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  1. I saw the title and tried to parse "Snow: it is issues and more", until I realised that it just doesn't say what it meant to say. Took me a good 1.5 seconds.
  2. It's not like the devs like skins and don't like content, it's rather that they need to be able to monetise whatever they churn out. Designer and developer time is not free. And they have stated many times that it's hard for them to monetise content without fragmenting the community. The whole RoT update chain has seen massive content additions completely for free, because if they had tried to sell it, they would have created effectively two different games, and people who have not paid for it would not have been able to play with those who have. Additional characters can be monetised in that way, but how many characters do you actually want? I'm afraid the rest of your argument against more skins has nothing to do with reality (almost all skins are purely aesthetic and serve no functional purpose, wormholes are a massive exception; and people love those pointless skins, otherwise Klei would have stopped being able to maintain and develop this game a long time ago).
  3. I also cannot host games on Linux Mint, neither new ones nor ones that I have played before. Edit: The latest update fixed it. Thank you!
  4. I think this was intended purely for grief protection. Since pig guards cannot be relocated, I assume that their not being encompassed by this is by design, not an oversight. A wurt player could try griefing with merms, but this would require a lot of resources. Usually griefers are not that dedicated.
  5. Oh, you must be new here. This thread is just following the path of almost all the other threads on this forum: off the rails.
  6. Or, again equivalently, Win is the arithmetic mean between 8 Garlic and 8 Potato. Thus, 8 Garlic and 8 Potato sit at opposite ends and at equal distance from Win. If you walk from 8 Potato to Win, and then keep walking in the same direction for the same distance, you will encounter 8 Garlic. Fascinating!
  7. What mathmanican said. The point is that onceyou have dug out this pattern, the supplier can supply materials to the entire ladder. Then the builder comes over and builds the whole ladder in one go. It's very fast that way.
  8. Or maybe your friend just doesn't like threats. I mean, who does?
  9. Of course. It's not that difficult. You are wrong about pros not showing the process. Watch some Brothgar or Francis John playthroughs. Watch Brothgar's Oasisse series, for example. Or GrindThisGame for very beginner friendly explanations.
  10. I think the question is fair, and I do think that most of the people who are screaming on here "save the Uighurs" have their homes choke full with Chinese products, and never once bothered to check how and where the nice new shirt they just bought was manufactured; BUT for myself, I sometimes did spend money on Klei just because I felt like I owed them something and wanted to thank them for all the heart and soul their pour into their games and not because I really wanted this or that skin. I cannot really see myself doing that for a majority Chinese owned company, and it seems to me like many here feel similarly.
  11. You have now had several people tell you that they like and use Plug Slugs. Nothing else matters. What's your problem? There are many different ways of playing the game. The only way to defend what you are writing is to claim that you have found the only "correct" way to play the game. Just accept that not everybody shares your opinion, which is just that: an opinion. Anyway, the original post was kind of a click bait, since it was not a review. About half of it is suggestions of completely new mechanics, rather that an actual evaluation of the currently existing ones. Calling this a review is like writing a novel and calling it a review of an existing one under the pretext "here is what I think should have happened in the book I am reviewing".
  12. Wait, surely there must be a forum where I can complain about bad life design when the first most naive contraption that I could come up with doesn't work because of stupid laws of Physics!? In all seriousness, though, that was a beautiful declaration of love towards engineering!
  13. Calorie consumption becomes a non-issue in the long run, like the athletics penalty. A negative "claustrophobic" trait could easily become another one of those avoid-at-all-costs traits if its effects are at all severe. I like many of the other suggestions. Having said that, clothes having limited durability does not seem like a crazy concept to me. For sure, on maps without thimble reeds, this is a very serious penalty, but there are other ways of rebalancing that, e.g. lowering the reed fibre cost of insulation from 5 to 2-3, say. Maybe in the DLC this will never even be an issue, because there will always be an asteroid with thimble reeds. I am more concerned about this coming to the base game.