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  1. Eh, you can burn ethanol in Petroleum generators for power? It's super easy to get. I usually skip coal generators entirely and get ethanol to power my base at cycle 25-30
  2. I’m a bit disappointed because the health-tied damage have gone. I found this play style much more interesting than day/night damage. Having Wendy at 30-50HP and extra 10-15 damage from Abigail sound ideal for me
  3. I think it's really great that now you have more control over Abigail. The ideas of Abigail gets stronger over time and you can upgrade her with Elixirs by interacting with baby ghosts are nice too. But the stats Elixirs provide is really lackluster. They're all time-based and the duration is also short, so it feels Abigail needs too much maintenance. But if we can craft something with permanent effects that would be much better to play her (it's should hard to obtain like Guardian's Horn, Shadow Atrium...) For example: 4 mourning glories + Guardian's Horn for extra 10 dps. Can upgrade 2 times 6 mourning glories + Shadow Atrium for 20% damage reduction for both Abigail and Wendy with <50% health. Can upgrade 3 times Anyway, I really think Elixirs should be tweaked
  4. Yeah, confirm this. So it's not bad at all, since anyone with Disguises could promote and feed the king
  5. Uhm, this bug was reported 1 month ago and the status is still pending. Please fix this asap
  6. Woa, nice changes. I still hope that they can tweak space travel time or space industry in general a bit. Maybe a patch after launch...
  7. All numbers are average output Polluted oxygen vent stays the same (100 g/s) Carbon dioxide vent increases from <50 g/s to 120 g/s Cool slush geyser reduces from above 2000 g/s to 1400-1500 g/s The best is steam vent, went from <50 g/s to around 600 g/s. Very good for both water and power
  8. If "extremely delicious" means +1 food quality, I wonder how does +5 taste like
  9. So even different asteroids with coordination to select. Sound really good for trading cooperation mode in the future, lol
  10. Sometimes, people is very greedy without realizing it, lol
  11. Now she has no downside at all. I know what Klei is doing. They'll buff every character to OP level to avoid complaints from people. Then they simply multiply bosses health by 10. Balance reached.
  12. I tried again, so at the beginning of cycle 97, everything is fine. But at near the end of cycle 97, the auto sweeper in the mushroom farm stopped working, it fetched 120g slime but always failed to deliver and that slime started to offgasing. At that same moment, 4 pacus in that pool die and 4 new tiny pacus hatched from eggs. It might be the pacus that cause this bug, which is weird. Please take a look at my save game. Thanks.