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  1. 50-60 degree is bearable. For once, I was surrounded by 75-80 degree stuffs in all four directions and no slime biomes nearby. My dupes were injured countless time while trying to break that abbsy wall
  2. [Poll] On Food Sources

    Why did you exclude bunny civil war from the poll? IMO, It’s better than any combine methods mentioned in the poll
  3. Yeah, confirm this. So it's not bad at all, since anyone with Disguises could promote and feed the king
  4. @Jason They still dont attack me
  5. Uhm, this bug was reported 1 month ago and the status is still pending. Please fix this asap
  6. [Game Update] - 357226

    To nerf iron showers for sure
  7. Woa, nice changes. I still hope that they can tweak space travel time or space industry in general a bit. Maybe a patch after launch...
  8. All numbers are average output Polluted oxygen vent stays the same (100 g/s) Carbon dioxide vent increases from <50 g/s to 120 g/s Cool slush geyser reduces from above 2000 g/s to 1400-1500 g/s The best is steam vent, went from <50 g/s to around 600 g/s. Very good for both water and power
  9. If "extremely delicious" means +1 food quality, I wonder how does +5 taste like
  10. So even different asteroids with coordination to select. Sound really good for trading cooperation mode in the future, lol
  11. So as I understand, people really concern about Chinese government kinds of stuff, and not so much about NSA, right? About Klei, I think they actually acknowledge the problems with Epic, but they pursuit this deal anyway, so they value a huge amount of money over getting feedbacks for this game. Then I guess I should get this game by other means. And if I really like it, I'll do bugs reporting and suggestion for them and eventually buy this game from Steam. A win for Klei, a win for me and no win for Epic. Not a big deal. See you guys in July
  12. So I got Hamlet for free and Wormwood for free too? You're very generous Klei. I'll buy Wormwood full package just to support you
  13. Sometimes, people is very greedy without realizing it, lol
  14. Now she has no downside at all. I know what Klei is doing. They'll buff every character to OP level to avoid complaints from people. Then they simply multiply bosses health by 10. Balance reached.