself. Every normal character, after eating spiced VG chaud-froid, can kill the FW with one glass cutter. This eliminates the need to juggle weapons during the fight. Less weapon juggling, less sanity management, in a fight that already demands a fair bit of multitasking, what's not to like? The argument around this being inefficient in quick games is also a non-argument. There is absolutely no reason to balance hard-to-get non-prototypable items around quick games. For longer games, the fact that it is worth getting the item means that it is "balanced", whatever else that word is supposed to mean. Re inventory cluttering: if you struggle with inventory so much, just drop the items you are bringing back haphazardly onto the boat. No need to carry them around with you. Personally, the first time I go to the lunar island, I will get 4 axes for misery toadstool (one bundle wrap) and 4 cutters (one more bundle wrap). I do not experience the inventory cluttering that you are referring to, and I don't really understand how one could, unless one refuses to drop items onto the boat and to use bundle wraps and insists on carrying everything in single items on one's person. Even if I clear the ruins and kill the FW every single summer (which I do not), then with Wolfgang this is a once in 560 days time investment (although it will now be even less frequent, because with the new update it is easy to craft many more cutters per visit). To me that's a no-brainer in view of the advantages mentioned above; especially given that I will definitely assemble the altar for the glass axes anyway (I used to solo misery toadstool without glass axes and without honey crystals; that required a lot of material, and I do not shed a tear when saying goodbye to that fight).
  6. It's still early, and very much a work in progress, but just a few small pieces: Chest area: Farms: Little Christmas shrine: Little Halloween shrine: Moon rock farm:
  7. I will always set up a few mass productions first: a decent-sized gecko farm for grass, twiggy trees for twigs, bunny spider farm for silk, automatic volt goat culling via anenemies for a steady supply of weather pains, which allow me to farm tons of wood quickly, some avocado trees for stones and manure, a well-placed small base in the ruins, and a well-oiled ruin-clearing-and-resetting machine for lazy foragers (e.g. to easily pick up the loot from the volt goat butchery), thulecite walls, deconstruction staves (to multiply shroom skins and scales, the former for lights, the latter for scaled chests), etc. Usually I will have all of this set up and will have killed all the bosses, including misery toadstool, by day 400 at the latest (note that you only need to kill toadstool once, provided it is the misery version; with deconstruction staves that solves all your mushlight needs for a megabase). At that point you have a steady supply of materials, and then you can let your imagination run wild. There are lots of ideas in the screenshot threads on these forums, and also in the mega bases that famous youtubers/twitchers make (there is a whole thread here about streamer suggestions), so just browse that and watch a few streams to get ideas.
  8. I am finding that as Wolfgang, if I eat spiced Volt-Goat Chaud-Froid and don't make many mistakes, then a glass cutter is good for two FW fights. That's huge. Add to that the fact that it has no sanity cost and is cheap (especially after the Forgotten Knowledge update), and I don't think that it needs any buffs. Thulecite club, I am less sure about. I do confess that outside of pubs with just one MacTusk, I do not really make thulecite clubs. In other words, to me they have more value as speed boosters than as weapons. If I were to boost it, then I would welcome a speed boost more than a damage boost.
  9. I don't find Warly lacklustre at all. He is a fun challenging character with huge perks.
  10. You should just go ahead and try. I carved my first ever pumpkin for this event. I will say that I sharpened my best kitchen carving knife on a whetstone for that.
  11. Just set your worlds to endless and resurrect at the Florid Postern.
  12. Personally I love the Fuelweaver fight. Also, regarding I don't know about "people", but me personally, I will kill the misery toadstool on any world that I plan to play for any extended period of time, since her blueprint is essential to me for multiplying shroom skins.
  13. Windows (78 or any other) is beyond salvation, no rework will ever make it useable. Just switch to Linux.
  14. I can confirm that this is wrong. The oasis desert does not spawn tumbleweeds.
  15. Disgust towards all kinds of thieving is a common human reaction, and is often useful in maintaining social order in general.