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  1. Have 2 boats, 1 is full of tooth traps for hounds and jump ship when needed. If you're sailing alone, well, then good luck
  2. Use Conveyor Chute to drop them to the ground?
  3. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I don't know about others but expect DS to have the same level of attention/priority of DST is not very realistic. Everything has its own product life cycle. I've played DS since 2012 but need to admit that DS is in its decline stage, even DST was or very close to this stage too. Release new contents for old games is a nice thing to do, but it often does not contribute significantly to the growth of the company. I always feel that Klei is too ambitious with their projects and usually it's a good thing. But when you have a lot of games in the very first stage and need more attention like ONI, Hot Lava, Gritlands... you'll need to prioritize. It's sad that Hamlet feels unfinished when released but we should give them more time, for both releasing new contents/tweaking current contents and making announcements. Expecting announcement after less than 2 weeks is weird. Klei is not even gathering enough data from enough people to make decisions. For Hamlet, I would expect around 2-3 months since they're quite busy to prepare for Turn of Tides update and ONI full release in July You, as the players that only care about Hamlet (or DS) quality, have every rights to complain. But it's not likely to change the Hamlet situation since it's not in the high priority list but this might hurt Klei and Hamlet badly. Please consider that.
  4. I think only Woodie in beaver form could do this or crossing water body between branches would be non issue
  5. I think the problem mostly is because boats in DST are quite large and have momentum, so it's too slow to change direction. Try to avoid sea rocks (forget the name) and you'll see. You'll need to steering a lot or raise the mast and row the boat yourself. So in order to speed up the boats, it should be easier to change the momentum, like click 5 times at max
  6. Don't worry, I think they'll definitely and more sail types in the future, maybe sails with durability as in SW too. Mast has infinite durability so very slow would be the downside. The best type should increase the speed 2-3x
  7. So I got Hamlet for free and Wormwood for free too? You're very generous Klei. I'll buy Wormwood full package just to support you
  8. Share your base here, I'm pretty sure that things can be improved somehow
  9. Switch to coal generator very soon, good farm (mushroom, berry..), sweepers, firepoles, exosuits for explore early, enough oxygen at key areas, ladder not very long outside base is key to reduce chores and idle time This is my base in QoL 2 at cycle 100.
  10. Benchmark Thread

    CPU i5-6500 3.2GHz VGA 750 Ti 2GB RAM RAM 16 GB HDD SATA 3 Windows 10 64 bit Loading: 65s FPS: 41 6s daily save
  11. Here is the video of entombed Robo-Miner And can't dig through mesh titles So 3 weeks before full launch, door crushing Regoliths is still a thing and Robo-Miner, the legit way doesn't work well. Don't really know how and shall will fix this problem. I really hope that will be something like Steam Turbine fix
  12. Copper Volcano taming

    Here is mine It's a bit more complicated than SamLogan's setup but the iron comes out at around 125 degree and sweeper and loader won't overheat. Still do not have time to compare the output of these turbines, 125-130 degree steam and 1 turbine 195 degree steam. My system outputs at max 300kJ per cycle
  13. 1 nat gas generator polluted water output is 67.5g/s (40.5kg/cycle). 1 pincha pepper requires 35kg polluted water/cycle. So... Up to cycle 100, I depend on coal. After that, I'll use nat gas if have a geyser nearby and/or use petroleum to refine steels. Late game I use solar with backup from petro/coal/hydrogen generators. Solar is renewable but to setup is very expensive and time consuming
  14. It's pretty much the same experience I've encountered with the new system. So I tried to play a base long enough, make dupes master everything and feel the difference with the old job system. And it's not that different I have 2 specialized types of dupe. Dig and build type and operate type. The former type with no related interests that mastered everything need around 33 morales (6 morales for each of 5 categories such as Digging, Building, Researching, Operate, Supply and 3 for Tidy). 33 is the same for Astronaut in Job system But this new system is actually better than the old one for a newbie in the early game So yeah, I think it's quite the same for experienced players but easier for newbie. That might be the most important point of this change