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  1. Butterfly. Eat 1 butterfly wing and reduce 8 health, haha. Or also allergic to flowers too. It's quite funny, being a scout and have an allergy to a lot of things
  2. I don't play him much, so here are what I think about his perks/exclusive items Seed planting on the grounds. Makes him the master of farming. I do think that Klei will tweak farming in the future so this perk is invaluable Healing. I think it's fine. One trip to cave and I have like 4 stacks of light bulbs, so mass produce rots/manures for compost wraps or salves is easy. I got rocks constantly from stone fruits so only 1 thing left to care about is nitre mole farm. If you play with other people then it doesn't change your play style drastically since Wormwood will be the guy to go to cave regularly Blooming. I don't like seasonal stuffs very much. For me it would be better if every time it's raining Wormwood could gain movement speed. I mean only movement speed, the blooming stuff is kinda pointless. But Klei invested so much effort into this, so maybe he still can go through blooming stages in spring but in other seasons and when it's raining, Wormwood could gain 1 health every 3 seconds, fixed 13% speed and hunger drain 66% faster just like stage 2 (because his metabolism is better) Bramble Husk. This is useless. I don't think an inferior armor to negate damage from spiky bushes and cacti is worth it, consider it requires 2 living logs. It would be much better if the durability and absorption is the same as log suit and also can deals damage equal to attacker damage (50% for bosses) instead of constant 22.5 damage. The AOE damage should be removed to balance this armor and it makes sense since you should never engage with a group of enemy playing as Wormwood Bramble Trap. This one is useless too, normal tooth traps are better in so many ways and easier to craft. Even when you buff it with something like slow down enemy 80%, it just easier to craft enough tooth traps because the number of hounds is capped. It seems it has no use at all
  3. I just rush for waterweed farm on Aridio and often have one in cycle 20
  4. Anyone notice that all DLC characters till now seem to be kids?
  5. A new human character! With the name of Walter! Which reminds me of the old Chemist
  6. Underpowered for sure, because it could increase people’s playtime during the reworks
  7. Watch a Mighty Wolfgang running around make other players feel more energetic, so everyone have 10% speed boost. The aura's radius is about 1 turf
  8. I’ve been always a min-max player so I picked Wolfgang for nearly 95% of my 2000 hours in DST, well before the arrival of Wortox. To be honest, his play style is quite boring and I really feel that it should be changed. So just reduce his stats and/or speed/damage modifier and give me something more interesting/unique to make up for that and I would be happy
  9. It should be a very simple one. Just have some airflow tiles under the deoxidizers and plant some Dasha saltvines near these tiles and they will consume the Chlorine and turn it into salt. According to Wiki, you need 5 vines for each deoxidizers but I often use on 2-3 vines without any problem
  10. I’m a bit disappointed because the health-tied damage have gone. I found this play style much more interesting than day/night damage. Having Wendy at 30-50HP and extra 10-15 damage from Abigail sound ideal for me
  11. I don’t have any reason to use it because sterile atmosphere is too OP in this game
  12. I think it's really great that now you have more control over Abigail. The ideas of Abigail gets stronger over time and you can upgrade her with Elixirs by interacting with baby ghosts are nice too. But the stats Elixirs provide is really lackluster. They're all time-based and the duration is also short, so it feels Abigail needs too much maintenance. But if we can craft something with permanent effects that would be much better to play her (it's should hard to obtain like Guardian's Horn, Shadow Atrium...) For example: 4 mourning glories + Guardian's Horn for extra 10 dps. Can upgrade 2 times 6 mourning glories + Shadow Atrium for 20% damage reduction for both Abigail and Wendy with <50% health. Can upgrade 3 times Anyway, I really think Elixirs should be tweaked