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Noclip Klei documentary

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I really like that part where he says he wanted to make a game that people just enjoy playing, and where if you die you feel its your fault and that you can learn and do better.  This is definitely why I love DS and DST through until today.  I'm always excited to see what Klei adds next.

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Here is another story about Jamie Cheng and Klei you might not read about

They had to mortgaged their homes to borrow enough money from the bank to pay everyone’s salaries when finding publisher for Shank. They had to work to meeting impractical release date and the children were coming 

And so that was the moment they decided to have a flexible release date policy


The team broke down what went wrong, quarantining the mistakes that got them into their predicament. There were tons. Production wasn’t structured, time was lost perfecting the wrong things. They’d needed a more flexible release date, and the publisher money had come too late in production.

This was the crossroads: What company would Klei become?

The team wanted to build Klei to its utmost potential. They also wanted families and lives away from work. And they didn’t want the incessantly soul-muting 80-hour-a-week crunch. No heroics.

”We were doing the change,” Cheng says, “because we knew the kids were coming.”

So they set guidelines.

When a project needed more time, Cheng needed the confidence to say no to a publisher’s impractical schedule. If that meant canceling games, “we have to be OK with that,” Cheng says.

As a father myself, I'm really happy that it worked out for them, especially in current soul-crushing standard working condition of gaming industry

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