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  1. Anyone has the Zerg's vibes after reading her abilities?
  2. The priority curse

    You can always hover on the Priorities name and read the description to understand what errands belong to which Priority type. For example, maintain deodorizers belongs to life support priority. You can check the errand tab on that building to see it requires which type of errand. For example, Oxygen Diffuser needs Life support or Supplying errands. Also, that dupes check their priorities first and check building priorites later. So if you want a dupe to store, supply, life support and farming, you should make sure all these priorities are at the same level and using raising building priority to make them do it first And about how to pick dupes and specialize them, I tend to have 2 types of dupes. First is the digger/miner type. They could go very far from base to build something, so all the base-related errands like farming, tidy, storage, supply, life support should be low to very low or they'll build 1 tile and go back to base to supply Diffusers. The only except would be supplying, which I set to neutral because you want them to deliver the materials and build themselves instead of waiting for couriers. Dig/build priorities should be high, of course. High dig/build/strength/athletics/learning attributes will be helpful The second type should stay near the base, so all priorities except dig/build/combat should be high. Farmers have very high farming priority, operators have very high operating priority, you get the idea. I always build doors and restrict them to go to remote areas, except for couriers. If you have a very big construction site far away and the required materials are not nearby, have some storage bins with higher priority than the build/dig errands would save a lot of time
  3. This isn't exact problem you mentioned above but I found out that you shouldn't build anything in the grid columns below the fish feeders or pacus won't eat any algae from feeders. Try to deconstruct any machines in the feeder's grid columns to see if it fix this issue
  4. Then this game should no longer an "uncompromising survival game" but an adventure game. Getting stuffs is the core part of a survival game, it should not be so trivia like at this state. And if you want to remove that part, you can always install mods to focus on fun part (quick pick, fast travel, 45 inventory slots, you name it)
  5. Uhm, this bug was reported 1 month ago and the status is still pending. Please fix this asap
  6. To run Steam Turbine effectively, you need steels, plastics, refined metals, a lot of research and complex setup so it's fair that it produces electricity. I think instead of nerfing the STs, Klei should buff the AETN power 6-7 times (2/3 level of STs) or people would simply build more STs More tools for cooling are always welcome
  7. Verdante has forest, rust and slime biome, so enough dirt, slime, algae, ethanol, rust and water Meal lice and mushroom should be your main food source early game Ethanol (pool in the rust biome, not from wood) should be your main power source early game. Caution: It produces a lot of CO2, so be warned Rust should be your main oxygen source early game So my suggestion should be: Explore as soon as you can (with or without atmo suits). Stumble upon ethanol pools feel like hitting a gold mine! FYI, here is my base around cycle 108 in Verdante too
  8. [Game Update] - 357226

    To nerf iron showers for sure
  9. I'm voting for special monuments or artifacts in game so we can show off to other people
  10. So red bird for tomato and pepper, snowbird for asparagus, crow for onion, canary for potato and garlic? The base would be so colorful
  11. So the people who want to change and don't want to change is almost 50-50
  12. I think it would be better to change the oxylite and super coolant recipe to accept more metals (copper and aluminium, not iron and lead) or add gold/tungsten in meteor shower. Similar to atmo suit, only accept 1 certain metal doesn't make much sense
  13. Agree with Ambaire, shoudn't do it the hard way. Just add a machine that could increase dupes athletics 100% faster. So you could let the new dupes run that machine for 50 cycles straight to keep up with other ones
  14. 1 slicker consumes 33.3g/s, 1 petroleum generator generates 500g/s, 4 distillers generate 666g/s. So you need 35 slickers (or 5 full stables) to deal with CO2 problem. But in my experience, slickers are kinda bug at this moment. I have closely observed them and in many times they didn't produce crude oil when peeing, so they consume way less than 33.3g/s About the gas pumps, there are many ways to skip them (construct the generators/distillers near slicker stables, build chimney so CO2 can fall down automatically to oil biome...) and in total save you 560W
  15. Put a couple of manual generators in a nice room