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Well I can only hope that what I am about to say isn’t considered as Off-Topic but back when it Originally Released and was a Paid full priced Retail game on the Xbox 360.. I bought a game that back then was simply called Defiance.. back when it was brand new and a full retail game it did something Unheard of at the time: 

They ran a TV Series that crossed over with the Video Game, as In.. they would do a TV Episode that introduces something like a Zombie Plague and in the game we would’ve got a content update around the same time that episode aired that added zombies into the game, and THEN you would do a quest in the game to find a cure.. and your cure efforts would appear in the following episodes on the live TV series.

The TV Series for Defiance is now nothing more then a lost discontinued afterthought- But Imagine if Klei picked up where They left off... and Created a Animated TV Series that directly interacted with their Game and Vice-Versa.

I mean why not??? Defiance tried.. and they ultimately ditched it altogether, But it was one cool as heck concept I would TOTALLY love to see someone try again.

And Klei’s Animated shorts come pretty darn close 

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8 hours ago, ryvrdrgn14 said:

It's probably going to be too woke for me to ever want to watch it if it's made by Netflix or similar companies.

animaniacs was pretty 'woke' back in the 1990s or... whenever the original episodes aired, from what i can tell. i don't see why you'd complain about a potential show that hasn't even been released and whether or not it's too 'woke' for you.

also, i would like to have an animated series, but i'm moderately afraid of how netflix will butcher it.

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