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  1. On the other hand, it does make the Winter's Feast event appear that little bit more special.
  2. Just more proof (not that any was needed) that the internet at large is an inexhaustible source of complaints and made up problems. "What?! This stupid developer has extended another free event?! That's terrible! Why is the end date not the same as in 2013?! How am I supposed to keep track of this chaos?! I have to reset the alarm that I set back in 2013 in the expectation that the dates would never change! And why is this event running for 25 days, when in 2015 an event with the same name ran for 24 days?! Madness!"

    Just use wood armor and a beefalo hat. Safest and cheapest option if you have pig skin shortage.

    The fire and ice damage can stack up quite a bit if you are taking a long time with Klaus, but if you have enough healing, then they do not generally pose a problem, which is why I had the preamble I have done the chilled amulet strategy a few times for fun, but normally I do not try to do anything about that damage. And you should pretty much never be hit by his deer in melee, just watch where you are standing. However, given that the fight happens in winter (I am ignoring the temporary change to that rule that we have just had), I do not see any reason for armor in both the chest and head slot. The protection does not stack, but splits over the two items, and I do think that insulation clothes in one of these slots will save you more HP. If you struggle with Klaus, then do prepare several copies of the same armor in your inventory, say 4-5 log suits (to be super safe), respectively football helmets. The only exception to that that I can think of is if you are fighting with bone armor. Then I suggest the helmet as a backup option for those few instances when you allow Klaus to hit you with both swipes in quick succession. The main thing is, as you said, to not rush it (until you are comfortable with him). Bait, evade, hit a few times. If you are really patient, it is possible to defeat Klaus without taking any damage of any kind whatsoever.
  5. You have some offers, mate. Steam market cash price is balanced in both offers.

    If you are bothered by that damage, then you can either use the pattern 4 hits, evade Klaus's melee attack, 4 more hits, run, and then you should be able to get far enough away for the deer to not even use their magic attacks; or you can keep a chilled amulet in your inventory, switch to it whenever you get too hot; and go near a fire or a dwarf star when you get too cold. In general, I usually go with beefalo hat and some kind of body armor (log suit being the default). An alternative is hibearnation vest and football helmet.
  7. It is much safer to explore ruins with moggles than without. And must never let slurpers chase you into unknown territory. As others have said, it's not that splumonkeys are unfair, it's rather that you are inexperienced. Like many things in the game, they are designed to kill you unless you take proper precautions, and until you learn how to deal with them. Eventually they just turn into a very efficient food and nightmare fuel source. You will never find experienced spelunkers surrounded by splumonkeys just as the nightmare phase is about to begin.
  8. Almost all of that was totally subjective, and none of it should be high priority. Some if it was just outright terrible ideas, such as for reasons that should become obvious if you just think for a second about what lifetheuniverse is saying there. (Hint: there is no hidden flag in the game that would mark someone as an "un-kickable troublemaker", so the same mechanism could be applied by anybody to anybody they don't like for whatever reason. I am thinking of a noobie on an endless server (who shall remain anonymous, since I am nice) who recently planted trees in the middle of the base and plastered an enormous area right by the base with Christmas trees; when I started trying to chop paths open, so that one could move through the base without constantly bumping into impassable objects, he started spewing obscenities; needless to say if he could have telepoofed me from the base, which I had built from day 1 of the server together with a handful of other people, he would have instantly done that).
  9. Right. A game that cannot be scripted is a faulty product. That's some perfect reasoning there.
  10. The problem with the forge

    I really don't understand this obsession people have with the idea that every character should be equally good or equally useful or somehow balanced. What is wrong with having challenge characters? My friends and I have had a blast beating the game with 6 Weses or with 6 Wendys or with random charcaters, etc. Is an achievement only an "achievement" if it gives you in-game xp? Then any such event eventually gets used up, you just run through the boxes and tick each one of them. Set yourself your own goals and try to reach them. It feels great to pull off a no-deaths run with an all-random cast, regardless of whether that gives you official xp in the game - much more satisfying that having used 4 specials in 20 seconds as Wilson.
  11. A Guide To The Forge

    Pretty comprehensive. One small thing that is missing: WX has a chance of stopping the snortoise spin by walking into its path. Also, the point about using the molten dart special and/or Lucy to (a) stun lock the boarrior just before the heal, and (b) prevent the rhino buff and resurrection (actually did you mention stunning during resurrection?) is so important, and so frequently ignored even by some high level players, that it should be in the DPS section. I really think this is one of the main functions of the dart users. And an advanced tip: drop +HP armor during heals to heal faster. Only do this if you trust your teammates to not randomly shoot at the boarrior from a safe distance while you stand there naked (I mean, who would do such a thing, anyway, right?), and if you trust yourself to not forget to pick it up again. And, of course, only do this if you need it, don't run the extra risk unnecessarily. And another one: as Max with fire staff, time taken to pick up the golem book and summon the golem is almost always time wasted. Only exception: if everybody is asleep and you can prepare their breakfast and be fresh and ready in the morning with your staff by the time they wake up.
  12. I don't see a problem with balance. With the boarrior pigs, any decent team will knock down the standards before calling the meteor. And in any case, some rounds being easier than others is not a big issue.
  13. I can confirm the bug. I did not die, and we even won, but still did not complete the quest.
  14. Same here. I did not die at all, and we won, but I did not get the quest.
  15. Point to playing The Forge?

    As far as we know now, there is nothing in the Forge that money can't buy. At the end of the Gorge, there was a tournament (which was only announced shortly before it started), and there were items that could be won, but not bought. However, they were just profile pics, so definitely not worth the grind if you were not enjoying the event. I agree that the Forge is pretty repetitive and, for a large part, toxic. I did enjoy the Gorge quite a lot more.