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add an alternative way to access caves with one server

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so, i have been having problems with caves enabled, because my game lags a lot when enabled, which often justdrives me away from using them entirely, which is a shame since caves are very valuable because of the resources they give. so, i had an idea that what if we had something like a wormhole on the surface to lead us to a land area that is away from the main land and ocean, that has all the cave content and darkness, similar to the basements mod. i know that there would be some lag, but i feel there would be a lot less.

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I’m not very experienced with how the “server shards” thing works... how does having caves be it’s own thing lag your system down? I think the reason why caves has to have its own server is because of the gameplay elements it provides (underground rain, random stuff always falling from earthquakes, always dark etc..)

So it couldn’t just be placed on the surface world and work.

However... Xbox Live just gave away Portal Knights as this months free game with gold- and in THAT game you build portals and teleport to various biomes, climates, and more each “portal” has its own unique lands, world dangers, enemy mobs, etc.. this is something that I’ve been begging Klei to do to DST ever since the day I arrived on these forums (and I’m just NOW finding out that Portal Knights exists..)

I bring this little game up- because it supports multiple players and seems to handle traveling all over the world just fine- I think the largest difference between Portal Knights and DST- is that everyone is warped to the new area in PK but in DST players could be on the surface while others are still down inside caves.

Klei maybe would have to update the way the game runs or something, how multiple locations are processed throughout their game.. but for now I will just play Portal Knights and dream of the day the Dont Starve franchise allows me to do this.

DS is a franchise filled with wormholes, teleportation devices, portals, ancient gateways, and now even a fully sailable ocean... If any game can mirror Portal Knights its this one full of Science & Magic!

I wouldn’t mind something similar to a voting system to swap map locations.. Player X wants to warp to Palm Tree Island, press X to accept, press B to Decline.

(you go wherever the most votes to go is selected)

This removes the game from running multiple server shards at once, makes it more like well pretty much any other console game you can name- Borderlands, Plants Vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville, Portal Knights, etc...

This would “probably” drastically reduce the lag you experience at the very least- and would give players an alternate method of still enjoying the caves content.

But- Nonetheless I still feel the need to express that I’m no game designer, I have no idea the actual limitations of what will and won’t realistically work, and the only comparisons I as a gamer can provide- are those of other games that have done it.

But as far as the In’s and Out’s and details on how all that will or won’t work, only Klei knows that.

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I think the caves shouldn't be able to lag the server in the first place. Don't the caves just stay paused when the caves server isn't loaded? If nobody is in the caves then the server shouldn't be loaded. If it is loaded all the time then why is it like that? Your game should only start the lag when someone goes into the caves.

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